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LightToBurn Oct 2020
At every sunrise
I open my eyes and think
"Not this **** again"
a senryuu
LightToBurn Aug 2020
Could I separate
rooted echoes to repot
for another chance?
A senryuu
LightToBurn Jul 2020
The earth in which tired
city feet desire to rest on.
Plushly thick forests,
be lost and never found,
coating yourself in saturated
autumn leaves that
reflect the pulsing warmth
in the golden sun.

Your sticky honey,
rich and sweet pools in mason jars,
tempting to silver spoon scoop and
spur morning teas.
Or the mocha
in newly brewed coffee,
the bold and the cream
swirling inside your crystal *****.
LightToBurn Jun 2020
Walking coffin.
From his mouth is
the sound of stolen
souls wailing.
From his bones,
where once a
heart beat, lip serving
peace and change
becoming the warning
that begs for change
and peace.
LightToBurn May 2020
Little miss tittle-tattle brags -
says, "This job is ***."
That those who perform
are a "talentless" bore,
but irony gives me
the last laugh:
An upgrade up the stairs,
a little pay and some more-
it was fair.
Now that I'm not there,
guess who's in my old chair?
Ok, Karen
LightToBurn May 2020
Before applying,
take oppertune time to wipe
the **** off your mouth
A senryu
LightToBurn May 2020
I've no desire
To fix the hole in your heart
But fit mine in it
A senryu
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