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4.6k · Dec 2014
my daughter
Akash mazumdar Dec 2014
She is the beauty of my eyes,
her eyes like beautifull round on the wing of butterflies,
when she speaks she's like,
the honey of my life,
she is born under the magic wand's light,
her presence always make me delight,
her every word is truth's order,
she's my love she's my daughter,
when she kisses on my cheeks,
my all stress is gone what ever it is,
i just want to be the reason,
behind her every smile in every season,
her tears breaks my heart,
i miss her even when she's one hand  apart,
with her i am the happiest person forever,
she's my love she's my daughter,
now i understand how precious i am for the girl,
she's my reason to smile she's my world,
her curly  long hairs if gets wet,
she look like a princess under the rain i bet,
beauty with truth she's the angel,
she loves me the most i know it very well,
her selection is of love & being soulful girl she prefer,
she's my love she's my daughter
4.6k · Mar 2014
can u do this...?
Akash mazumdar Mar 2014
Himmat h to rulake dikhao,
dam h to dil churake dikhao,
dil me pyaar jagake to dikhao,
nafrat to kr ni skte kisise humse pyar jatake to dikhao,
faryad to hum d krte h rab se
ki dil dede hume b jeene ke lie,
par accha hua ni dia,
vrna humne to vo kisiko de hi dia,
hota kisi aaere gare ko,
jise na hoti smjh meri na hota pyaar mujhse,
or itni kimti cheez jo h mera dil,
vo to reh hi jata na uspe....
@ akash mazumdar
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
Before I die please tell me how you do all this ,
How are you carrying me? how you kept a stupid me sharing extreme bliss,
How you do all of this ; being polite and kissing with your prayers,
Knowing that may be it won't give you what you deserve and end up devastated with a sharp spear ,
That spear dipped in poison of pain,
And sorrow along with only threatening thunder but no soothening rain,
The rain which relieves the painful emotions,
Which are highly toxic and in extreme end up with potions ,
It's not just a big heart which take all hurt inside ,
And just pushing endless Love outside,
Even if I annoy you; tease you or push you off the ease and stab you from inside ,
You don't manage you just put them aside ,
Put it in the trash can and wrap me with care and made yourself so polite ,
Is it really possible to do without no reason at all,
Or there is something like a big treasure at the end of this fall?
I mean really is there any big worth behind all of this?
Or just it's only you and only just board me up in your boat; oh no not a boat it's a ship ,
Ship carrying every thing which can make things more than ease,
Counting from a little help upto a endless number of beautiful moments with ,
Are you a human? do you really exist?
I have numerous of questions for you; will you stay in contact forever ?
And if you don't I don't have a problem but I wish for you God must give you happiness in a big basket everyday and a person to love you every second.
Every time I've been a stupid making mistakes thousand of times.
1.8k · Dec 2014
Akash mazumdar Dec 2014
The judgement place the judgement time,
is all mean to all are defined,
it's in the hand of devine,
but i guessed all the terms of dignity in mine,
after getting this feel,
become the cruel man and want to steal,
the chain of laws & want to rearrange it,
to add my own aspects to it,
but i always loose the balance of true or false,
and stuck between the negetive bouncing *****,
behind the justice walls of separation,
difference is of the conditon,
which forms the situation of bad deeds,
detoration of the relation between person whom i need,
so i left all upon the luck,
where & upto which high l'll go in life but,
i still walking on the same path on same street.
1.8k · Feb 2019
The anonymous drive.
Akash mazumdar Feb 2019
Right now
I have a bed underneath me ,
A cozy blanket is all over me and a pillow under my head,
I got a college to go tomorrow and food to eat,
I got no deadlines for tomorrow to complete,
I got a roof upon me which won't break until a havoc strikes at its full or earth eats the whole colony in least ,
I got parents to look after me representing one is as a man and another is a women who make me feed,
The wholesome nutrition and the best Pack of emotions I will need ,
Still what is lagging behind what is the best hearty deed ?
That I want to do but can't do because I don't know what is going on in repeat.
1.7k · Oct 2014
romance under fullmoon
Akash mazumdar Oct 2014
We are under the fullmoon with company of cold breeze,
let me stop the time and let me do it freeze,
please let me come close to you,
you also love me this all i knew,
just touching of hands making you blush,
now we are under love far from rush,
i can see your shy smile under your lips,
let me hold your hand in my hand and let me give a kiss,
it's some dark but your bright face,
and your birhgt eyes from which i trace,
the best things and best words to speek,
loose yourself i know you believe on me,
it's time for a hug,
which'll make me crazy and it's my drug,
let me hold your hand now
let me make a wish,
i want you my life as you are my breathe,
just forget the sorrow,
and let it me borrow,
leave the uncofort and just breathe love..
