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Dec 2021 · 45
Absolute buoyancy
Akash mazumdar Dec 2021
When you don't know where you are but you're not hating the "lost you";
It's buoyant,

When it's dark and and the monsters inside are summoning you & you're **** petrified but you're stronger now;
It's buoyant,

When reflection of you is full of scars and none of them are because of your fault but you've become Acquainted & accustomed to betterment;
It's buoyant,

When the bubble of resentment is about to burst and you know it may go down but you've been through worse,
It's buoyant,

It's generously fainted feels of the ambiguity blended with buoyancy
Keeping us alive
Feb 2021 · 71
Meant to
Akash mazumdar Feb 2021
You are meant to forget those uneasy nights,
You are Intent to let go of those unfinished arguments that broke you down; haunted you when you were driving, working, bathing, riding, laughing randomly started to have tears in your eyes,

You are meant to take time for yourself to rejuvenate and deep breathe while figuring out where you should go what would make you more alive and things you really need,
You are choosen to sit under the morning showers of mellow heat,

You are believed to track those uneven trails travelled along with ponds waterfalls and rivers,
You are made to bake cakes cook tortillas , easy meals and ravishing dinners,

You are carved out to serve for great purposes and made for the best,
You are meant for more than to fix yourself after a awful wreck,

Afterall you're made to make, build, train, create even when you think you are nothing more than a mess.
Dec 2020 · 215
Leaving> left> gone
Akash mazumdar Dec 2020
Leaving no regrets loved you with my atoms and sins,
Ran for you with my broken feet,
From Buying flowers to plucking from the garden or streets,
It all meant too much for me; shouldn't it be?

Leaving you with hugs and a letter sneaked
into your hand bag's sidechain ;unseen,
From singing you to sleep n staying up listening you breathe,
Rubbed your ached cold feet with my bare palms to heat,

Leaving late for home in rain just to have few minutes with you drenched in peace,
Covering miles just to see you
said you were fine and I didn't believed,
Noting down where you went when you were 13, maybe we could go there and refresh some of your forgotten happy memories,

Leaving, left n gone
now they became memories,
Loved you with my scars n insecurities ,
No regrets 
no doubts
no set backs 
I set you free!
Feb 2020 · 1.0k
Turn back time
Akash mazumdar Feb 2020
You gotta trust me too like I trust you just like you did way back you told yourself that I'll come back.

No matter what it took we came together and very tight , might not very right and I get that.

I respect that, we fell down, rebelled inside out just to keep eachother.

Just to stay longer ,spend some more time together.

Spare a part of us worthily, dedicated and dictated ourselves with a lot of "fury", then a lot more sympathy and most of love.

Enriched with fear of being left out alone, stringing, hanging looking at eachother to the shoulder with trust,

Accepted every piece made peace with those pieces, we traced a way back.

It's more than than anything for me, right now.
Apr 2019 · 249
No accidental love.
Akash mazumdar Apr 2019
Maybe we lost  the spark but we are concerned,
Maybe we lost the urge but we got the courage,

Maybe we lost the intimacy but we cherish the warmth,
Maybe we can't be together all the time but we stay in touch,

Maybe we don't tease that much but we pay gratitude to each other,
Maybe we don't look good but we look pretty together,

Maybe we aren't that fit but we support each other,
Maybe the circumstances are against us but we praise each other,

Maybe we broke each others  hearts but we ain't leaving each other,
Maybe we are lost somehow but we are sticking together,

Maybe we talk crazy but we make sense to each other,
Maybe we are not that good but we are great together.

