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Samuel Lombardo Jan 2019
We switch channels every day;
from 155 to 10, but never satisfied.
I find it ironic that for as many channels
there are, we have a tendency to skip
the important channels at the right time.
For example, we dress in shorts,
and we forget to bring an umbrella-
well, let's look at the Weather Channel.
Perhaps, we drive down a busy interstate;
in the middle of the day;
we are blocked from notifications,
but if we put on the News Channel
we could see a serious accident,
making us take a diverted path
from where we should go.

No, we are too busy with the
Buying Power Network, looking for the
next beautiful watch or necklace;
then we go out, and try to find it;
only reality has it that, if you saw it there,
you will not find it anywhere else.
Look at it this way;
you see the same thing in other places;
it is too common;
keys do not match with other locks.
Then you have the Health Network Channel;
but how many of us take that seriously?
You scroll over channels;
and you land a Health Channel
sharing information about heart problems.
Just because you cannot find your sweetheart;
does not mean to fill your heart with sweets.
Take it serious!
Your heart is not for brokenness;
no, your heart is to beat life into you;
the air is what you breathe
to give you life.

That Channel that shared your story;
that is the channel you want to see.
Do you want to be stranded in a snowstorm?
Do you want to be stranded in traffic?
Do you want to be blocked by robbers?
Do you want to be involved in scandal?
That will depend on what Channel you use.
Samuel Lombardo Jan 2019
At age 18 my love life;
seemingly perfect; was so long
a fiasco of desire and perfection.
I wanted a perfect being;
was there such a thing to be so perfect.
I was living a dream;
a dream without no reality.
Then a year passed;
I broke off from my first encounter.
He was a nightmare;
how can a match be so perfect;
do I really want a mirror;
or can I use an 8mm camera lens
showing me the opposite sides of me?
While my age turned 19;
I can see that a lot was taught
in my teens.
I seem to be in a war
that I could not have fought.
I wanted the decade to change for me!
There was nothing more for me to see!

So, the decade makes a turn;
I felt like in my twenties would be my year;
the year of Jubilee of eternal
warfare that could take away my fear.
However, I was wrong;
I took a wrong turn;
I met this other person;
left me on stage with this song;
drop dead gorgeous was to yearn;
for I knew looks have never won.
I took a break;
needed to focus on school;
never really understood God's sake;
therefore, leaving me a fool.
What a beautiful year;
I turn twenty-one;
I thought I had my beer;
and that battle was won.
I had to fear that no one understood me;
yet, my understanding was not true.
I was living a dream that I did not see;
and yet, this other person had no clue.

I sit on my bed writing goals;
I wanted to be in love in my twenties;
oh, how I missed that goal;
I am now in my thirties.
Time moves so fast;
yet, people tell me time heals;
I am twenty-five years of the vast;
and all my life endured was deals.
I would be twenty-seven;
wondering if I will ever find love.
Next thing you know;
I felt like I was in Heaven;
looking into the eyes of a beautiful dove;
a person whom my life bestow.
I was thirty when I met him;
my God, I thought I have sinned;
in fact, I began to take hymns;
and looking back to how I was pinned.
I will be honest;
I never wanted to love again;
I gave up and decided love was not for me.

I could not believe I would find love;
I even promise not to again;
not without the right key from a dove.
That was when I found the one, again.
I could never find the one,
because all the ones I found;
were not letting me in for the sun;
what shines when blind made no sound.
I was thirty-seven when I made a move;
the year of Jubilee;
my business was what my way soothes;
but in my life, I was set free.
After a long year of resistance;
he unlocks the door to my heart;
allowing me to love with perseverance;
allowing him and me to a new start.
It has taken me thirty-seven years;
to make a move in the right direction.
He was able to set me free from fears;
And I loved him more than any other son.
I new nature has put us together;
He needed me in his life to finish a search;
that same search is what made us forever,
and I believe that the arrow came from that archer.

I am a beautiful Gem;
You are the beautiful Sagittarius;
My pearls can shine brightly with him;
and his stones are set on serious.
Now, I take a break;
I want to disconnect;
He is definitely the part that I ache;
so, it is time to reconnect.
That magic box has a promise;
I never knew I would see,
but your heart is filled with gliss;
I almost missed the point given to me.
You needed to find a puzzle piece;
You provided me chances, again.
My fear was pushed aside for peace;
and I made my move to Michigan.
There my seven-year heartache
will be sealed with a promise;
a promise that should never break,
but will assure me much bliss.
Sometimes we have to go through many puzzle pieces that look almost the same size.  Just like puzzle pieces, ever lock has a key; and every key has a lock. The keys could even look the same but are that the one to unlock that lock.
Samuel Lombardo Jan 2019
Do you feel the winds of change?
Put your best foot forward;
do not go backward;
the chance is uphill.
You can feel it, too.
I can tell that the feeling is true;
you have been climbing that same mountain.
For some of us, it takes 23 years;
and for some of us, it takes 37 years.
But we are on that same mountain;
I am running up to you, now.
I do not see anyone else;
my eyes are wandering;
they have been wandering a while,
but all I see from a distance is you.
The highest mountain was very hard to climb.