1.7k · Nov 2014
i need you
Akash mazumdar Nov 2014
I need you to hold my hand,
i need you to hold me,
i need you to count my tears
one,two or upto infinity,
i need you to place my random thoughts in a band,
i need you to make me move,
from the sadness grove,
i need you to represent my myself,
i need you because i dont want to fail,
i need you to help me fresh air  inhale,
i need you to talk and share,
i need you because i want to complete my prayer,
to the god to make every thing all right,
i need you in my every fight,
i need you to love my scars,
i need you in my empty sky as shining stars,
i need you to bring the solitude of aticate,
i need you as my best friend,
i need you as my all above,
i need you as my luck and love.
1.5k · Feb 2015
Akash mazumdar Feb 2015
everyone have it but somebody owns,
dont who have money they are unknown,
it makes a diffrence standard in a crowd,
if it's literally impressing it speaks loud,
sometime it's ignored considering it diffrent,
people reject it  but every one,
is unique and diffrent,
it gives info it consists behaviour,
it is remind by
1.4k · May 2014
Akash mazumdar May 2014
Hoping that i can see the moon,
holding your hand
and in the midday noon,
celebrating your birthday
hoping that the day will come,
when we will be hugging each other tightly,
and the time will stop suddenly,
hoping that a day i can gaze  you constantly.
Just seeing what a  gift of Godyou are,
here my all dreams from you so never go far,
hoping a sun set with your smile,
i'll capture the moment in my eyes and will remind them while,
i'll be sitting sad but hoping that my
dreams attached will come true,
because you also know how much i love you...
# akash mazumdar
1.3k · Jul 2014
Akash mazumdar Jul 2014
Felling so insecure,
have deep wounds but no cure,
on the way people are there,
i don't know i am where,
**** is growing on the ground of thoughts,
in the head 12 'o' clock banging in all the clocks,
hand holding the empty bands of friendship,
picture showing the past are now blurred clicks,
my mind stopped working,
they said smash it into the trash it's a waste thing,
drops of blood doesn't matter,
living in the dream is better,
echoes are within the limits of sounds,
and situations are like tears of clown,
introduction to mirror define self description,
warmth of salty drops i can feel and it's not a illusion,
delication of feelings cause the hurt,
because of them i get burnt,
walls are like caves,
describing  a story on wall's which makes,
which can stop motion of continuous breathe,
what i to me,
and i wanna be only ME.
1.3k · Sep 2016
friendship bond talk
Akash mazumdar Sep 2016
Who said you're not in my life,
you are not important to me,
I know from past we talk less comparatively,
But it doesn't mean trust and friendship content is reduced,
Our friendship survived from severe communication gap attack that we both knew,
We are carrying this relation because ,
We know that rude talk and gestures will not make us,
who we are what we are really from inside,
So our efforts will make the bond better,
Ego is not a part of our personality which is **** bitter.
1.1k · Sep 2017
Pretty dying
Akash mazumdar Sep 2017
May be I didn't played well,
So the situations are hitting me like hell.,
Is it the karma or the destiny,
It's just breaking me down pushing me off the ease ,
Like am the sea,
Sometimes the moon ; it's pulling me,
So hard to reach up to that height,
But this is not possible though; it might,
It might happen but there will be disaster,
I don't wanna be that bad
now or even after ,
Therefore there will be a permanent interval ,
So the sea will get high; get sad and dull ,
The truth won't change then clouds will cry ,
Sea will be lying someday and next day it will die .
1.1k · Sep 2018
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
I already scripted the future when I had no idea,
Already sculpted proximity in between,
I wasn't that wrong though,
I got it right & slow,
Inhaling poison in pace purely hushed that it's "I am" not "we are",
Bragging just bragging through the narrow deceptively  dusky spaces followed in streaks,
And everything is for real ,
Every word couldn't match unfortunately but got preserved & I got healed .
1.1k · Jan 2015
Akash mazumdar Jan 2015
In the cold cold day,
standing alone in the front of my decision's bay,
thinking for the start ,
imaging for the 3d structure of the very pointed dart,
to pin it into the centre round,
going to the market of strongest alloy where it is found,
it'll help me to shield ,
from damage from in the field.
1.0k · Feb 2020
Turn back time
Akash mazumdar Feb 2020
You gotta trust me too like I trust you just like you did way back you told yourself that I'll come back.

No matter what it took we came together and very tight , might not very right and I get that.

I respect that, we fell down, rebelled inside out just to keep eachother.

Just to stay longer ,spend some more time together.

