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Akash mazumdar Sep 2017
I won't be changing dp or posting photos then adding a long description to it ,
I don't have to socialize the message of our friendship ; because you know I mean it ,
It's all between me  & you,
The "memories" yeah the crazy ones and awkward silence we've been through,
Getting "hello" is not the right one,
It's "hey idiot"and  that's how it's done ,
Passing the smile,
Showing off bunch of tooth for a while ,
Commenting on what you are wearing ,
That's the first thing I do after meeting you in the morning,
I can't pick the best moment of ours ,
though I want To rewind all of them and enjoying them for hours,
Oh I forgot about the coincidences every time they were epic ,
Mmm yeah they were cute and grasping you're neck have always been terrific
#birthday #friendship #friend  #love #clarity.
Akash mazumdar Dec 2021
When you don't know where you are but you're not hating the "lost you";
It's buoyant,

When it's dark and and the monsters inside are summoning you & you're **** petrified but you're stronger now;
It's buoyant,

When reflection of you is full of scars and none of them are because of your fault but you've become Acquainted & accustomed to betterment;
It's buoyant,

When the bubble of resentment is about to burst and you know it may go down but you've been through worse,
It's buoyant,

It's generously fainted feels of the ambiguity blended with buoyancy
Keeping us alive
Akash mazumdar Oct 2017
Stop putting his name in every phrase,
Stop describing that you belong to him in anyway,
The fake feeling that you're mine,
I love that I wanna live in it all the time,
Do you know what i love the most?
Your warm soft hands and I will save them from getting cold,
I need to gaze every in few minutes,
I do care but it's more than it and its intensity and have heights,
Uplifting you everytime that's what I try,
That's why when you do something stupid I just stop myself from scolding you: I just smile,
There is a beautiful soul inside,
It makes me lively just being near to you and by your side ,
Even if there's immense pain it will automatically subside ,
Just take a look of my view ,
You will get to know how amazing are  you,
Giving those stupid nicknames aren't just for fun,
I feel complete when you respond on them my just heart jumps,
And pumps harder when I smile ; you smile back ,
I try to find you & try to relate in every  beautiful track ,
The good bye hug is a sweet guesture by you,
When you do that for few seconds my mind blows and my eyes lost there hue,
Thus everything will be like fiction in future,
I know my fate ;I will try to cope but always smile while remembering how beautiful those days were.
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
Carrying on since years and months
taking Stance we stop asking ourselves
Is it
where we want to be?
What we are really is this we wanted to be?
What we are doing really wanted to did with this ease.
And it goes on with heart ache and symphony.
It's irritating and I should sleep!
Akash mazumdar Jul 2014
eyes in nights are open,
no sleep and heart is broken,
tears falling one by one,
love is rolling down & i am burnt,
now liquid causing fire but no smoke,
it all happens when trust broke,
then little-little things we remember,
bright mirror shines but the image is blurr,
because eyes are ful of tear,
strings of music touches the heart,
lyrics of sad songs fall apart,
in ears,
coldness develops  within soul,
and the soul plays the actual role,
of a broken feel of love,
hands wiping the cheeks,
and vocal cord bleaks,
room is empty as like heart,
a blank paper defines the crumbled picture drawn in mind,
then the worst needed thing is liquid wine,
walls become the screen of eyes,
slowing picture of past happy times,
hattered from light become general,
and black colour make peace in my heart's funeral,
thoughts go beyond outerspace,
ashes fall on the ground but makes the trace,
glass of water stops and falls fro hand,
mind explores the empty dark land,
tears again starts flowing,
vic versa all these hapens and makes
of broken heart,,
Akash mazumdar Mar 2014
Himmat h to rulake dikhao,
dam h to dil churake dikhao,
dil me pyaar jagake to dikhao,
nafrat to kr ni skte kisise humse pyar jatake to dikhao,
faryad to hum d krte h rab se
ki dil dede hume b jeene ke lie,
par accha hua ni dia,
vrna humne to vo kisiko de hi dia,
hota kisi aaere gare ko,
jise na hoti smjh meri na hota pyaar mujhse,
or itni kimti cheez jo h mera dil,
vo to reh hi jata na uspe....
@ akash mazumdar
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
So no more sending messages to you,
The conversation streak of full of feelings,
There are so many things from which you should go through,
Seems like you never mind ignoring them for no reason,