Maybe this is all we have and maybe that's enough for us .
Feb 2019 · 1.8k
The anonymous drive.
Akash mazumdar Feb 2019
Right now
I have a bed underneath me ,
A cozy blanket is all over me and a pillow under my head,
I got a college to go tomorrow and food to eat,
I got no deadlines for tomorrow to complete,
I got a roof upon me which won't break until a havoc strikes at its full or earth eats the whole colony in least ,
I got parents to look after me representing one is as a man and another is a women who make me feed,
The wholesome nutrition and the best Pack of emotions I will need ,
Still what is lagging behind what is the best hearty deed ?
That I want to do but can't do because I don't know what is going on in repeat.
Oct 2018 · 361
Akash mazumdar Oct 2018
Stop thinking so much about "I",
This is the flow the flow of life ,
Everything is an illusion ,

You're asking me "why" ,
You're going places they exists because you made them like they do exist,

This existence sometimes feels So real "I" feel like trapped somewhere "I" don't know ; ''dying'' ,

"I" is trapped by his own will "I" tries to hide ,
"I" tries to seeks purpose tries to show the instincts ,
"I" tries "I" wants "I" think if someone to be "I" for him oh "I" thinks!

"I" don't even exist ,
Problems of being "I"
Sep 2018 · 855
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
These love songs they all sounds the same,
But when you  wrote those phrases on that little piece of paper dipped with your name,
I saw it as your blood soaking by the sheet ,
explaining somehow it's the truth and this is what I was looking for this while : in whosever and whatever I see,
Didn't excepted that there was a number feeling  inside,
Atleast you didn't hold it back didn't hide .
I wish i could repay the every bit of bit of bliss you made me feel every time.
Sep 2018 · 637
Kya ye Sahi hai
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
Aaj jab baat chaand sitaron ki hui hai,
Tumhari Kashish or meri jo kadi hai ,
Makhmali or Masoom sa ye maine apni taraf se rishta baandha hai,
Kya ye sahi hai ?

Aaj jo tumne Chand baaten bina kahe hi Kahi hai,
Bheegi hui inkaar me or pehele ke laparvah pyaar me ;
Ye Jo halki par gehri drar hai,
Kya ye sahi hai?

Matlab hum galat the or tumhe Galatia pasand thi !
ha aaisa hi hai,
Maana hum dube the itihaas me,
Par man or beaten to tumhare hi Naam ki thi or Sab kuch tumhara kar Dia kehne pe,
Fir bhi tumne Bina kuch kahe palla jhad Lia,
Kya ye sahi hai?

Kuch kehti kyun Nahi!
Sep 2018 · 218
Being misguided
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
Carrying on since years and months
taking Stance we stop asking ourselves
Is it
where we want to be?
What we are really is this we wanted to be?
What we are doing really wanted to did with this ease.
And it goes on with heart ache and symphony.
It's irritating and I should sleep!
Sep 2018 · 345
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
Staying vulnerable I lost,
I lost so many things,
So many friends,
being pushed away .
But I am glad that I never lost the sanctity of that hurt,
My emotions my feelings,
That maybe meaningless but ironically meaningful chemicals flowing in my body at the perfect time.
I chocked I fell down experiencing the every low .

And one of the most beautiful and meaningful thing I got that.