Spare a part of us worthily, dedicated and dictated ourselves with a lot of "fury", then a lot more sympathy and most of love.

Enriched with fear of being left out alone, stringing, hanging looking at eachother to the shoulder with trust,

Accepted every piece made peace with those pieces, we traced a way back.

It's more than than anything for me, right now.
1000 · Aug 2016
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Be happy to living as normal, Be happy to be treated informal,
Celebrate every moment ,
You don't know when you will get attached to potion accompanied water,
May be there is a reason of getting handicapped respect to normal life before or after,
Or there is someone who never want you,
To see on the path of joy from you're going through,
On the form of anxiety or fear of losing yourself , It may enter your life,
It's very cruel it kills the confidence from inside,
Every bad moment every disgusting situation always come to an end,
The rise will again take place and you'll be the trend.
948 · Sep 2016
human beings today
Akash mazumdar Sep 2016
So much hatred so much anger ,
Are we human or wild animals,
Got no feeling only wanna rule,
Is it what we made for,
Doesn't it feels like we're doing something wrong and becoming very rude,
No emotions ;mostly preparing for violence and wars,
May be world can be conquered with weapons and chemicals,
But only few of haters will be left to celebrate it alone in the hell,
Tolerance power is like somewhere lost,
Forgiving at a extent can bring peace and we'll able  host,
A calm and generous environment,
What really we should create.
887 · Dec 2015
Day description in jail
Akash mazumdar Dec 2015
Behind the bars every thing is so calm,
Routine work is to do with a winter scarf, Jailer is on the round on his  routine,
And am changed via metal rings in a que going towards canteen ,  
Now taking plates & heading towards meal distribution,
Suddenly a quarrel started between 2 gang mafias in front of centre of rehabilitation,
These fights are common like morning and sunset,
Am here without any reason only just for a ****** & a kidnapping yet,
Now it's the time for checking & inspection of my little dark cage,
It's messed up as always  like am in teenage,
Its the playground time,
2 person came to me from my parallel cage line,
Told me about there breakout plan,
i refused to them cuz they don't even have the jail's blueprint & arranged a minivan,
Time to go back to my little lonely cell,
as per my personal routine it's the time when I write under low light with my pen,
Write daily happenings in rhymes, I also write about my happy past life but only sometimes,
The sun is under the horizon, Its time for day's last meal with change of inspection officer in section C prison,
Time to go bed putting aside my pen and copy,
Tomorrow morning I'll start again my day with my hobby.
871 · Aug 2016
Dear friend
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Just sit back relax expect and blame,
Why don't you just clear what you're thinking?
What memories you want in frame?
While having fun why don't you call my name? When you accidentally came near to me mostly you say i changed,
And I just stand and wonder,
I mean really? I don't think so,
I don't want to explain everything because you'll never surrender,
Never agree that you expected special attention, You called me sweetly said "hi" where I was the requirement at that situation,
Your tone get changed ; it get dressed,
It's more polite ,
calm but having cunningness,
I am not saying that you're bad and bitter natured,
Just trying to make you understand that am not the highlighted person in your life still you expect too much ,
You're good we have lot of good memories ,
Try to take it positive what I did to see through it it's the reality
871 · Dec 2014
my words for you
Akash mazumdar Dec 2014
how is it possible to forget you,
cuz you are my heart and soul
to whom i want to give my time and all,
by how much extent  i'll succeed to do this ,
i dont know ,
but i'll try my best to show,
that what i feel what i want from you ,
as night coming down and your dreams coming to my eyes,
which i want best to see while
sleeping and realise ,
i love my dreams only with you and want to be come true ,
but if it'll not come true,
then i'll broke and my pieces will be shattred on the floor in before you,
days go and go and my feel goes deeper,
to that extent you cant imagine and feel where we are ,
my many words only you can understand only ,
because you are within my heart and every feel of me,
without you i dont know how long i'll alive,
but i know that till the time i am with you ,
i can keep you all right ,
in my words living means to keep you happy and keep your satisfaction ,
in my world sun rises for you to light up your world ,
so that i can see my path which leads to your life ,
which is a heaven for me and in which i live and which you believd it's mine ,
at last you have understood that i cant run i can fly,
all i need is you and i.
863 · Dec 2014
help less
Akash mazumdar Dec 2014
sins and it's correspondense to luck,
on a tree house on an empty island am stuck,
helping hand for help in the present eyes,
just a foolish thought i dried,
essay of problems are here to be understand,
helpless i become tightly holding my self hand,
empty selection of friends results the lost of faces,
forgetfullness is better in that top time of spliting shoe laces,
peoples are gentle but to insert the drug ,
so that there need ,
become necessary business for there greed,
fel of helpless words is foundation;and frustation,
being of influence in strom under shattred hood,
life feels as punitive and lost the dots of happy smelling sandalwood,
drops of frozen tears stops on skin ,
cosy warm nothing remains ,
good as tight string,
beging for need and confident wealth ,
bending down head touched knees i need help .