Then why you started showing care and now you're sailing away with boredom,
Even when I saw you today,
You were looking at me like am a useless dead fish by three side of lake ,
**** I can not bear this awkward change,
Give me the reason or just hide out never see me again.
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
These love songs they all sounds the same,
But when you  wrote those phrases on that little piece of paper dipped with your name,
I saw it as your blood soaking by the sheet ,
explaining somehow it's the truth and this is what I was looking for this while : in whosever and whatever I see,
Didn't excepted that there was a number feeling  inside,
Atleast you didn't hold it back didn't hide .
I wish i could repay the every bit of bit of bliss you made me feel every time.
Akash mazumdar Apr 2018
You could find a million of loyal lovers ,
You could dominate the front page straight through the covers,
You could find a hundreds of reasons to be happy,
You could be legendary from that inspirational urge,
You could count a numerous reasons to be loved ,
You could make the days count for you when you're touching success ruling all above,
You could touchdown on the Everest,
You could choose love upon lust,
You could find contrasting ways to your dreams,
You could achieve them no need for waiting just hold and count upto three,
You already know all what you could
Now you should.
So get up and love yourself and achieve.
Akash mazumdar Jul 2018
I am entitled to the uncertain ; to the unknown and I am not the only one I know,
Am not talking about the mystery's of future even present is the past show.
Numerous theories are relapsing and dying in our infinite dome ,
Being alive or dead is the past will be the past believe it or not everyone is alone,
Gnawing and lust everything is hidden under Just a flick of the mighty shadow,
Everyone had paid no one alive is in debt ; every part of  each person is known,
What we think is a palace is a trifle form of unknown,
Is it the melody we love or is it just a illusion needed to solve from the bones ,
It's all simplified  and we are all caged for the show.
What goes around comes around.
Akash mazumdar Dec 2015
Behind the bars every thing is so calm,
Routine work is to do with a winter scarf, Jailer is on the round on his  routine,
And am changed via metal rings in a que going towards canteen ,  
Now taking plates & heading towards meal distribution,
Suddenly a quarrel started between 2 gang mafias in front of centre of rehabilitation,
These fights are common like morning and sunset,
Am here without any reason only just for a ****** & a kidnapping yet,
Now it's the time for checking & inspection of my little dark cage,
It's messed up as always  like am in teenage,
Its the playground time,
2 person came to me from my parallel cage line,
Told me about there breakout plan,
i refused to them cuz they don't even have the jail's blueprint & arranged a minivan,
Time to go back to my little lonely cell,
as per my personal routine it's the time when I write under low light with my pen,
Write daily happenings in rhymes, I also write about my happy past life but only sometimes,
The sun is under the horizon, Its time for day's last meal with change of inspection officer in section C prison,
Time to go bed putting aside my pen and copy,
Tomorrow morning I'll start again my day with my hobby.
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Just sit back relax expect and blame,
Why don't you just clear what you're thinking?
What memories you want in frame?
While having fun why don't you call my name? When you accidentally came near to me mostly you say i changed,
And I just stand and wonder,
I mean really? I don't think so,
I don't want to explain everything because you'll never surrender,
Never agree that you expected special attention, You called me sweetly said "hi" where I was the requirement at that situation,
Your tone get changed ; it get dressed,
It's more polite ,
calm but having cunningness,
I am not saying that you're bad and bitter natured,
Just trying to make you understand that am not the highlighted person in your life still you expect too much ,
You're good we have lot of good memories ,
Try to take it positive what I did to see through it it's the reality
Akash mazumdar Sep 2014
Now i am beging for life i want to be live,
who will give a right to exist,
human being is a creation of god,
i want to being a human but i am not,
for me stress depress are common words,
these words have great impact on my,
present world;
like all persons i am not,
i have learnt those lessons my life taught,
fighting for love and standing at the edge of death is my present and also my past,
but now i want to live till the world ends and long may i last,
demons be modified with love and patience & if they are not discriminated & blamed,
