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The blunt surface and wooden *****
Confined within impenetrable walls
However reverb dangerously.
Numbers reappeared to disorientate me.

It was the lion I sought advice from
For a dove that had been travelling with a rose
With a weight as heavy as its wings
Against the torrent of winds and sky.

I counted the time as if I were a clock.
Gently did it leave while I was not looking,
Its music turned down by long fingers
That lightly grazed the glasses
Like tracing back the steps that I at first hastened.

Never again will I see with my lashes curled by  
Its own Evening Dew.
I only pray that the silver soldier marches
Next to me with armor close to my chest
Close to my eyes so no gaze could ever *******.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
Bison Apr 2016
A rose if but by another name
Would still be Love's stinging pain
Yeah, that's what they say

Beauty fades, petals on the lake
But the thorns remain

And they might fall out
But you'll fall in
Yeah, you'll fall in again
Shah Fahad Sani Sep 2018
There is a chaos in my beats,
A sound of some sin keeps calling me
The elicited filth is blurring my vision
The guilt of my iniquitous deeds keeps visiting me!

A conflict is there, between my soul and body,
I am pulling away from myself to myself!
This pain in my heart keeps withering my poor soul!

In search of love, I left no stone unturned!
My toes are bruised while walking barefoot up to hills,
I've seen the thorns stuck in my skin and flesh!
O death! Come take me away from myself!!
Thorns Jun 2018
Why do I love you
Brown hair, blue eyes too good to be true
That sounds about right, but there's more to you’re kind and nice with a sense of humor that drives me mad
You had a smile that could light up the world
At Least I think you still do but you haven’t shown that smile all year
Your blue eyes are now a steel gray
Your beautiful smile is now still a fade
I’d do anything to see that again
To see you smile bright and look at me with those blue eyes
But only to see that again when you look at me
You did it sometimes last year but now it's mostly a plain face
I guess it's a sign to bug off, but I’m not listening
I was never
My bad
I guess it proves you're too good to be true
I know I wonder why too
To think it’d be you to make me feel…weird in a good way
Why do I like you
But then I’m brought back to reality
You never liked me
If that's not true just tell me
If it is “Called it.”
I bet ya 5 bucks that you’ll have a plain Jane face on when you finish reading
And that you’ll throw the paper aside
And say something like this “ It basically sounds like you liking me and I’m awesome.”
I won’t change for you, never have probably never will
But that’s all I ever wanted
For you to like me at all
I don’t care if its out of pity or just for a milleneothe of a second
But you don’t and probably never will
And I guess that's okay
If you want to know ask me
But just so you know that’s all I ever wanted
For Mr. Awesome to like Miss loser
I think I now know why I love you
I want to follow my heart, but I don't know where the hell its taking me.
sara Jul 2018
Beyond the sea, a white rose stands
outside a vase, away from hands.
Too pretty for a picture frame,
a large bouquet, or window pane.

Still growing, life is hers to gain:
the warmth of sun, the cooling rain,
the water droplets, oxygen;
beauty will flourish best with space.

A trademark warmth she wears so well
like sun rays on a daffodil.
She laughs like shamrock by the well,
as infectious as a breeze among bluebells.

I see the child inside your cries of joy, behind your smiles at boys.
Beneath the skies, above the noise.
You breathe in life, and it's all yours.
infectious laughter is like the breeze in a field of bluebells haha   
Birthdays are a time to celebrate life
Thorns Sep 2018
Reputation, Reputation this is how you play
If you mess up your status will change

        ­                   r

Be with me or forget me
It’s your choose
You’ve kept my letters
We’ve taken walks together
You’ve admitted you like me and want to be with me
But apparently your rep means more
So you won’t go around with the girl who’s a beauty behind a pokeball hat
So I’ll sit here like a broken record repeating our good times together
In my head over and over again and again
Even though we part ways in the end
Not that there will ever be anymore good times
Not with us together anyway
Just so you know
I’ll be here for you
What’s strange is you never got with a girl except for me
You act like you’ve moved on
But there’s no other girl
I think it’s pretty clear we both know you haven’t moved on
But you still pretend to and ignore me
While holding on to my words and drawings
Sometimes it just feels like your toying with me
You play the game for the trophy and nothing more
What does that tell you
He doesn't give a crap, I don't either...
Thorns Sep 2018
Thinking about you  
What you said
You asked me what I see in you
You asked a question and now I’ll answer
I see wild eyes as they stare back at me,
Like burning sapphires, a longing glare
To ask me that question right then and there
Was totally unfair
But now I'll answer a long time after
What do I see in you
I’ve asked myself every day
But oh how stupid I was being when what I see is right there
Now that my answer finally clicked
I see a nice guy kind with blue eyes and brown hair
Now to say that to you I could not
So I wrote it down instead
You got your answer but you didn’t care you even admit that you threw it in a puddle
But a week or 3 later say you kept it
Since you asked me that question and I answered so long after
I asked you that question in which you didn’t take your answer seriously
When I asked for a serious answer you said my response took 2 months
And that yours would take the same but there isn’t 2 months left of school and time for that
I tried you ignore me
I'm in tears
I beg of you
Please don't do this to me
Please Stones
Look at your eyes harder than ever before describe in nature, an element what you see....
PoserPersona Jun 2018
The moon sings the languid flower,
  to bloom at midnight hour
Harmonious feast transpires -
  luminescent choir