855 · Sep 2018
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
These love songs they all sounds the same,
But when you  wrote those phrases on that little piece of paper dipped with your name,
I saw it as your blood soaking by the sheet ,
explaining somehow it's the truth and this is what I was looking for this while : in whosever and whatever I see,
Didn't excepted that there was a number feeling  inside,
Atleast you didn't hold it back didn't hide .
I wish i could repay the every bit of bit of bliss you made me feel every time.
815 · Oct 2014
Still a child
Akash mazumdar Oct 2014
I am still a child of 10 loves to see cartoons,
loves to play in the noon,
wonders to see the twinkling stars,
knows only the name of a planet 'earth' not even the 'mars',
noddy, tom & jerry are my favourite shows,
my dreams and imagination never slows,
football & basketball are all same for me,
all are round in shape which i know and see,
i like fighting with soft pillows  & bouncing on bed,
as my favourite colours are white,blue,green & red,
moon is like the bigest star,
& also many small shining dots too there are,
the best stuff to eat is chocklet and toffies,
i collect my money for all types of sweets,
my collection is of toys & cartoons cards my attention  is on growing
when my birthday will come,
& one more year old i will become,
loves to do sketches and also to fill colours,
have a dream when fairy will come white feathers,
i have three subjects only english maths and science,
Which i study but for a while,
that's my present childhood but all are memories,
and now are blows in form of cold breeze
815 · Jul 2014
broken heart
Akash mazumdar Jul 2014
eyes in nights are open,
no sleep and heart is broken,
tears falling one by one,
love is rolling down & i am burnt,
now liquid causing fire but no smoke,
it all happens when trust broke,
then little-little things we remember,
bright mirror shines but the image is blurr,
because eyes are ful of tear,
strings of music touches the heart,
lyrics of sad songs fall apart,
in ears,
coldness develops  within soul,
and the soul plays the actual role,
of a broken feel of love,
hands wiping the cheeks,
and vocal cord bleaks,
room is empty as like heart,
a blank paper defines the crumbled picture drawn in mind,
then the worst needed thing is liquid wine,
walls become the screen of eyes,
slowing picture of past happy times,
hattered from light become general,
and black colour make peace in my heart's funeral,
thoughts go beyond outerspace,
ashes fall on the ground but makes the trace,
glass of water stops and falls fro hand,
mind explores the empty dark land,
tears again starts flowing,
vic versa all these hapens and makes
of broken heart,,
Akash mazumdar Dec 2014
Let her grow let give her chance,
let her feel the joy and dance,
dont burry her in every birth,
let her born with crystal shine eyes on earth,
give her care give her love,
please dont tear her clothes dont smash her,
into the dark behind the walls of tears,
if she's with you she has faith,
on your heart;
she'll stop her river of fears,
she only wants trust she only want truth,
why she feel so discarded from truth,
why to pushing her like discarded part as rut,
she can feel the pain behind your eyes,
but why not willing to hold her closing eyes,
why to avoid her screams,
dont you know you are also a birth of her best dreams,
even if you hold her when she is low,
she'll hug you back like her love pillow,
but please dont tease and wrongly touch her,
with your ***** mind & destroy her life & make it blur,
if you're not getting it dont your frustation on her,
decorate her with the fur of innocence & laughter,
try to understand her ability broad spectrum,
open her from cage; give her chance,
to light up the lantern
of humanity,belive,faith and innocence
790 · Feb 2014
i dont wanna hurt u
Akash mazumdar Feb 2014
M not so strong,
not so tough,
i can never b a wall 2 protect both of us,
from d misunderstandings,
nd d hurting things,
m flamable as fuel nd soft as a cotton,
but these features r nt gud for u cuz u r d princes of a poem which has been written,
many times in diff ways,
as like d variation in the ocean waves,
u r lyk a god for me,
but m a unorthodox for the,
god who loves me so much but,
i always misunderstanded it nd get stuck,
in problems which makes me cry d whole day,
nd behind all of these m d reason,
of the hapenings which hurted u also in d way,
of our relation,
pls pardon me dear i never have any bad intention....
@ akash mazumdar
772 · Aug 2016
Till now and now
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
I write ? Oh yes I do. In the simplest way,
Because I don't know the finest way of putting words in phrase,
Though I do,
I try to express my best creativity through,
I wrote most the tracks about my life ; what happened & remaining ones were written without thinking consciously,
I never thought about them but I still wrote them without any difficulty,
Now flow of words and smoothening of pen's tip is
faster ,
and I'll write until stuck between mental disaster.