iamgination is the colourful world we can see,
we an fill our favourite colours and can be  the one we want to be,
cant calculate my problems which i have beacuse i cant remember them and cant judge myself what i am,
Akash mazumdar Nov 2014
Sequence of words and repetetion,
made of beautiful lines and concentration,
deep thinking makes the sentence to flight,
all is called along and named as rhyme,
in it there are pouches of errors,
makes the expression of fellings that matters,
modified meaning of writing,
belongs to a thing,
sharp and blunt teasing collection of experiance,
it does not have any limitation or resistance,
it is a flow of small nick in mind,
passionate feel it winds,
every time ****** spelling it consists,
anyone can write a rhyme if he break the walls of cyst
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
Yeah it's over!  that's what you said right?
Now you see what I can do just by tonight,
No more reading our conversations,
Will stop adoring every photo i have ours in any folder  in every location,
Even those ones which I got printed ,
From the black n brown nostalgic film tinted,
Tinted in memories which I can never forget,
I'll try to consider that the person except me in the photos is dead ,
No more looking for your last seen on WhatsApp,
Will unstar all the best conversations we had ,
Stop remembering every word you said to me,
Even they are not so good or extremely sweet,
I'll stop writing for you,
No more poems nor a single thought even if have to stop thinking I'll do,
I will move on I guess but I know I lost by best friend,
I'll try to do all of the above things I said ,
You left me! may be it's just a bad dream  may be it's not the truth,
I wish you could understand these feelings not all of them but you didn't tried for few.
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
While serving the hot tea cups he was strongly imagining one of his favourite things ,
that someday he will get a big shop and his real name upon it,
That name which he learned to write on the painted wall with chalk with straight long strokes ,
Generally we call it blackboard ,
It's been years he went to see that single room and somebody told him it was school,
That was the one which was affordable one he used to go but with no writing tool,
He sleeps less dreams Big ,
Wishing someday everything will be great and with every pretty thing.
Akash mazumdar Jul 2014
Lots n lots of love,
i have for you form my heart,
sky full of lighters,
is you who **** the dark,
now i've understood what is love,
and why it's called it's life,
my heart goes faster with your smiles,
your happiness give my heart rasons to beat while,
when it stops working,
i never love a person so much,
but you are the 1 who deserves
and you are the 1 i can trust,
your truth defines your heart,
and my life and love is yours,
so please never think 2 b apart,
right there from my heart
i miss u
and always loved you..
Akash mazumdar Sep 2016
Who said you're not in my life,
you are not important to me,
I know from past we talk less comparatively,
But it doesn't mean trust and friendship content is reduced,
Our friendship survived from severe communication gap attack that we both knew,
We are carrying this relation because ,
We know that rude talk and gestures will not make us,
who we are what we are really from inside,
So our efforts will make the bond better,
Ego is not a part of our personality which is **** bitter.
Akash mazumdar Feb 2014
Please dear go far from me,
u'll get burn,
i cant b wid u in every turn,
i dnt want 2 destroy ur happines,
it's ur own right nd u must know a truth is,
i cant keep ur trust any more,
cuz i m not able 2 maintain after or before,
please take ur love from me,
&nd; give it 2 a person who deserve,
this feel nd who can keep ur faith and love,
as a gift of god's grace,
nd he will keep a smile on ur face,
cuz ur luv is true nd caring,
which is wanted by every1 for keep him daring,
for all paths u'll b wid him.
Nd can wore u a ring,
of satisfaction and faith as a life gift 2 u,
but still i say i love u...:)
@ akash mazumdar
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Be happy to living as normal, Be happy to be treated informal,
Celebrate every moment ,
You don't know when you will get attached to potion accompanied water,
May be there is a reason of getting handicapped respect to normal life before or after,
Or there is someone who never want you,
To see on the path of joy from you're going through,
On the form of anxiety or fear of losing yourself , It may enter your life,
It's very cruel it kills the confidence from inside,
Every bad moment every disgusting situation always come to an end,
The rise will again take place and you'll be the trend.
Akash mazumdar Aug 2017
Your lust always made me satisfy,