Pedals mirror la hue de Luna,
  but pale below her glow
Though the desert sweet aroma,
  is fragrance plus photo

Neither causing nightly failure,
  in idyllic charm
In fact, those powers are greater,
  together than apart

The moon a long gone distant rock,
  yet pulls on ocean tops
Cereus lures with sweetest tricks,
  and stings with countless licks  

Battered holy asteroid face,
 woos flawless solar gaze
And even though it causes mire,
  lunar eclipses fire

The cactus thrives in driest sands,
  and chokes in fertile lands
Alluring lonesome wanderers,
  promising mere water

The lucid beauty bewilders,
  as much as it can haunt
In fact, those powers are greater,
  together than apart

You, once my cereus and moon,
  were drowned in my love well
Perhaps, I was this to you too,
  though your hole I’d not delve

However, what was first velvet,
  morphed into devil’s horns
Winter shed those thorns in my chest,
  now spring gifts hope and more

The icy grips of each winter,
  provides spring fuel to spark
In fact, those powers are greater,
  together than apart

Although we've gone on our own ways,
  I wouldn’t change the past
For each step was necessary,
  to find true love at last

We were once greater together.

I’m now greater apart.
Michael Briefs Nov 2017
This floral world
her blackened wings.
Thorns hover, blood-stained,
above ashen lips...
they taste the sting.
The flight of myriad starlights
shows the way
for the final plunge
to the lonely tomb.
The creature is revealed...
it has arrived.
She has found us.
She has come home.
Azfar Hakimi Dec 2018
Never have I ever thinking about you only
Never have I ever been real
But you still standing beside me
You still hug me with love that's real.

Your pure heart still beating for me
Your beautiful face still looking at me
But still I keep going to the wrong direction
I still keep playing you like a toy
And you still keep loving me with joy.

Never have I ever seen a brave girl
Never have I ever thinking I'm gonna change
But for you,
I'm going to walk into a forest with roses
And I'm going to walk into a forest with thorns
So I want you to stay still
'Cause I'm gonna leave my past
I'm gonna change
And I'm gonna dry your tears.
Thorns Oct 2018
Thinking of thoughts inside my head
living good and but sometimes sad
Thinking helps, like running it through your mind that it will be okay
Just think
It can help
Think of the laughter that was once in the air
Or happiness that you shared
Just think
It'll be alright
While living in a depression think positive. Or at least try.

I wrote this long ago. When I was... Okay.
Yuki Jan 19
What I like about diamonds
are their splinters,
the thorns of the rose
you picked up in winter.
D A W N Feb 11
i held you with
and bleeding arms;
tight and secured
i loved you.
if love
were meant to  be
like this.
this painful bliss,
i would hold for dear life.
how far would you go in the name of love?
Britney Lyn Mar 2018
My relationship with you was like a plant,
That blossomed into a rose.
Beautiful from afar but if I got too close,
Held onto it a little too tight,
The thorns would hold on tighter,
Sink in deep within the skin.
The roots would grow, deeper and deeper.
Even when the roses had been cut from their stem,
The roots remained with me, deep within.
What once was beautiful, left behind a trail or scars.
Much like the rain hitting my window,
On the nights I miss you most.
They evaporate and fade,
much like the love you once had for me.
Once upon a time that ended in tragedy.
Even the the prettiest flowers have their thorns.
In the End, It will all fit together.
Amanda Jul 2018
Heavy-chested, I try to release emotions,
The moon shakes its head in dismay,
Seasons unwinding, heartache in slow-motion,
And in weather hides words I can't say.

In the thick sincere compliments
Concerns flail, attempt to get out,
Bang on barriers, will not budge,
'Life consumed, hopeless doubt.