765 · Dec 2015
Ink calling out memories
Akash mazumdar Dec 2015
Today i got some papers written  by you for me,
In reply of my limitless feelings,
Most of the replies are not about the questions i asked ,
Your most of writings about your frustrations & problems from me in vast ,
Every new letter got nothing new to read,
Even when I expressed every phase of me,
In the starting of our relationship,
You accepted all but already putted a limitation,
But i still believed in you ,
& what i got in response that am not loving you through,
With your expectations,
Our conversations depicted a theory,
That i was living in the feel of primitive real love story,
In which a boy& girl loved each other,
From the soul and spent their life together ,
Less calls less communication,
When i asked the reason,
Your response forced me to realise,
I was not there from any corner or in any size,
Bundles of word I wrote & hardly heard any appreciation,
Likewise before me my fellows sensed,
You lost interest in me like the previous guy who caught and banned,
Just because he opted another girl also,
Alongside to support you from head to toe,
When my eyes opened & i understood the circumstances,
I asked you that we're gonna apart,
But **** it was done your side & heart,
Okay on valentines day the breakup it was,
Ink letters freshed up the eighteen months experience again ,
Let's close it until i open my inner locker to get ur maintain
729 · Aug 2016
Today's relationships
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Love and friendship got one thing in common base named as trust,
And as far as this bond continues relation goes with no argues and smooth without any grudge, Today's relation got more ego than love ❤,
It starts with likings and ends up with lust,
Now its a international trend to have a special contact in phonebook ,
Named like love, life line etc or just of jealous the neighbourhood,
Now a days relations are mostly based on nonsense fictions,
At last ending of it one or both get stuck in its contradictions,
It's like participating in a game,
It's easy to get one person whom you can easily blame,
After breakup; fights or any misfortune happens either all the negatives because of that person or haven't,
I don't know what's going on to today's generation, People just attach temporarily and if it doesn't seems to profitable they walk away like nothing happened.
727 · Aug 2016
You moved on
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
I got to know you got a guy,
I don't know what's his name, I haven't seen him from any side,
Don't lie don't neglect don't be too rude ,
Don't make him jump through burning sadness loop,
Revolve him around the best you got,
Let him roll near to your seldom heart ♥,
Remove the quilt of stress and scares ,
Let him make a draft,
About happy future,
Open up to him make glue the relation with friendship and clarity,
Wish you; bless you
Your bond will get strong as gravity.
714 · Jun 2016
Akash mazumdar Jun 2016
I wish I could have free time,
For my body my mind,
I wish to workout i never did,
I wish to write without forgetting,
I wish to have money for my all fantasy's,
I wish to never get touched again in timed medications,
I wish I never fall for someone who broke me in limitations,
I wish to become what I wanted to be,
I wish to make disappear the problems which **** me to be me,
I wish to rewind and review the happy hours,
I wish to make the world understand the difference between guns and flowers,
I wish to teleport the pain to ground,
I wish to have love each other and all around,
As the wishes cloud never get a end,
Likewise I've to calculate the quality time and become the trend
710 · Mar 2014
wat i do now...
Akash mazumdar Mar 2014
' wat i do now'
Wat i can do now,
tell me pls wat i've 2 understand and how,
m sad cuz u r far from my vision,
many times i just wanna hug u without any reason,
how long i've 2 staisfy my heart,
by seeing ur picture and apart,
form this dammn distance,
which is bcm a fence,
but nvr b afraid cuz my emotions fr u,
will nvr b low but few,
things u've 2 do,
love my patiance my feel,
cuz these r very imp. And real,
fake and real r d 2 things,
nd we can say r the 2 sides of mirror which brings,
some time satisfaction but sum tym sorrow,
but just we must hold our hand so that our tommrow,
will have a great pick-up,
for d way which we r thinking 2 lead,
and our future will bcm a story of love and peace,
and having d best perfection,
and d best peace of satisfaction,
so b wid me,
and forget about the,
and I'll **** them if they follows....
677 · Apr 2014
I love u
Akash mazumdar Apr 2014
I dont wanna cry dont wanna loose u,
i love ur each sentence u,
tell about me,
so never let me free,
from ur love,
cuz it's my peace and all above,
is upto u that how u'll treat me,
but i'll luv u till my last breathe,
u made d best lines possibles 2 take it out from my lips,
i just wanna hug u kep closer 2 me and dont wanna kiss,
i'll never let u go cuz my herat is stolen by ur name,
plss love me by heart nvr play the game,
and lie me and make me a fool,
cuz i love u more then any 1 else in world and univerese's pool.