Stay alive.
Sep 2018 · 1.1k
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
I already scripted the future when I had no idea,
Already sculpted proximity in between,
I wasn't that wrong though,
I got it right & slow,
Inhaling poison in pace purely hushed that it's "I am" not "we are",
Bragging just bragging through the narrow deceptively  dusky spaces followed in streaks,
And everything is for real ,
Every word couldn't match unfortunately but got preserved & I got healed .
Aug 2018 · 462
Wish you.
Akash mazumdar Aug 2018
I know I've met you just and it's isn't a lil long,
It's been three years we've talked, we laughed fought vividly but that's ain't wrong,
Maybe you're 22, 21 or verge of being the most pretty,
Every count of a second you're taking a mild puff of bitty ,
Breathes in existing exciting day,
Living and loving the moment and stay,
Stay whatever you are it's good enough,
Sometimes with few talks and some pictures mixed stardust,
I know what I had seen it's been sweet,
It's been beautiful it's been neat,
I haven't seen the all of you but I know the most part ,
You're not a puzzle but a piece of splendid art.
A beautiful birthday wish.
Jul 2018 · 255
Still obsessed.
Akash mazumdar Jul 2018
It's okay you be silent,
You've done enough with my number violence,
It's okay ignore me,
Seems like I've been rude more than an enemy,
I take this sin,
But wait please never break our strings.
Jul 2018 · 252
Akash mazumdar Jul 2018
I am entitled to the uncertain ; to the unknown and I am not the only one I know,
Am not talking about the mystery's of future even present is the past show.
Numerous theories are relapsing and dying in our infinite dome ,
Being alive or dead is the past will be the past believe it or not everyone is alone,
Gnawing and lust everything is hidden under Just a flick of the mighty shadow,
Everyone had paid no one alive is in debt ; every part of  each person is known,
What we think is a palace is a trifle form of unknown,
Is it the melody we love or is it just a illusion needed to solve from the bones ,
It's all simplified  and we are all caged for the show.
What goes around comes around.
May 2018 · 343
You did that marvellously
Akash mazumdar May 2018
I still envy your way of discarding me away,
I carry it as a badge of dignity everyday,
Was there any way that you would have stayed,
Behind my arbitrary dogma you were always safe,
Your existence lured me into scribbling your memoir ,
That's how the great unorthodox fantasy erupted from my core,
You know that I would be carrying Every page of your sins,
I thought we're on voyage and I am the captain of the ship,
But within few hundred days that was it,
That i was aiming for centuries,
It was craggy ending of this route heading nowhere,
Whatever you were whatever you are I did and I still care.
May 2018 · 579
My dear melancholy.
Akash mazumdar May 2018
Can we make our relationship back,
When we were there you're holding me my bowl of snack,
From hurrying to office and coming  home late,
Cursing for every food you had made,
Joe still have questions about maths; like why multiplication seems harder than summations,
Why there is no power of zero and is he good with pronounciations,
It's hard to get my tie from the tropical forest of clothes,
I would handle it but what about Joe he's missing our thrashy trash talks and every bows ,
You used to do with mellow irritation,
Making him timely to reach the school bus station,
I still can't find soya sauce and why you keep ginger beer at the bottom rack,
Pretty white one got a company of a Black hat,
The engagement ring never felt so irrelevant while peeping through it,
No candy fingers of soft hands are embracing them saving it with bliss,
Now I know I was the " no man " to your kindness and blessings,
I wish I could bring you back from the coffin to me while I know you'll forgive my every sin.
Though am only 20 .
So it's fiction.
Apr 2018 · 252
Could & should
Akash mazumdar Apr 2018
You could find a million of loyal lovers ,
You could dominate the front page straight through the covers,
You could find a hundreds of reasons to be happy,
You could be legendary from that inspirational urge,
You could count a numerous reasons to be loved ,
You could make the days count for you when you're touching success ruling all above,
You could touchdown on the Everest,
You could choose love upon lust,
You could find contrasting ways to your dreams,
You could achieve them no need for waiting just hold and count upto three,
You already know all what you could
Now you should.
So get up and love yourself and achieve.
Apr 2018 · 371
No I don't have to lie.
Akash mazumdar Apr 2018
No I don't have to lie ,
May be I do but it's all clear in my eyes ,
No bag full of passion is clinging behind,

No I don't have to lie,
We might talk or not but the secrecy of our needs we'll hide,

No I don't have to lie ,
Don't worry I won't write books about what you've done  & doing side by side ,
First define your dreams ; what you need so that you won't break someone's feeling for the next time ,

No I don't have to lie ,
Sparks we had the sweetest envy we shared but we dried ,
Thousands of words are tinted dull ; now it's a half bareland of trust and needy appetite.

No I don't have to lie,
No I don't have to lie.
Mar 2018 · 472
Undisputed eyes
Akash mazumdar Mar 2018
And she wasn't seeking any praise affirmatively,
But what her body was on ice block ceasing; craving for insanity,
Insanity of "love" one of the unique curse ,
She had the thirst,
Of Station to the location for a pair of eyes,
Admiring inmost from blood to where the insecurities lies,
Facing towards the absolute sky,
Repeating the uttermost fantasies of her life,
Smiling and setting peace beyond a mile ,
Beautiful than thousands of successful rhymes,
What she wants I know she barely knows but she lies ,
I wish she could have a look through my eyes.