When i gaze you're always posing wild,
Your shape catches my eye everytime,
It's not the fault of couch; you're too curvy,
Don't worry I am holding you tight ,
It's just started why you gasping,
You're becoming lava hot and your skin burning bright,
Yeah just hold me tight,
Feel the waves coming from inside ,
Shivering is not a problem,
It happens initially then it subsides ,
Can you feel the pump? Moan loud don't be shy,
I know your body want this ,
Your bouncing thoughts and your naughty habits ,
Aah! scratching and biting hard ; oh the red remarks,
I want to but you're not stopping,
You're such a rebel,
Okay now you rule yeah you know me well,
Slip down drive slow,
No it's ain't the end of the show ,
On the verge of ecstasy,
Drift on the feel;shift the weight then put it on me,
Yes its the feel of intoxication,
Is it earth? or am on heaven !
Akash mazumdar Dec 2014
sins and it's correspondense to luck,
on a tree house on an empty island am stuck,
helping hand for help in the present eyes,
just a foolish thought i dried,
essay of problems are here to be understand,
helpless i become tightly holding my self hand,
empty selection of friends results the lost of faces,
forgetfullness is better in that top time of spliting shoe laces,
peoples are gentle but to insert the drug ,
so that there need ,
become necessary business for there greed,
fel of helpless words is foundation;and frustation,
being of influence in strom under shattred hood,
life feels as punitive and lost the dots of happy smelling sandalwood,
drops of frozen tears stops on skin ,
cosy warm nothing remains ,
good as tight string,
beging for need and confident wealth ,
bending down head touched knees i need help .
Akash mazumdar May 2014
Hoping that i can see the moon,
holding your hand
and in the midday noon,
celebrating your birthday
hoping that the day will come,
when we will be hugging each other tightly,
and the time will stop suddenly,
hoping that a day i can gaze  you constantly.
Just seeing what a  gift of Godyou are,
here my all dreams from you so never go far,
hoping a sun set with your smile,
i'll capture the moment in my eyes and will remind them while,
i'll be sitting sad but hoping that my
dreams attached will come true,
because you also know how much i love you...
# akash mazumdar
Akash mazumdar Apr 2014
Sadness is killing my own character,
past is now a memory and present is the badest chapter,
nothing is well nothing is fine,
all things are like killing me from behind,
pains and aches now are regular,
it dosent mean that it dosent hurt in today's time and i scream within darkness andmy dreams are now going 2 shatter,
dreams are now lost in the scary dark side of my self,
my books are still in the shelf,
from last year,
and the mask of happiness i wear,
to show that i am all fine and all is going regular as a daily daily servivce,of good things m happening in my life and also from them i love and have care,
but i know it's not more than just a imagination of them,
i know what i am going through and no 1 tries 2 help but when,
they will ask for help i'll do for my past's good character's sake,
still m tryin 2 get up but stilli know it's not possible it's fakeDream...
Akash mazumdar Sep 2016
So much hatred so much anger ,
Are we human or wild animals,
Got no feeling only wanna rule,
Is it what we made for,
Doesn't it feels like we're doing something wrong and becoming very rude,
No emotions ;mostly preparing for violence and wars,
May be world can be conquered with weapons and chemicals,
But only few of haters will be left to celebrate it alone in the hell,
Tolerance power is like somewhere lost,
Forgiving at a extent can bring peace and we'll able  host,
A calm and generous environment,
What really we should create.
Akash mazumdar Sep 2014
we dream our desire,
we do it and admire,
we seek diffrent way to walk,
we want diffrent people to talk,
we take diffrent paths and rides,
we love to do this because it multilplies,
our thrill which **** our fears,
because fear brings tears,
we meet new people we intoduce ourselves to them,
then we start making them to realise,
that we are now a part of ther lives,
and we also start caring about themselves,
to keep ourselvs alive,
we choose the best things we see,
we bring new thoughts to do beat the,
king of time 'the clock',
we learn new things,
so that we have proud and tricks,
to tackle new problems,
and become  hero within ourselves,
developing ourself strong is our aim,
if we are not able to do it then we blame,
our situations ,surroundings & others,
but we never see what we have done & we are just saying that i does'nt matters,
and say i am always right,
it's the human nature which is litte bit dark little bit bright..
Akash mazumdar Oct 2018
Stop thinking so much about "I",
This is the flow the flow of life ,
Everything is an illusion ,

