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Irem Jan 27
swimming with horses,
running with dungeons,
playing with dragons,
hiding behind a fake forcefulness,
like a synthetical lioness,
that artificialness,
fake greatness,
fake lustiness,
fake lustre, lying on them
like a mattress, or
with covered up, less
than what really up to
in them minds
ConnectHook Aug 2020
Take a bow for taking a knee.
We want to thank you for being woke
After falling asleep in the land of the Free;
(The punchline to your own lame joke.)
Y'all so WOKE I bought you an alarm clock.
Cupcake May 2020
I open my eyes in the morning
Wondering, 'How to pass through the day without constant yells and blames.'
I stretch my hands out
Hoping, 'People don't notice my scars'.
I make my way towards my siblings,
Greeting them 'Hi!'
Hoping, 'they don't see through my false facade'.
I munch on some snacks and tell mom that I'm full
Hoping, 'She doesn't see straight through my lie'.
I use gadgets 12/7 and my parents say I'm texting,
But....., 'I'm trying to run away from the reality'.
I sit and stare at books, but don't study..
And my parents say, 'You are just distracted because of that guy',
'Try to concentrate', 'This scores are *******'.
Little do they know,
Family problems, Shifting, Losing people, New environment
'Have distracted my mind'.
I try to concentrate,
'But my doesn't cope up with me'.
I joke around, paint on a smile, play and laugh along with my siblings..
Trying to believe, 'I belong here'.
But deep down, 'I don't feel home when I'm at home'.
What is Home?
Take a time
And look into the mirror;
Find the deeper you.

"Why are you lying to yourself?"
White Shadow Nov 2019
I hear voices,
Sounds are striking the inner walls of my head.
Alot is going in my life,
But I'm happy to wait.
I'm happy to wait,
For the things to be okay again.
My mind needs some peace,
I wanna throw out the pieces that are piercing it.
I wanna shut the voices up that I hear,
But I'm afraid to dare.
I'm afraid of being lost in this vast world,
That is full of fake people with fakeness in everything.
Shruti Dadhich Jul 2019
When my stars had decided not to spark,
& my moon had also hidden somewhere;
When the lights had left mine world in deep dark,
& I really needed somebody there,
I found my so called lovers nowhere...
So Honey,
Will you stop your lies,
Cause I know I'll never ever find you by my darkest sides...
- $D
Fake people, fake promises, & fake world!
Meaura Mar 2018
I'm blinded, aware of nothing anymore

The emptiness has reached from the heart to the core.

The obscured disguise of the illuminating ray

sealing me in the undying darkness to have me gone astray.

The strong hold my mask has on me,

an abstract reminder for I'm a volcano under sea.

The compulsion of uncertainty thrusting fakeness on to my lips,

a constant practice that immediately curves its tips.

My heart is stabbed with the cureless contrition

Agony oozes out by rejecting termination.

Vagueness finds its home in the feelings I try to verbalize

Insanity strikes my thoughtful headroom to unstabilize.

My wounded heart and insane mind conspire to develop a defence

against these harsh feelings that forge a fearful nuisance.

Callousness, a nightmare dressed like a daydream, a bitter hope

The dream comes true along with the bitterness to cope.

That's how I sculpted myself into a cold stone,

choosing to become all numb and alone.

I'm blinded, aware of nothing anymore

The emptiness has reached from the heart to the core.

Standing straight a stiff statue, I

wait for something to be moved by...
When my definition of 'feeling' becomes 'pain',
I turn numb and wash it away in rain.
Shutting it off seems like the only affordable solution
and I don't care if I'm consumed...
'cause I'm already lifeless.
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