Nov 2017 · 313
Clear nonsense
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
So no more sending messages to you,
The conversation streak of full of feelings,
There are so many things from which you should go through,
Seems like you never mind ignoring them for no reason,
Then why you started showing care and now you're sailing away with boredom,
Even when I saw you today,
You were looking at me like am a useless dead fish by three side of lake ,
**** I can not bear this awkward change,
Give me the reason or just hide out never see me again.
Nov 2017 · 357
Filthy rich thought kid
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
While serving the hot tea cups he was strongly imagining one of his favourite things ,
that someday he will get a big shop and his real name upon it,
That name which he learned to write on the painted wall with chalk with straight long strokes ,
Generally we call it blackboard ,
It's been years he went to see that single room and somebody told him it was school,
That was the one which was affordable one he used to go but with no writing tool,
He sleeps less dreams Big ,
Wishing someday everything will be great and with every pretty thing.
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
Before I die please tell me how you do all this ,
How are you carrying me? how you kept a stupid me sharing extreme bliss,
How you do all of this ; being polite and kissing with your prayers,
Knowing that may be it won't give you what you deserve and end up devastated with a sharp spear ,
That spear dipped in poison of pain,
And sorrow along with only threatening thunder but no soothening rain,
The rain which relieves the painful emotions,
Which are highly toxic and in extreme end up with potions ,
It's not just a big heart which take all hurt inside ,
And just pushing endless Love outside,
Even if I annoy you; tease you or push you off the ease and stab you from inside ,
You don't manage you just put them aside ,
Put it in the trash can and wrap me with care and made yourself so polite ,
Is it really possible to do without no reason at all,
Or there is something like a big treasure at the end of this fall?
I mean really is there any big worth behind all of this?
Or just it's only you and only just board me up in your boat; oh no not a boat it's a ship ,
Ship carrying every thing which can make things more than ease,
Counting from a little help upto a endless number of beautiful moments with ,
Are you a human? do you really exist?
I have numerous of questions for you; will you stay in contact forever ?
And if you don't I don't have a problem but I wish for you God must give you happiness in a big basket everyday and a person to love you every second.
Every time I've been a stupid making mistakes thousand of times.
Nov 2017 · 256
Will find myself someday
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
I wish I could figure  out what is my dream,
What is the most important thing and what is most beautiful colour theme,
I don't know didn't had a thought about them,
I don't know how many times i have better thoughts about self ,
It's always was to seeing others happy and ending up praying up for everyone,
Either is it for my enimes or my loved ones ,
It gets hard to write about someone for whom I hardly have a feeling about ,
Trying to geues who's inside so when I'll know someday I'll give him a shout ,
That I know you now ,
And write a book for that inner self without any doubt.
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
Yeah it's over!  that's what you said right?
Now you see what I can do just by tonight,
No more reading our conversations,
Will stop adoring every photo i have ours in any folder  in every location,
Even those ones which I got printed ,
From the black n brown nostalgic film tinted,
Tinted in memories which I can never forget,
I'll try to consider that the person except me in the photos is dead ,
No more looking for your last seen on WhatsApp,
Will unstar all the best conversations we had ,
Stop remembering every word you said to me,
Even they are not so good or extremely sweet,
I'll stop writing for you,
No more poems nor a single thought even if have to stop thinking I'll do,
I will move on I guess but I know I lost by best friend,
I'll try to do all of the above things I said ,
You left me! may be it's just a bad dream  may be it's not the truth,
I wish you could understand these feelings not all of them but you didn't tried for few.
Nov 2017 · 420
That's all & i got you.
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
Do you know how beautifully you get all of me?
Every feeling and the pain you get them too obviously,
As much obvious like the universal truth of sun rises from the East,
Many times it gets harder to know how I feel,
But you already know what is going on in this deep sea,
