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Don't take
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Way too
Much alcohol
Terry Collett Apr 2016
Magdalene's parents are out
him to work and her shopping
and so she brings Mary
back to listened
to Billy Fury
on the Hi-Fi
in her room
and sip some of her ma's *****
and smoke the cigarettes
Mary borrowed
from her da's pack

they sit on the single bed
feet tapping

so how's things with your da?
Mary says

Magdalene says
he has a tone of voice
he keeps just for me

she inhales smoke
from the cigarette

my da's seems
to have forgotten
about it now
either that or he's
given up on me
Mary says
looking at the cigarette
between two of her fingers
smoke rising

Magdalene exhales smoke
into the room

I had a job to get
this fecking LP
Ma bought it for me
for my 14th birthday
she holds up the LP
Halfway To Paradise it reads

wish I was halfway to paradise
Mary says
instead of halfway to Hell
according to the nuns at school

this could be our
halfway to paradise here
Magdalene says
gazing her cigarette
watching the smoke
lift ceiling-wards

how comes here?
Mary says
looking sideways
at Magdalene

us here on my bed
music playing
***** and all
Magdalene says
turning to look at Mary

what if your parents return
and we're in bed?
Mary says

Da's at work
and Ma's shopping in Dublin
takes her hours to shop there
Magdalene says

Mary muses
on the record cover
holds it between fingers
don't know
seems risky to me

Magdalene drinks back
her ***** and puts
the empty glass
on the bedside table
next to the statue of Our Lady
and stumps out
the cigarette ****
in the ashtray she'd bought
up from the lounge

our chance to be closer
Magdalene says

Mary stubs out
her cigarette **** in the ashtray
and gulps back the *****
and puts the glass
next to Magdalene's

nearly got this far with
that O'Brien kid
only I didn't fancy him
and just played him along
then slapped his face
and walked out
passing his ma on the stairs
and she gave me
one of her looks
and I was gone
Mary says

glad you did
Magdalene says
wonder what his ma'd say
if she found you two
at it on his bed?

God forbid the thought
Mary says

Magdalene leans in close
and kisses her
a hand on her thigh

both gazing at each
eye to eye.
two Irish girls listening to Billy Fury in a bedroom in 1963
Poetic T Feb 2016
He gave me the look of "really, "really,
Scuffing his paws as if covering filth.

"What's a matter snoopy?

Then looking at me, raised an eyebrow
"Didn't know they could do that?
I went to rest my head and in a puddle it
Did land soaked fermenting upon my head.

"He was their licking his fangs,

I threw a slipper bouncing off the wall
Ricocheting and face planting me instead.
I changed my pillow cleaned my hair, and
Slumbering I  once again rested my head.

"Scratch, scratch, scratch,

Morning awoke as I heard noises grating
Downstairs? I got a bat and in my white fronts
Edged down to find My EP player on.
"Hello anyone there, I know karate? "what,

A new word for scratching was born, whisks of
Clawed plastic on the floor. My best record now
Worthless recycle. And there he stood on the fire
Place his claws tapping in rhythm is what I saw.

From that day on I never gave him the cheap food
A lesson learnt, I thought I was the boss and he
Was just a pet. But a lesson learnt never *** off
Your feline friend there smarter than that.
Arcassin B Apr 2015
by Arcassin Burnham

When an apple smashes,
She aches,
The guitar strums,
Bloodlust gets in the way,
The attention is centered on the dark ones,
As darkness melts off you,
Fading /\/\/\/\/\/
And when you have your rotten days,
You can always call on me,
I could take the pain away,
(Angel of heaven)
Saving my life was all I needed from you,
Now let me do the rest,
And when you have your rotten days,
I'll be,
My way,
To save you back,
I'll do my best.
Arcassin B Apr 2015
by Arcassin Burnham

Frozen in time,
Wishing that the flowers would just sprout,
Wings leave behind feathers,
No peace for early settlers,
More food for the critters,
Natures not too hard to figure out,
Pretty much like you,
Is there any other guys any sensitive,
Is there any like me,
With shattered memories,
Out of line nervousy,
Two paths , only I choose my directive,
Poor babies,
This garden don't get enough sun,
Something you never finished,
Have you become replenished,
Got the penny for your wishes,
Wake up,
**And run!
Arcassin B Apr 2015
by Arcassin Burnham

Getting use to you feelings ain't easy!
Do you think your good enough to even please me?
Will we be together for many centuries?
Why do you exhale ?
Be lucky that you even breath at all,
Why don't you let me in ?
****** tentions,
Too close for comfort,
And angry intentions,
just let me in,
smoke in the air,
In rows,
Twelve Candles,
It would be easy to relax if we didn't have to be obsessed with one another,
Scratching , and the begging and the rushing to see each other.
Arcassin B Apr 2015
by Arcassin Burnham

I'm pretty..
I'm pretty sure...
I'm pretty sure that....
I'm pretty sure that you....
Im pretty sure that you wanna....
Im pretty sure that you wanna see......
Im pretty sure that you wanna see me.....
Im pretty sure that you wanna see me with....

Im pretty sure that you wanna see me with you....

Im pretty sure that you wanna see me with....
Im pretty sure that you wanna see me.....
Im pretty sure that you wanna see......
Im pretty sure that you wanna....
I'm pretty sure that you....
I'm pretty sure that....
I'm pretty sure...
I'm pretty..
Arcassin B Apr 2015
by Arcassin Burnham

I'd spend it all with you if it was the end of the world,
Me and you could travel the world,
I know you're my girl,

And A,
And A,
And A pretty face,
Plain Jane,
You should be the human,
If they were like you the world would be a better place.
Arcassin B Apr 2015
by Arcassin Burnham

How it was,
Or how it isn't,
They'll keep throwing hate threats,
Til they stop taking care of their health,
Snake eyes,
I'm in the mood for a confrontation,
Plus all on me are eyes,
With no hesitation,
I use to hate other couples,
Now i'm in the limelight,
***** to become what you use to hate the most,
With no love at first sight,
but the way they treated you,
Believe it's Unforgivable,
No mercy and labeled virtues,
Only blood after you.
Arcassin B Apr 2015
by Arcassin Burnham

Knowing you were an angel from above,
I really had no doubt that it was really ever love,
In all the past events you think you get to open up,
its not noticeable to hide grime , grip and grub,
you're as ***** as you look,
Taking on another human being,
shape-shifting crook,
Not into reading english dictionaries,
But i'm glad you had the time to pick up a book,
Big wings in the air,
what a gorgeous phoenix,
Thats what i call you when i feel completed,
Even though i don't get enough recognition,
I just think what we have can never ever be put in defeat.
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