Mind enveloped in fear,
Shackled by trusting nature,
Wings clipped, self-made prisoner,
I wonder if you sense restraints stir.

Certain only one choice allowed,
A crowd of disapproving eyes stare,
Maybe stars can take me far from this place,
They twinkle, dreams in night air.

Want to shine with a similar light,
**** areas stand in protest,
Hold back the glow, I seem dimmer,
Searching for a spot to rest.

Weakness planted in crevices,
Rosebushes bearing thorns blooming,
Learning to love myself even when no one else does,
I'm hard to be with, I am only human.
Love me when i least deserve it, because thats when i need it the most.
Thorns Nov 2018
Laughing at a funeral

Kissing him goodbye

Letting him break both our hearts

All bad things

Seeing your mom's husband kiss a *** dude


Maybe if I pinch myself hard enough

I might wake up from this bad dream

This bad dream

Thorns Nov 2018
I haven't seen her in years
My shining star
My guiding light
My happiness
My remise
My angel
She saved my life
I have nothing more to say...
Thorns Sep 2018
That's what they call me
It's in my eyes
In my name
In these poems
Beauty is always ruined with war and violence
Look at the rose
It's beautiful
It's petals dripping in divine color
But the thorns make it lethal and dangerous
Sharp and full of  bloodshed
But "Beauty is pain and there's beauty in everything"
Flowers with thorns don't want to be messed with
Plants with spikes don't want to be touched
They both need to be loved
I speak the truth.
Thorns Sep 2018
I’m so done with you
You made me cry to the point that I couldn't no more
You shook me up, and thrown me down
Called me names
Do I really listen to what you call me
I know you’d want an answer to that one
Just to get a reaction  
And sit there all innocent like and batt those fake eyelashes of yours
I’m so done just walk away
You words course through me
Taunting me, yelling at me pounding through my blood that I don’t belong and I’m a freak
If you listen closely you can hear the demons begging for me to join them
“Just walk away and come to us. Thats it listen to us.”
I’m so done just let me be
I’m done
So done
I've liked one guy these poems are mostly of the way I felt of him. Okay make that 2/3
Mady Dec 2018
I never meant to be a friend
Never meant to be a lover
Now I'm your enemy

Here we are
Sitting in the dark
Taking shots
From fate's gun
A deadly rose between our hearts
Thorns inside our souls

You look at me and whisper
"Don't you cry"

Look at me now
All my tears have dried
I won't cry anymore
The roses are wearing​ ornaments of thorns
As the moon wearing darkness in diadem!

Resurrection​ without death is born to impossibility!

Enemies rejoice not in your infamy,
without death and its sting the glory of resurrection is ruled out of existence and favor.
Lie down, o' so gently
in thine room full of thorns
where the floor is clothed with envy
and thyself full of scorn.

thine walls are about to shatter
with the windows open wide
the door? It' does not matter
Thou shan't get out alive

thine roof is giving in
with the ceiling on thy head
no, there is no trying
to get up from thine death bed

But then Thou cometh and rescue
How could I even ask?
Save me from my misery!
free me from my mask!

Thou taketh me up through chimneys
and jump off the highest tops
basking in Thine own glory
the moment suddenly stops

Thou giveth me a kiss
Then bid me goodbye
and said not to forget
that I could always try
these walls are breaking down/ a revision of 'The Room and the Redeemer"
Thorns Sep 2018
I don’t know what to say
If I pour out my heart you’ll push me away
If stand up to you when you put me down
You’ll throw me down
I can’t think of how big an idiot I am
I don’t know what to say
You won’t tell what you want to hear
You don’t talk to me anymore
You won’t talk me anymore at all
All I ask of you is your help
I need a friend
Not an enemy
You were the best friend I could ask for
But when you don’t want to remember something it’s gone
Forever and ever
Not for me
When a good thing becomes a bad thing it becomes lifelong scar I have to wear for the rest of my life
That happened so many times “over and over again and again even though we” grow apart in the end
rebecca Sep 2018
It starts with a seed: small and dark
It starts to grow: a stem and a thorn
It grows some more: twisting inward on itself
Now its a bush: one that smothers
It has sharp thorns and soft, black leaves. they ***** out all of the light
It tightens around something soft. you cant feel it but you sense it
You keep watching the plant as it grows
once it was a seed, now a still growing plant
until one day... cant...
blackbiird Oct 2018
You made.
Poked and prodded
You invaded my soul
As if I were a cesspool
of your worst nightmares.
And the sad thing is,
I let you.
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