Deep sea made of billions of thoughts in it,
I know your situations your endless beautiful deeds of too,
I know am a fool everyday either directly or indirectly I've hurted you,
If you hurted me ever I don't think so you did,
Then it couldn't be you it could have be me,
I can't even say sorry for most of them you know ?
Because you just forgivie me before releasing what I did though,
I know I should have known of  my limits and revised them ,
But it gets harder to do it when I see your deep dark pupils; Every strength for denial that I feel something I lost strength,
And I know you care for me so much and adore too,
You do many things I am not able to thank you,
I used to say it's just time am trying to be humble ,
But you do all of kindness without even thinking how bad or good it can end or situations can stumble,
It shows the purity of heart ,
This is the one of the most aprreicable thing I noticed from start,
Words won't end that easily so I have to made them,
Don't worry I won't waste them,
Stacking up all your expectations,
Just relax am alright I'll deal with this hurricane with  all possible cautions.
Nov 2017 · 374
Inside echoes
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
Oh yes you don't belong to her and surely you never did,
I know there is a struggle doin it but you've to accept it,
Don't fall for seconds of  heavenly hallucinations,
You'll hit hard afterwards these potions ,
You know already that she got her man,
You're not the one why don't you understand,
Okay, there were of holding hands or intense scenes,
Just pretend they were just uneven chilled breeze,
Forget about them and just move on,
You know there is no reason goin through this storm,
Just get over it you know this way got wild turns and animals too,
Just stop right here because its not your way niether she belongs to you.
Akash mazumdar Oct 2017
Stop putting his name in every phrase,
Stop describing that you belong to him in anyway,
The fake feeling that you're mine,
I love that I wanna live in it all the time,
Do you know what i love the most?
Your warm soft hands and I will save them from getting cold,
I need to gaze every in few minutes,
I do care but it's more than it and its intensity and have heights,
Uplifting you everytime that's what I try,
That's why when you do something stupid I just stop myself from scolding you: I just smile,
There is a beautiful soul inside,
It makes me lively just being near to you and by your side ,
Even if there's immense pain it will automatically subside ,
Just take a look of my view ,
You will get to know how amazing are  you,
Giving those stupid nicknames aren't just for fun,
I feel complete when you respond on them my just heart jumps,
And pumps harder when I smile ; you smile back ,
I try to find you & try to relate in every  beautiful track ,
The good bye hug is a sweet guesture by you,
When you do that for few seconds my mind blows and my eyes lost there hue,
Thus everything will be like fiction in future,
I know my fate ;I will try to cope but always smile while remembering how beautiful those days were.
Oct 2017 · 276
it's okay i guess
Akash mazumdar Oct 2017
Oh you came while am sad,
It's beautiful ; first lemme love you back ,
It's okay you don't have to be sorry about it ,
I'll be all right,
Lighting up candles in the room full of darkness of sin ,
You say what you how was your day ,
Sit down talk me you'll feel better for sure ; what you say ,
No am not lying does it look like I am,
May be because there are hundreds of things going underneath this warm man,
Have you heard about that fact ,
The person who keeps his feelings personal priorities at last ,
One who lands up getting everything messed up ,
Got devastated from inside & lands up ******* the roof of rust ,
And get the infection which is a slow poison,
Aah leave it you will be bored ;why is it so cold here ,
What is it ohh; it's the winter season .
Oct 2017 · 277
Ups, downs and fall.
Akash mazumdar Oct 2017
It's not the depression that stabs everytime,
There are some more aspects from which am lagging behind,
"Emotions" this got the whole world inside,
According to it and situations a person loves or lie,
With myself I guess many elements are broken or left behind,
Because of quivering on path in time,
I can see & feel the worse happenings am not blind,
Being good & humble are becoming sediment like,
All of this so horrible ;I know the game of karma ,
Can't even love someone what if it's just a illusion like when you're high on ***** or *** ha,
So tired of these things going wrong,
Buy yeah have to live through it cuz life goes on.
Sep 2017 · 1.1k
Pretty dying
Akash mazumdar Sep 2017
May be I didn't played well,
So the situations are hitting me like hell.,
Is it the karma or the destiny,
It's just breaking me down pushing me off the ease ,
Like am the sea,
Sometimes the moon ; it's pulling me,