You're asking me "why" ,
You're going places they exists because you made them like they do exist,

This existence sometimes feels So real "I" feel like trapped somewhere "I" don't know ; ''dying'' ,

"I" is trapped by his own will "I" tries to hide ,
"I" tries to seeks purpose tries to show the instincts ,
"I" tries "I" wants "I" think if someone to be "I" for him oh "I" thinks!

"I" don't even exist ,
Problems of being "I"
Akash mazumdar Sep 2014
I know i am devil bad,
but now am very sad,
sitting on the bench thinking my own sins,
and a hollownes in me it brings,
warm droplets of salt realising
what i've done and what i am doing,
still sitting ideal but unconcious mind is running,
the clots of shouting waves in my head.
I just want to cut my hand,
let's bleed it way for me it's not made,
smile for clicks are all fake,
am drunked and dont want to do any thing,
want to leave everyone dont mind please,
am tierd of doing efforts to being alone,
because i cant stood up my own,
it's hurts to be fallen,
all i know that i am broken,
dark lines under my eyes,
all dreams are shatterd now which always flied,
in my mind,
all i have but  still it seems to be empty,
all around there is love and am still thirsty,
habit of lossing made me a liar,
i wish but i know i can't fill my desire,
i dont want to broke other's hope's,
because i know how much it hurts when it brokes,
i dont want to fall in depression's trap,
just only i cant feel how i am sad.
Akash mazumdar Feb 2015
everyone have it but somebody owns,
dont who have money they are unknown,
it makes a diffrence standard in a crowd,
if it's literally impressing it speaks loud,
sometime it's ignored considering it diffrent,
people reject it  but every one,
is unique and diffrent,
it gives info it consists behaviour,
it is remind by
Akash mazumdar Feb 2014
M not so strong,
not so tough,
i can never b a wall 2 protect both of us,
from d misunderstandings,
nd d hurting things,
m flamable as fuel nd soft as a cotton,
but these features r nt gud for u cuz u r d princes of a poem which has been written,
many times in diff ways,
as like d variation in the ocean waves,
u r lyk a god for me,
but m a unorthodox for the,
god who loves me so much but,
i always misunderstanded it nd get stuck,
in problems which makes me cry d whole day,
nd behind all of these m d reason,
of the hapenings which hurted u also in d way,
of our relation,
pls pardon me dear i never have any bad intention....
@ akash mazumdar
Akash mazumdar Apr 2014
I dont wanna cry dont wanna loose u,
i love ur each sentence u,
tell about me,
so never let me free,
from ur love,
cuz it's my peace and all above,
is upto u that how u'll treat me,
but i'll luv u till my last breathe,
u made d best lines possibles 2 take it out from my lips,
i just wanna hug u kep closer 2 me and dont wanna kiss,
i'll never let u go cuz my herat is stolen by ur name,
plss love me by heart nvr play the game,
and lie me and make me a fool,
cuz i love u more then any 1 else in world and univerese's pool.
Of luv and hatered,
we knw that 1 we'll become dead,
but till m alive d best person
was u,is u and will b u
and i always saying d same that i love u....:*
@ akash mazumdar
Learn to spell and use correct grammar ***.
Akash mazumdar Apr 2014
I wanna smile on ur face dont wanna see u cryin m beging on my knees,u make myself complete and u r the 1 for me,dont think i'll let u go,honey we r mountain stone,no 1 can push us far away from 1 another,as we know we r made for each other,Ur smile makes my day great,ur hug makes me a feel which i can never forget and wait,when we will b 2gether for ever,so that i can see u before my eyes for ever,life without u feels m a fish,without water cant survive any more and i just list,my last wishes and i which on top u r there,u make my life beautifulcuz u r my princes ecliar,cuz u r d sweetest d must loving person i've seen,and my life picture go on with you on a screen,it'll the best love story for ever,my smile without u can never be seen and my life will fill with a sadnes river,but i know u r my loveu r my allluv my dear i just wanna give u my all
Akash mazumdar Nov 2014
I need you to hold my hand,