Of luv and hatered,
we knw that 1 we'll become dead,
but till m alive d best person
was u,is u and will b u
and i always saying d same that i love u....:*
@ akash mazumdar
Learn to spell and use correct grammar ***.
675 · May 2016
One sided love
Akash mazumdar May 2016
Why I have to start it all the time,
If I not say hello then you say am out of my mind,
Does I've to always be the first to be knee down, Can't you see that am also burnt now,
Trying to adjust trying to fit,
But somehow you still manage to blame and hit, Stabbing with nonsense words,
You're mostly repeating that you're the one I never deserved,
I thought we can have the same bed,
But I used to sleep on floor on flat duvet,  
are  you dumb or what,
Do I ever said you're my bad luck,
Always appreciated you when sadness came across,
But you still say am the weirdest in the cosmos,
Criticize  me or try to crop me out of your life,
One day you'll understand I was always animating the +ve aura,
But you're body you're mind always killing the divine.
674 · Jul 2016
It's a new day
Akash mazumdar Jul 2016
What makes your morning a great one,
Yes your dreams with confidence accompanied with hay of sunshine making you strong,
A day fill with surprises and different faces, While new day to sharp you're unclear edges, Some new doors to get open up ,
And some of them will teach you new lessons of getting up,  
Because getting down and losing is not the way, To save your dreams in the storms of problems and heavy rain,
Change your clothes,
Design your mind to handle situations of fear confidence or both,
Every second is worth living,
Each fraction is gonna make you ready to conquer dream you are dreaming,
First pump upon which the life flows,
Right or wrong decisions massive or acute make us grow,
It's a new day it's a new light,
Lets see how it goes but in the end everything will be right
663 · Aug 2016
That One hour memory
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Reading but nothing is going in,
Pain started in cervical it's getting tough to breathe in,
Eyes up to the ceiling,
Head relaxed on chair by body started loosing,
Loosing consciousness I don't know what time it was,
I can't move not able to talk even,
Too much silence is all around my dad came in & started screaming,
My name again and again but I couldn't respond,
Feels like no blood is going through brain it's ****** out or drawn,
I was able to hear the all,
My dad came near and picked me,
My legs and hands were hanging ,
They were swinging,
Motor bike was already outside ,
He settled me on it someone hold my loose **** sapiens structure from behind,
I was feeling the momentum; bike was running fast,
Someone was calling me along with I remember the sound of running cars,
Busses; in short the traffic was around,
Don't know how long I was there,
Suddenly I started feeling pressure above chest, A irritant liquid going down via nose.
My so approximate dead body woke up from rest, Everything was clear I was in a hospital,
Two doctors were around me; one of them holding a mini sized bottle, At that time chest pain and headache was hitting hard,
Doctor was taking to my dad and uncle ,
I was on the bed thinking what was the trouble,
After twenty to thirty minutes I was discharged, Dad bought me a chocolate bar,
It was one of the weird life experiences and duration time was about a hour.
647 · Mar 2014
u r my soul
Akash mazumdar Mar 2014
Some times i wonder,
we talk in that way we missed eacht other,.
So why forgot we r made for each other,
we do the thinks we like cuz we r not getting throgh the way where we must go
and act like,
1 soul before we evaporate and the light,
turned off
so start now caring and loving so much,
so that i can forget about u and make such.
Moments we want come repeatedly,
1 by 1 and we make laugh each other and happyly,
hug each other and say 3 words which we both wanna listen form each other,
cuz d 3 words and u make my life so beautiful and i wonder,
that god have gifted me a life and a angel which is u,
as i always say i love u...
@ akash mazumdar
639 · Nov 2014
my faults
Akash mazumdar Nov 2014
All is my fault that i can now understand,
i never wanted to change as to your plan,
to make me good,
to make me the best that you also know;
you are the person you only could,
do the all replacements in me,
and take me to your flow,
from the begining i was stupid,
i was deaf never listned your love music,
putting into the mind,
that you are mine,
but i was busy in the empty hive,
hanging-up with little pity,
you were easy to hold but i was not getting it,
your way of stance epressing the need,
you tried to make me understand is me+you=we
637 · Sep 2018
Kya ye Sahi hai
Akash mazumdar Sep 2018
Aaj jab baat chaand sitaron ki hui hai,
Tumhari Kashish or meri jo kadi hai ,
Makhmali or Masoom sa ye maine apni taraf se rishta baandha hai,
Kya ye sahi hai ?