So hard to reach up to that height,
But this is not possible though; it might,
It might happen but there will be disaster,
I don't wanna be that bad
now or even after ,
Therefore there will be a permanent interval ,
So the sea will get high; get sad and dull ,
The truth won't change then clouds will cry ,
Sea will be lying someday and next day it will die .
Sep 2017 · 180
A birthday wish
Akash mazumdar Sep 2017
I won't be changing dp or posting photos then adding a long description to it ,
I don't have to socialize the message of our friendship ; because you know I mean it ,
It's all between me  & you,
The "memories" yeah the crazy ones and awkward silence we've been through,
Getting "hello" is not the right one,
It's "hey idiot"and  that's how it's done ,
Passing the smile,
Showing off bunch of tooth for a while ,
Commenting on what you are wearing ,
That's the first thing I do after meeting you in the morning,
I can't pick the best moment of ours ,
though I want To rewind all of them and enjoying them for hours,
Oh I forgot about the coincidences every time they were epic ,
Mmm yeah they were cute and grasping you're neck have always been terrific
#birthday #friendship #friend  #love #clarity.
Aug 2017 · 433
Akash mazumdar Aug 2017
Your lust always made me satisfy,
When i gaze you're always posing wild,
Your shape catches my eye everytime,
It's not the fault of couch; you're too curvy,
Don't worry I am holding you tight ,
It's just started why you gasping,
You're becoming lava hot and your skin burning bright,
Yeah just hold me tight,
Feel the waves coming from inside ,
Shivering is not a problem,
It happens initially then it subsides ,
Can you feel the pump? Moan loud don't be shy,
I know your body want this ,
Your bouncing thoughts and your naughty habits ,
Aah! scratching and biting hard ; oh the red remarks,
I want to but you're not stopping,
You're such a rebel,
Okay now you rule yeah you know me well,
Slip down drive slow,
No it's ain't the end of the show ,
On the verge of ecstasy,
Drift on the feel;shift the weight then put it on me,
Yes its the feel of intoxication,
Is it earth? or am on heaven !
Aug 2017 · 410
Akash mazumdar Aug 2017
Short videos and time bounded pictures which are popularly term as stories,
Swiping  through them became an obsession,
giving fake feel of accomplishment with no solid reason,
what about the real time; what about the real fun,
Trying to varnish the world of fiction,
Now those days are gone,
When load shedding was used to and the real fun game was strong,
Uploading; downloading no walking for self,
Making plans and resolutions which are mostly held ,
Held on to laziness,
Just scrolling deep down the tabs it's endless,
Altering the state of mind,
Engaging to the trash in priceless time
The social life isn't a real one.
Aug 2017 · 245
Akash mazumdar Aug 2017
Let's ink down the down the pain,
With less grammar and constrains,
Thousand of thoughts; it's very hard to bargain,
With obsession  addiction to the pain,
It's hard to fake the emotions ,
If you master it then welcome to the ocean,
Ocean filled with same species individuals,
Who reacts to love, hate etc on varying situations,
Forced to live and must to,
Having the same basic structure & basic look after defining the superiority,
It's not like that it doesn't comes with cons and negativity,
Holding to the rat race and riding with pace,
Saddle is set for laps of education trivia in hails,
Hails of new insidious problems ,
Empty ground of feelings and yes it happens ,
Many things in deed are meaningless,
Simmering with ingredients like hard work luck and formal dress,
Rehearsing but that's conform it will be the best,
The rest life mission,
Will be driven though adventure and beautiful season.
Expressing those trapped feelings and the truth I tackle with.
Aug 2017 · 350
The interview
Akash mazumdar Aug 2017
You've got discipline on your wrist,
Boldness on your neck,
Looking determined what's next,
Marching towards that yellow car,
Holding paperwork claimed with knowledge and are earned so far,
Spine rested on the back seat,
Cabbie asking for the accurate location where I wanna be ,
So silent that heartbeat is audible to me,
Feeling that adrenaline pumping accompanied heavy breath,
The flip from bookish system to booking self for wages,
Now I guess am almost ready for incoming stages,
Off to the big building through the automatic door,
In the chilled room along with more individuals of same species ,
The time has come for the bargain embracing communication abilities,
Don't know what will happen,
Vitals are normal for now and day came to an end .
Akash mazumdar Jul 2017
My lobes will never agree to greed and fame,
That doesn't mean I won't grow with a big name,
I will grow on my own with my own perspectives ,
I like everyone's proposals and I respect it,