i need you to hold me,
i need you to count my tears
one,two or upto infinity,
i need you to place my random thoughts in a band,
i need you to make me move,
from the sadness grove,
i need you to represent my myself,
i need you because i dont want to fail,
i need you to help me fresh air  inhale,
i need you to talk and share,
i need you because i want to complete my prayer,
to the god to make every thing all right,
i need you in my every fight,
i need you to love my scars,
i need you in my empty sky as shining stars,
i need you to bring the solitude of aticate,
i need you as my best friend,
i need you as my all above,
i need you as my luck and love.
Akash mazumdar Dec 2015
Today i got some papers written  by you for me,
In reply of my limitless feelings,
Most of the replies are not about the questions i asked ,
Your most of writings about your frustrations & problems from me in vast ,
Every new letter got nothing new to read,
Even when I expressed every phase of me,
In the starting of our relationship,
You accepted all but already putted a limitation,
But i still believed in you ,
& what i got in response that am not loving you through,
With your expectations,
Our conversations depicted a theory,
That i was living in the feel of primitive real love story,
In which a boy& girl loved each other,
From the soul and spent their life together ,
Less calls less communication,
When i asked the reason,
Your response forced me to realise,
I was not there from any corner or in any size,
Bundles of word I wrote & hardly heard any appreciation,
Likewise before me my fellows sensed,
You lost interest in me like the previous guy who caught and banned,
Just because he opted another girl also,
Alongside to support you from head to toe,
When my eyes opened & i understood the circumstances,
I asked you that we're gonna apart,
But **** it was done your side & heart,
Okay on valentines day the breakup it was,
Ink letters freshed up the eighteen months experience again ,
Let's close it until i open my inner locker to get ur maintain
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
Oh yes you don't belong to her and surely you never did,
I know there is a struggle doin it but you've to accept it,
Don't fall for seconds of  heavenly hallucinations,
You'll hit hard afterwards these potions ,
You know already that she got her man,
You're not the one why don't you understand,
Okay, there were of holding hands or intense scenes,
Just pretend they were just uneven chilled breeze,
Forget about them and just move on,
You know there is no reason goin through this storm,
Just get over it you know this way got wild turns and animals too,
Just stop right here because its not your way niether she belongs to you.
Akash mazumdar Aug 2017
Let's ink down the down the pain,
With less grammar and constrains,
Thousand of thoughts; it's very hard to bargain,
With obsession  addiction to the pain,
It's hard to fake the emotions ,
If you master it then welcome to the ocean,
Ocean filled with same species individuals,
Who reacts to love, hate etc on varying situations,
Forced to live and must to,
Having the same basic structure & basic look after defining the superiority,
It's not like that it doesn't comes with cons and negativity,
Holding to the rat race and riding with pace,
Saddle is set for laps of education trivia in hails,
Hails of new insidious problems ,
Empty ground of feelings and yes it happens ,
Many things in deed are meaningless,
Simmering with ingredients like hard work luck and formal dress,
Rehearsing but that's conform it will be the best,
The rest life mission,
Will be driven though adventure and beautiful season.
Expressing those trapped feelings and the truth I tackle with.
Akash mazumdar Jul 2016
What makes your morning a great one,
Yes your dreams with confidence accompanied with hay of sunshine making you strong,
A day fill with surprises and different faces, While new day to sharp you're unclear edges, Some new doors to get open up ,
And some of them will teach you new lessons of getting up,  
Because getting down and losing is not the way, To save your dreams in the storms of problems and heavy rain,