Aaj jo tumne Chand baaten bina kahe hi Kahi hai,
Bheegi hui inkaar me or pehele ke laparvah pyaar me ;
Ye Jo halki par gehri drar hai,
Kya ye sahi hai?

Matlab hum galat the or tumhe Galatia pasand thi !
ha aaisa hi hai,
Maana hum dube the itihaas me,
Par man or beaten to tumhare hi Naam ki thi or Sab kuch tumhara kar Dia kehne pe,
Fir bhi tumne Bina kuch kahe palla jhad Lia,
Kya ye sahi hai?

Kuch kehti kyun Nahi!
629 · Dec 2015
Plastic life
Akash mazumdar Dec 2015
Thousands eyes are opening Thousands eyes off,
At a single moment a body become stiff to cotton soft,
Most of them are starving,
Others Remaining under warmth comfort and lighting,
Some of them eating lives,
Some of them eating paper of printed lines,
On the piece of history they represented a them remarkable,
But actually they are just exploiting nature & unbalancing the timetable,
There and blood group have antivenom for there own poison,
But red drops of there body cost nothing to them,
Like a plastic doll ,
Human also have a short life,
But living for greed ,
wasting every day and night.
622 · Aug 2016
It's getting complicated
Akash mazumdar Aug 2016
Don't know where the imagination is lost,
The situations were bad now they're getting worse,
Persons represented themselves as the most understanding,
Now they are fighting, Loosening the bonds from there side with inappropriate reasons ,
As they are assuming the most negative situations in,
All because of lack of communication; lack of clarity ,
They are forgetting beautiful time spent; jokes giggles the nonsense talks,
that we did with high level of stupid concentration but silence and ego they are trying to adopt,
I tried to clarify that we just need to trust and must have less expectations,
We are friends I will happy to help you in most of situations,
But they think grudges and ego is there but they are just fictions that  you don't have to to care,
Still the dynamic growth of selfishness taking place,
  Emotion is a free ball just for play,
I think this is not my part of every day story,
It's going all around as most of the  world forgot peace just running for glory,
A glory which will be celebrated in loneliness,
Because there will be no one to stand by the side who pushed all the harmony to stress,
We must start expecting less,
It will be the best way to live without getting hurt and being different from the rest
617 · Mar 2014
wen i meet u..
Akash mazumdar Mar 2014
wen i met u...
I beacome a lover,
she became a lover,
had our heart broked i was in I recover,
i became d man she knew could rely on,
somebody's who'll listen her and cry on,
she was geting better,
better she was gettin,
we r now building like some something wrong,
i apolojise i've done any thing wrong...
@ akash mazumdar
613 · Feb 2014
it's u..... my dear.. : )
Akash mazumdar Feb 2014
I never wanted 2 kiss you,
i just wanted 2 hug u tightly,
so give you warmth of love,
and realise your importance and all above,
the thing is that you've given me a mean 2 exist,
in a beautiful world u gave me which consists,
of your love and your precious time,
and your feel 2 keep me always fine,
i cant count ur abilities because it have no limits,
and the best thing is there is not even single demerits,
my eyes are always on you,
because you are so beautiful that
and i wonder that god make u,
for me.
You are a creation of love and sweetness,
and you love me as i guess,
and this is the best thing,
i had which bring,
an power with in me 2 live for your truthfulness and love,
you are the girl whom i was findin in my way of life,
this is d reason i live and wanted 2 alive.......
594 · Mar 2014
When you are not with me..
Akash mazumdar Mar 2014
'wid out u i am like'

Here is no joy wid out u,
here is no life wid out u,
wer r u pls *** baby y dont understnd,
dat my heart is wid u which beats and,
still beating cuz it's widin ur arrest,
best thing it will b that never give it 2 me from ur chest,
just behind me where my sorrow lives,
i will also keep ur sorrow also
pls give me ur nights,
which make u 2 forget all happy things and tym spend wid me,
forget about d past i request and i please,
i can make u laugh and make d moments in which make ur lips bite,
2 hide ur cutest smile,
my happiness wid u never ends wid u,
and wen u r not wid me i cry and i just pray for u,
ur face give me a satisfation dat u r not so far,
and i u hug me i can win a war,
i love u d most
i love u by heart
pls forgive me and never go apart...