That helping initiatives,
Those different ideas taking to being lavish,
Surely money buy what is needed to get into being existing,
But it doesn't direct to being satisfied,
So it's the creativity upon which I rely,
Got my flexible points and the solid ones,
No one can trim them while adding there owns.
Jun 2017 · 284
wherever it was
Akash mazumdar Jun 2017
Through the pillow cover upto the pillow cotton,
It's so **** wet,
Every night while revising you're letters  ; that's what I get,
Brain filled drama still playback that melody so easily,
Like it's a cassette player and got a permanent button with a permanent cd,
The cd encoded in view captured of my beautiful girl,
beautiful teen girl  with straight hairs no curls,
The one with deep brown shallow round eyes,
It was hard to gaze them,
While looking at them I could never lie,
I tried to manage so much you put my patience crossing the last,
To the last limits until the trust bridge was brunt ,
I always tried to teach you but you never learned,
What you're doing its ain't right,
You never listen always start a fight,
Whatever it was ; was beautiful,
I remember everything every moment was grateful.
Sep 2016 · 948
human beings today
Akash mazumdar Sep 2016
So much hatred so much anger ,
Are we human or wild animals,
Got no feeling only wanna rule,
Is it what we made for,
Doesn't it feels like we're doing something wrong and becoming very rude,
No emotions ;mostly preparing for violence and wars,
May be world can be conquered with weapons and chemicals,
But only few of haters will be left to celebrate it alone in the hell,
Tolerance power is like somewhere lost,
Forgiving at a extent can bring peace and we'll able  host,
A calm and generous environment,
What really we should create.
Sep 2016 · 1.3k
friendship bond talk
Akash mazumdar Sep 2016
Who said you're not in my life,
you are not important to me,
I know from past we talk less comparatively,
But it doesn't mean trust and friendship content is reduced,
Our friendship survived from severe communication gap attack that we both knew,
We are carrying this relation because ,
We know that rude talk and gestures will not make us,
who we are what we are really from inside,
So our efforts will make the bond better,
Ego is not a part of our personality which is **** bitter.
Aug 2016 · 663
That One hour memory
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Reading but nothing is going in,
Pain started in cervical it's getting tough to breathe in,
Eyes up to the ceiling,
Head relaxed on chair by body started loosing,
Loosing consciousness I don't know what time it was,
I can't move not able to talk even,
Too much silence is all around my dad came in & started screaming,
My name again and again but I couldn't respond,
Feels like no blood is going through brain it's ****** out or drawn,
I was able to hear the all,
My dad came near and picked me,
My legs and hands were hanging ,
They were swinging,
Motor bike was already outside ,
He settled me on it someone hold my loose **** sapiens structure from behind,
I was feeling the momentum; bike was running fast,
Someone was calling me along with I remember the sound of running cars,
Busses; in short the traffic was around,
Don't know how long I was there,
Suddenly I started feeling pressure above chest, A irritant liquid going down via nose.
My so approximate dead body woke up from rest, Everything was clear I was in a hospital,
Two doctors were around me; one of them holding a mini sized bottle, At that time chest pain and headache was hitting hard,
Doctor was taking to my dad and uncle ,
I was on the bed thinking what was the trouble,
After twenty to thirty minutes I was discharged, Dad bought me a chocolate bar,
It was one of the weird life experiences and duration time was about a hour.
Aug 2016 · 772
Till now and now
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
I write ? Oh yes I do. In the simplest way,
Because I don't know the finest way of putting words in phrase,
Though I do,
I try to express my best creativity through,
I wrote most the tracks about my life ; what happened & remaining ones were written without thinking consciously,
I never thought about them but I still wrote them without any difficulty,
Now flow of words and smoothening of pen's tip is
faster ,
and I'll write until stuck between mental disaster.
Aug 2016 · 871
Dear friend
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Just sit back relax expect and blame,
Why don't you just clear what you're thinking?
What memories you want in frame?
While having fun why don't you call my name? When you accidentally came near to me mostly you say i changed,
And I just stand and wonder,
I mean really? I don't think so,
I don't want to explain everything because you'll never surrender,