Change your clothes,
Design your mind to handle situations of fear confidence or both,
Every second is worth living,
Each fraction is gonna make you ready to conquer dream you are dreaming,
First pump upon which the life flows,
Right or wrong decisions massive or acute make us grow,
It's a new day it's a new light,
Lets see how it goes but in the end everything will be right
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Don't know where the imagination is lost,
The situations were bad now they're getting worse,
Persons represented themselves as the most understanding,
Now they are fighting, Loosening the bonds from there side with inappropriate reasons ,
As they are assuming the most negative situations in,
All because of lack of communication; lack of clarity ,
They are forgetting beautiful time spent; jokes giggles the nonsense talks,
that we did with high level of stupid concentration but silence and ego they are trying to adopt,
I tried to clarify that we just need to trust and must have less expectations,
We are friends I will happy to help you in most of situations,
But they think grudges and ego is there but they are just fictions that  you don't have to to care,
Still the dynamic growth of selfishness taking place,
  Emotion is a free ball just for play,
I think this is not my part of every day story,
It's going all around as most of the  world forgot peace just running for glory,
A glory which will be celebrated in loneliness,
Because there will be no one to stand by the side who pushed all the harmony to stress,
We must start expecting less,
It will be the best way to live without getting hurt and being different from the rest
Akash mazumdar Oct 2017
Oh you came while am sad,
It's beautiful ; first lemme love you back ,
It's okay you don't have to be sorry about it ,
I'll be all right,
Lighting up candles in the room full of darkness of sin ,
You say what you how was your day ,
Sit down talk me you'll feel better for sure ; what you say ,
No am not lying does it look like I am,
May be because there are hundreds of things going underneath this warm man,
Have you heard about that fact ,
The person who keeps his feelings personal priorities at last ,
One who lands up getting everything messed up ,
Got devastated from inside & lands up ******* the roof of rust ,
And get the infection which is a slow poison,
Aah leave it you will be bored ;why is it so cold here ,
What is it ohh; it's the winter season .
Akash mazumdar Feb 2014
I never wanted 2 kiss you,
i just wanted 2 hug u tightly,
so give you warmth of love,
and realise your importance and all above,
the thing is that you've given me a mean 2 exist,
in a beautiful world u gave me which consists,
of your love and your precious time,
and your feel 2 keep me always fine,
i cant count ur abilities because it have no limits,
and the best thing is there is not even single demerits,
my eyes are always on you,
because you are so beautiful that
and i wonder that god make u,
for me.
You are a creation of love and sweetness,
and you love me as i guess,
and this is the best thing,
i had which bring,
an power with in me 2 live for your truthfulness and love,
you are the girl whom i was findin in my way of life,
this is d reason i live and wanted 2 alive.......
Akash mazumdar Dec 2014
The judgement place the judgement time,
is all mean to all are defined,
it's in the hand of devine,
but i guessed all the terms of dignity in mine,
after getting this feel,
become the cruel man and want to steal,
the chain of laws & want to rearrange it,
to add my own aspects to it,
but i always loose the balance of true or false,
and stuck between the negetive bouncing *****,
behind the justice walls of separation,
difference is of the conditon,
which forms the situation of bad deeds,
detoration of the relation between person whom i need,
so i left all upon the luck,
where & upto which high l'll go in life but,
i still walking on the same path on same street.
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
Aaj jab baat chaand sitaron ki hui hai,
Tumhari Kashish or meri jo kadi hai ,
Makhmali or Masoom sa ye maine apni taraf se rishta baandha hai,
Kya ye sahi hai ?