@ akash mazumdar
594 · Nov 2014
defining rhyme & poetry
Akash mazumdar Nov 2014
Sequence of words and repetetion,
made of beautiful lines and concentration,
deep thinking makes the sentence to flight,
all is called along and named as rhyme,
in it there are pouches of errors,
makes the expression of fellings that matters,
modified meaning of writing,
belongs to a thing,
sharp and blunt teasing collection of experiance,
it does not have any limitation or resistance,
it is a flow of small nick in mind,
passionate feel it winds,
every time ****** spelling it consists,
anyone can write a rhyme if he break the walls of cyst
590 · Jul 2014
for and because of you
Akash mazumdar Jul 2014
Lots n lots of love,
i have for you form my heart,
sky full of lighters,
is you who **** the dark,
now i've understood what is love,
and why it's called it's life,
my heart goes faster with your smiles,
your happiness give my heart rasons to beat while,
when it stops working,
i never love a person so much,
but you are the 1 who deserves
and you are the 1 i can trust,
your truth defines your heart,
and my life and love is yours,
so please never think 2 b apart,
right there from my heart
i miss u
and always loved you..
Akash mazumdar Nov 2014
Flashes of light,
seems so birght,
reflection because of mirro showing delight,
of pictures shown in light,
a ray of sun straight through the window,
and dust also shining along the glow,
droplet falling,
and it's beauty is rolling,
in the eyes giving the clear way,
and washing the faded memories belonging to dream made of clay,
blue light signify the calmness,
and red gives the power to repel negetive flames,
belongings of life are of diffrent colours,
related to our deed under the vision of others,
to be a diamond of reflection,
human being have to be in perfect in perfection
579 · May 2018
My dear melancholy.
Akash mazumdar May 2018
Can we make our relationship back,
When we were there you're holding me my bowl of snack,
From hurrying to office and coming  home late,
Cursing for every food you had made,
Joe still have questions about maths; like why multiplication seems harder than summations,
Why there is no power of zero and is he good with pronounciations,
It's hard to get my tie from the tropical forest of clothes,
I would handle it but what about Joe he's missing our thrashy trash talks and every bows ,
You used to do with mellow irritation,
Making him timely to reach the school bus station,
I still can't find soya sauce and why you keep ginger beer at the bottom rack,
Pretty white one got a company of a Black hat,
The engagement ring never felt so irrelevant while peeping through it,
No candy fingers of soft hands are embracing them saving it with bliss,
Now I know I was the " no man " to your kindness and blessings,
I wish I could bring you back from the coffin to me while I know you'll forgive my every sin.
Though am only 20 .
So it's fiction.
561 · Sep 2014
defination of life for me
Akash mazumdar Sep 2014
Now i am beging for life i want to be live,
who will give a right to exist,
human being is a creation of god,
i want to being a human but i am not,
for me stress depress are common words,
these words have great impact on my,
present world;
like all persons i am not,
i have learnt those lessons my life taught,
fighting for love and standing at the edge of death is my present and also my past,
but now i want to live till the world ends and long may i last,
demons be modified with love and patience & if they are not discriminated & blamed,
iamgination is the colourful world we can see,
we an fill our favourite colours and can be  the one we want to be,
cant calculate my problems which i have beacuse i cant remember them and cant judge myself what i am,
560 · Mar 2014
My life and experiance
Akash mazumdar Mar 2014
Wer is d love wer is d felling??
It's only alone dat m living,
no one bothers wat i do,
dey r simply ignoring me cuz dey wanna never knw wat i am going through,
and they push me to the fire as that's there only work and,
is the 1 of d worse thing the usualy do,
i cried soo much but the pain still is alive wid in me,
i want some 1 to free frome these,
hell life just a simple thing i want,
dat i wanna b happy and scrolled,
to nearby every person whom i think dat he/she,
can understand me and be,
help to make me upcome from m goin through,
but dey pushed me away as m a garbage and proved,
that they r heartless and make me cry again and again,
but still i find the person who bothers wat i feel,
and wat i have 2 do for my well fare and to increase the yield,
of happiest smiles but i still dont knw y i cry dat my eyes got red,
and all peoples aroun me see me as m a stupid and aprrox dead,
Person who iszz alway sad,
but m not a bad,
person as i knw and i always wanna keep others happy,
And this is my part work and my ways,
of making my life bettr,
but it's unhappy feels as i look my 2 sides of my arms and i think what i need 2 b is more samrter,
but in worlds way smarter person can also b able 2 cheat,
And knows how 2 defeat, innocent peoples those r in his way,
but i cant do this bcz i dont wanna hurt any 1 and bcm a stray,
dog for dem whom they always wanna beat and through stones on him,
but i must i knw dat it's a world of devils and they swim,
in a fire of hatered which they feel for d helpless peoples and,
kick dem away so dat dey can enjoy there felling but a band,
of word death dey forgot about,
that a god is still here 2 see dem and will give there punishment they deserve and will drown,
in  the fire of hell,
but dey still do wat they always do but i still tell,
them it's bad 2 left alone some 1.....
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