Never agree that you expected special attention, You called me sweetly said "hi" where I was the requirement at that situation,
Your tone get changed ; it get dressed,
It's more polite ,
calm but having cunningness,
I am not saying that you're bad and bitter natured,
Just trying to make you understand that am not the highlighted person in your life still you expect too much ,
You're good we have lot of good memories ,
Try to take it positive what I did to see through it it's the reality
Aug 2016 · 622
It's getting complicated
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Don't know where the imagination is lost,
The situations were bad now they're getting worse,
Persons represented themselves as the most understanding,
Now they are fighting, Loosening the bonds from there side with inappropriate reasons ,
As they are assuming the most negative situations in,
All because of lack of communication; lack of clarity ,
They are forgetting beautiful time spent; jokes giggles the nonsense talks,
that we did with high level of stupid concentration but silence and ego they are trying to adopt,
I tried to clarify that we just need to trust and must have less expectations,
We are friends I will happy to help you in most of situations,
But they think grudges and ego is there but they are just fictions that  you don't have to to care,
Still the dynamic growth of selfishness taking place,
  Emotion is a free ball just for play,
I think this is not my part of every day story,
It's going all around as most of the  world forgot peace just running for glory,
A glory which will be celebrated in loneliness,
Because there will be no one to stand by the side who pushed all the harmony to stress,
We must start expecting less,
It will be the best way to live without getting hurt and being different from the rest
Aug 2016 · 729
Today's relationships
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Love and friendship got one thing in common base named as trust,
And as far as this bond continues relation goes with no argues and smooth without any grudge, Today's relation got more ego than love ❤,
It starts with likings and ends up with lust,
Now its a international trend to have a special contact in phonebook ,
Named like love, life line etc or just of jealous the neighbourhood,
Now a days relations are mostly based on nonsense fictions,
At last ending of it one or both get stuck in its contradictions,
It's like participating in a game,
It's easy to get one person whom you can easily blame,
After breakup; fights or any misfortune happens either all the negatives because of that person or haven't,
I don't know what's going on to today's generation, People just attach temporarily and if it doesn't seems to profitable they walk away like nothing happened.
Aug 2016 · 1000
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Be happy to living as normal, Be happy to be treated informal,
Celebrate every moment ,
You don't know when you will get attached to potion accompanied water,
May be there is a reason of getting handicapped respect to normal life before or after,
Or there is someone who never want you,
To see on the path of joy from you're going through,
On the form of anxiety or fear of losing yourself , It may enter your life,
It's very cruel it kills the confidence from inside,
Every bad moment every disgusting situation always come to an end,
The rise will again take place and you'll be the trend.
Aug 2016 · 727
You moved on
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
I got to know you got a guy,
I don't know what's his name, I haven't seen him from any side,
Don't lie don't neglect don't be too rude ,
Don't make him jump through burning sadness loop,
Revolve him around the best you got,
Let him roll near to your seldom heart ♥,
Remove the quilt of stress and scares ,
Let him make a draft,
About happy future,
Open up to him make glue the relation with friendship and clarity,
Wish you; bless you
Your bond will get strong as gravity.
Jul 2016 · 674
It's a new day
Akash mazumdar Jul 2016
What makes your morning a great one,
Yes your dreams with confidence accompanied with hay of sunshine making you strong,
A day fill with surprises and different faces, While new day to sharp you're unclear edges, Some new doors to get open up ,
And some of them will teach you new lessons of getting up,  
Because getting down and losing is not the way, To save your dreams in the storms of problems and heavy rain,
Change your clothes,
Design your mind to handle situations of fear confidence or both,
Every second is worth living,
Each fraction is gonna make you ready to conquer dream you are dreaming,
First pump upon which the life flows,
Right or wrong decisions massive or acute make us grow,
It's a new day it's a new light,
Lets see how it goes but in the end everything will be right
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