Aaj jo tumne Chand baaten bina kahe hi Kahi hai,
Bheegi hui inkaar me or pehele ke laparvah pyaar me ;
Ye Jo halki par gehri drar hai,
Kya ye sahi hai?

Matlab hum galat the or tumhe Galatia pasand thi !
ha aaisa hi hai,
Maana hum dube the itihaas me,
Par man or beaten to tumhare hi Naam ki thi or Sab kuch tumhara kar Dia kehne pe,
Fir bhi tumne Bina kuch kahe palla jhad Lia,
Kya ye sahi hai?

Kuch kehti kyun Nahi!
Akash mazumdar Sep 2014
'Words' it's the last thing i had my own,
till the last moment it can b blown,
no last desire i had but 1 last thing i want,
right now within a second leave me now,
no 1 luvs me,
no 1 wants to see,
so i am leaving the world please let me free,
i dont want to be the happy 1,
but i like to love for some 1.
Akash mazumdar Dec 2020
Leaving no regrets loved you with my atoms and sins,
Ran for you with my broken feet,
From Buying flowers to plucking from the garden or streets,
It all meant too much for me; shouldn't it be?

Leaving you with hugs and a letter sneaked
into your hand bag's sidechain ;unseen,
From singing you to sleep n staying up listening you breathe,
Rubbed your ached cold feet with my bare palms to heat,

Leaving late for home in rain just to have few minutes with you drenched in peace,
Covering miles just to see you
said you were fine and I didn't believed,
Noting down where you went when you were 13, maybe we could go there and refresh some of your forgotten happy memories,

Leaving, left n gone
now they became memories,
Loved you with my scars n insecurities ,
No regrets 
no doubts
no set backs 
I set you free!
Akash mazumdar Apr 2014
Life is a show where we meet peoples,
and the peoples act only as like a character and listens,
what role we are doing the play of life,
we've to justify ourself the and and write,
a script for ourself how we'll interact to the person who gave us importance,
and we expect a reliance,
from them as we are giving a special time to them,
and if we get hurt then we consult the god and and complain there and we got a reply by time passage and always want a best friend,
as the life go on and on,
it beigins and someday it's gone....
Akash mazumdar Sep 2014
All around the world there's no diffrence in love,
a picture w draw with our thinkings,
have to fill colours of lover's likings,
and which is marked by a swet smile and a tight hug,
which helps to come out when situations are struck,
and it take away th stress,
which wakeup the happiness,
a beautiful journey having bright but daring paths,
which both have to come as the life long they last's,
it's not a spacebound,
it's a temple in which calmness and satisfaction is all around,
and a happy ending is left behind,
when a unbreakable we find,
like all things we see in space and wonder,
similar to it can make disaster many times more than a bundle of thunder,
it comes as the sunlight,
but never left our heart untill we fought our life's last fight,
but it brokes,
it break all the limitatoins feeling's  and hopes..
Akash mazumdar Feb 2021
You are meant to forget those uneasy nights,
You are Intent to let go of those unfinished arguments that broke you down; haunted you when you were driving, working, bathing, riding, laughing randomly started to have tears in your eyes,

You are meant to take time for yourself to rejuvenate and deep breathe while figuring out where you should go what would make you more alive and things you really need,
You are choosen to sit under the morning showers of mellow heat,

You are believed to track those uneven trails travelled along with ponds waterfalls and rivers,
You are made to bake cakes cook tortillas , easy meals and ravishing dinners,

You are carved out to serve for great purposes and made for the best,
You are meant for more than to fix yourself after a awful wreck,

Afterall you're made to make, build, train, create even when you think you are nothing more than a mess.
Akash mazumdar Feb 2014
M missing u...
Dear jst want 2 hug u tight,
so dat i can feel ur heart beat
which keeps  me alive,
but i cant see u,
my eyes r  searching u.
Every where ,
if i found u it will b my best spare,
of achivement for life,
and u will b mine,
it's not a dream dat u r running through,
it's reality dat i love u to that extenct u,
can imagine ur self 2 b loved so much,
cuz i luv u d most and such,
tym will bacme 2 b as m livin,
cuz it's u who gave  me a world for loving....
@ akash mazumdar
Akash mazumdar Aug 2014
I cheated myself the way i never wanted,
hands does'nt move but scroll to be granted,
eyes take a snap of feets,
enourmously both hand bleeds,
knees are bent eyes are narrow,
screams are so loud can make a hollow,
space between concious and unconsiousness,
the cloths are ***** and the fellings are pressed,
be within limits is now a deed,
what i will define is the tear's of need,
lips are died to say anything that i want,
i want to do many things but i cant,
breathes are borken,
my thoughts are frozen,
want to define each and ever thing i feel,
but i have to take it out from the kneel,
beside chest nothing is there,
the thing was freezed and can't flair,
hollow bones but filled with air,
still i cant fly because i am here,
for just crying,
but still i am trying,
for my mind to on it,
cheeks are streched but a little bit,
i have to fight and i cant quit......
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