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5.1k · Jul 2020
To Brown Eyes
LightToBurn Jul 2020
The earth in which tired
city feet desire to rest on.
Plushly thick forests,
be lost and never found,
coating yourself in saturated
autumn leaves that
reflect the pulsing warmth
in the golden sun.

Your sticky honey,
rich and sweet pools in mason jars,
tempting to silver spoon scoop and
spur morning teas.
Or the mocha
in newly brewed coffee,
the bold and the cream
swirling inside your crystal *****.
852 · Apr 2020
I Have A Question
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Heard you, loud and clear
Just waited 'til you're done to
Ask you to shut up
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
687 · Apr 2020
Stop Telling Me To Smile
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Lurking "smile-for-me" bullies
Mudslinging repose
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
623 · Apr 2020
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Dream the two of us
I cross streams, flowery scenes
you drowning below
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
622 · Apr 2020
You Make Me Wanna
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Brought me to my knees
Edge over the sunset sea
projectile *****
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
481 · Apr 2020
Enter Paradise (10w)
LightToBurn Apr 2020
When we ended
I died
And woke up in heaven
10 word poetry
444 · May 2020
I'm Real When I'm Not There
LightToBurn May 2020
Winds brought you my name
You're reaching a memory
Mirage that's not me
a senryu
(like a haiku)
430 · Apr 2020
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Oh my freaking god
Here comes this ******* again
*******, and you too
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
421 · Apr 2020
Quarantine 2020 (10w)
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Become a tortured writer in a day,
just call unemployment.
10 word poetry
397 · Apr 2020
Dry Well (10w)
LightToBurn Apr 2020
My heart is too dry
To lubricate your fragile ego
10 word poetry
341 · Apr 2020
Vulture Feelers
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Distorted empaths
Cheap wine bottled friendship, gag
Spiritually dull
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
329 · Apr 2020
Play Nice
LightToBurn Apr 2020
My heart is weak
Tear it down peacefully
Joker’s card, replay
Pulled my breath
outta me
Now it’s dealer game
A good night’s sleep
Or pacing windows
in the morning at three
323 · Apr 2020
Longed to tell you
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Sweet, soft, intense eyes
To look deep into and say
******* lookin' at?
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
317 · May 2020
LightToBurn May 2020
The monster under my bed
was safer than the one who made me.
315 · Apr 2020
Death of Patience (10w)
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Speed talking
like crashing cymbals down stairs
calling it music
10 word poetry
294 · Apr 2020
Unbox Me
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Dear teller
with ten fingers
two eyes
and a mouth
find the next nova
to go super
and from there
trace the galactic map
back to me
so I can
the freedom
a personality
that isn’t just
Lysol and Clorox
and just maybe
I will also
see you
more than just
ten fingers
two eyes
and one mouth…
249 · Apr 2020
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Serotonin spike
Glorious *** kicking queen
dethroned, ***-kicked fail
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
236 · May 2020
LightToBurn May 2020
Black bird's boops and coos
the teleportation spells;
another shell clear
A senryu
(like a haiku)
217 · Apr 2020
Not Alike
LightToBurn Apr 2020
House of plastic spoons
A man eats differently
Than dined with silver
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
214 · Apr 2020
Stir Crazy
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Anyone else want to punch a hole in the wall
and admire the sun rays shining as you step through
that hole like it's a metaphor for freedom?
No? Just me?
I'll have to send the invitations out.
207 · Apr 2020
No Pants
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Tapping then pounding
at the door, I moan the time
having to wear pants
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
203 · May 2020
Black Curtains
LightToBurn May 2020
Robed-guest, I've turned in
Hide daylight's discern to prank
Pixilated eyes
a senryu
198 · May 2020
LightToBurn May 2020
punched out, chasing bus
home, spicy hazelnut mugs
bra's off, do not rouse
happy mother's day
196 · Oct 2020
LightToBurn Oct 2020
At every sunrise
I open my eyes and think
"Not this **** again"
a senryuu
189 · Apr 2020
Don't Stare (10w)
LightToBurn Apr 2020
It's impolite to stare
when I'm talking to myself
10 word poetry
187 · May 2020
King Firefly
LightToBurn May 2020
Glowing grounds in blue
Soil roof, canopy greens
Drift the upside down
a haiku
182 · May 2020
The Way To My Heart
LightToBurn May 2020
If you think you can pass the force bubble lain around the fortress

Outlined by legions, whose skin is armored by the scales of the very

Dragon that circles the tower where I lay my head, lulled it's windy wings

If you are the shadow caught moving at side-eyes, that had me

Fooled for a minute (even I thought to cut back prescription)

However, it really was you, flesh, that made it this far without dying

A most horrifying way, that makes thieves wish they died by the dragon

Before they made it up the tower; if I can't make you wish their wish,

I'd have to admit: The audacity to have me spare a life---I like you
180 · Jun 2020
Gulerod Man
LightToBurn Jun 2020
Walking coffin.
From his mouth is
the sound of stolen
souls wailing.
From his bones,
where once a
heart beat, lip serving
peace and change
becoming the warning
that begs for change
and peace.
LightToBurn May 2020
Before applying,
take oppertune time to wipe
the **** off your mouth
A senryu
171 · May 2020
You make me bored
LightToBurn May 2020
Dry, I shrivel dry
Bending fetal, cracked foldings
Unquenchable time
152 · May 2020
Not Him
LightToBurn May 2020
The name not penning
on reborn tree surfaces
is not worth killing
a senryu
145 · Aug 2020
LightToBurn Aug 2020
Could I separate
rooted echoes to repot
for another chance?
A senryuu
133 · May 2020
Make Room
LightToBurn May 2020
I've no desire
To fix the hole in your heart
But fit mine in it
A senryu
130 · May 2020
Coffee Pouring
LightToBurn May 2020
Are your hands broken?
Two inches naked, don't shy
The cup, bring spill lines
A senryu
(like a Haiku)
112 · May 2020
LightToBurn May 2020
Little miss tittle-tattle brags -
says, "This job is ***."
That those who perform
are a "talentless" bore,
but irony gives me
the last laugh:
An upgrade up the stairs,
a little pay and some more-
it was fair.
Now that I'm not there,
guess who's in my old chair?
Ok, Karen
108 · May 2020
Glass House
LightToBurn May 2020
Sometimes, crystal
Sometimes, two-way
Sometimes, dark, dark black
Sometimes, mirrors

— The End —