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You gotta trust me too like I trust you just like you did way back you told yourself that I'll come back.

No matter what it took we came together and very tight , might not very right and I get that.

I respect that, we fell down, rebelled inside out just to keep eachother.

Just to stay longer ,spend some more time together.

Spare a part of us worthily, dedicated and dictated ourselves with a lot of "fury", then a lot more sympathy and most of love.

Enriched with fear of being left out alone, stringing, hanging looking at eachother to the shoulder with trust,

Accepted every piece made peace with those pieces, we traced a way back.

It's more than than anything for me, right now.
Akash mazumdar Apr 2019
Maybe we lost  the spark but we are concerned,
Maybe we lost the urge but we got the courage,

Maybe we lost the intimacy but we cherish the warmth,
Maybe we can't be together all the time but we stay in touch,

Maybe we don't tease that much but we pay gratitude to each other,
Maybe we don't look good but we look pretty together,

Maybe we aren't that fit but we support each other,
Maybe the circumstances are against us but we praise each other,

Maybe we broke each others  hearts but we ain't leaving each other,
Maybe we are lost somehow but we are sticking together,

Maybe we talk crazy but we make sense to each other,
Maybe we are not that good but we are great together.

Maybe this is all we have and maybe that's enough for us .
Akash mazumdar Feb 2019
Right now
I have a bed underneath me ,
A cozy blanket is all over me and a pillow under my head,
I got a college to go tomorrow and food to eat,
I got no deadlines for tomorrow to complete,
I got a roof upon me which won't break until a havoc strikes at its full or earth eats the whole colony in least ,
I got parents to look after me representing one is as a man and another is a women who make me feed,
The wholesome nutrition and the best Pack of emotions I will need ,
Still what is lagging behind what is the best hearty deed ?
That I want to do but can't do because I don't know what is going on in repeat.
Akash mazumdar Oct 2018
Stop thinking so much about "I",
This is the flow the flow of life ,
Everything is an illusion ,

You're asking me "why" ,
You're going places they exists because you made them like they do exist,

This existence sometimes feels So real "I" feel like trapped somewhere "I" don't know ; ''dying'' ,

"I" is trapped by his own will "I" tries to hide ,
"I" tries to seeks purpose tries to show the instincts ,
"I" tries "I" wants "I" think if someone to be "I" for him oh "I" thinks!

"I" don't even exist ,
Problems of being "I"
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
These love songs they all sounds the same,
But when you  wrote those phrases on that little piece of paper dipped with your name,
I saw it as your blood soaking by the sheet ,
explaining somehow it's the truth and this is what I was looking for this while : in whosever and whatever I see,
Didn't excepted that there was a number feeling  inside,
Atleast you didn't hold it back didn't hide .
I wish i could repay the every bit of bit of bliss you made me feel every time.
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
Aaj jab baat chaand sitaron ki hui hai,
Tumhari Kashish or meri jo kadi hai ,
Makhmali or Masoom sa ye maine apni taraf se rishta baandha hai,
Kya ye sahi hai ?

Aaj jo tumne Chand baaten bina kahe hi Kahi hai,
Bheegi hui inkaar me or pehele ke laparvah pyaar me ;
Ye Jo halki par gehri drar hai,
Kya ye sahi hai?

Matlab hum galat the or tumhe Galatia pasand thi !
ha aaisa hi hai,
Maana hum dube the itihaas me,
Par man or beaten to tumhare hi Naam ki thi or Sab kuch tumhara kar Dia kehne pe,
Fir bhi tumne Bina kuch kahe palla jhad Lia,
Kya ye sahi hai?

Kuch kehti kyun Nahi!
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
Carrying on since years and months
taking Stance we stop asking ourselves
Is it
where we want to be?
What we are really is this we wanted to be?
What we are doing really wanted to did with this ease.
And it goes on with heart ache and symphony.
It's irritating and I should sleep!
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