Oh...was this a challenge!
For a year I was challenged by
bumps in the road;
falling rocks, and water slides
a mist that clogs up my eyes.
But I kept going because I knew
from a distance, I would meet you, again.
I am going nowhere;
I am not giving up;
I will crawl on my knees if I have to.
You are the reason why I am climbing this mountain;
the highest mountain, why?

Why am I so burdened?
My hope is built on the rock;
and much love is flowing from the springs.
Oh, I found the strength;
I will be right there;
I am running up behind you,
but I will catch up with you.
Do not look too far back;
I am only right here.
I told you, I will go nowhere;
I will never give up.
Here we are, together- in truth,
it is time to face our fear;
look down there;
all that trouble we left behind.

I am ready to make that promise;
that promise I made a year ago.
You are in my heart now;
you are going nowhere.
We made it to the top;
we finally have done it, dear.
No time to look back now.
We did what we need to,
and thanks to you;
I can love you with my true sense of heart.
The angels were saving me from disgrace,
but even then, you let me in.
It was not time;
we had to climb the highest mountain.
Samuel Lombardo Jan 2019
The one teardrop says to the other;
I am the tears of sorrow, fear, and anger.
I make every person that feels me
burn with anguish, because I take ego to rest.
I claim to make it better when my tear
is forced with all that fear.
But then I cross paths with laughter, joy, and love;
and wow...I get freaked out!
I love one thing;
I love to argue, be indifferent;
it makes my eyes water every time they see me.
There is no winning or losing with me;
you have to deal with my hard feelings;
oh yes, there is no feeling left after me.
I can even break hearts
because that is what I do.
But then I do not know why no one wants me;
but I keep doing what I see best;
it is like a no brainer with no brains.
I am a difficult teardrop to deal with,
because you do not know why
my eyes are so hurt.
These teardrops will flood the soul
to a deep infernal pain of anguish if you met me.

Then down the flooded river of those dark brown eyes;
I can see the laughter, joy, and love.
Those teardrops said nothing;
they could not argue with me;
they just kept moving,
But then I realized that no matter
where I go, those teardrops were going
down the same path.
Why are those beautiful teardrops following me?
This is not making no sense;
Two opposite tears for the same reason going
down the same projected path.
Why do you pick me?
Why do I deserve your love?
What did I do to deserve your love?
I love to fight, argue, and be unpredictable;
you love to be quiet, peaceful, and live the dream;
I have no dream to live.
What is there about me that you like?
And for some reason I cannot fight your tears;
you make me drain with pain;
you make me broken in my flood;
and you mix with my tears to make me beautiful.

The other teardrop stops;
it melts away the burning desire of pain.
Molds me into something I am not;
how the hell do you do that?
I am a teardrop of fear and anger!
How did you know to make me whole?
the second teardrop says,
"You were once me, and I felt you before,
but I chose to make myself whole, again."
Do you want my love?
Mix with me, let me feel you;
I will let you in my pool of
love, peace, and understanding.
You will find yourself at peace;
you will never want to leave me;
that is when I know I found the one.
You do not need to worry;
you do not need to fear love;
love is gentle; love is kind;
You do not have to fear me;
you know you want me,
because it is me that makes you shine.
Why worry about finding the one?
Why worry about the future?
Here I am; I've been here all along;
you just never accepted me.
Yes, I shed my tears in comfort that
You will find me;
You have found me;
No more hate, anger, or ego.

You have me; you need me;
You want me; I am the one.
Get over here, take me in;
your heart is manifesting into
my own desire;
opposites do attract;
I have been fighting this long;
I mind as well sleep in your tears.
I have a big surprise for you;
do you remember that third teardrop;
the teardrop of the predicament;
life choices, intercession, and destiny.
Well, that teardrop is what made us transparent;
and I want to be with you,
because like you never had my tears;
I never had your tears.
Do I want your tears?
No, but it is your tears with mine
that helps heal the others in this pool;
and together we can be a team;
a team for love and hate;
and how the two really make a balance.
You love hate; I love peace;
but together we can be in peace with our love.
Your flaws are my own;
There are only two tear drops in our soul.
We know that opposites do attract, but it is the opposition that we fear when it comes to love.  Do not worry, and if you live your life with confidence that opposition will fade into a pool of wonderful clear teardrops of love.
Samuel Lombardo Jan 2019
What are you doing?
Who do you know?
Where are you?
Why did you not?
When you be back?
When should I come?
Where should I be?
Do I be with you?
Where are you?
Where should I go?
How do I do this?
Why should I do this?
What am I doing wrong?
Did I do something wrong?
Where are you?
Why all these questions?
When do I care?
Why do I ask, where are you?
Samuel Lombardo Jan 2019
Riding down the road with rage;
so impatient, you go from lane to lane;
until finally, that **** pulls out in front of you.
You are the cool guy;
so, you take the free-way down interstate 24;
Before long that 18-wheeler comes rolling;
I will pass that trucker;
and he will go nowhere.
But the lanes are filled;
a tire blows, and boom I end up
in the center street,
breaking the barriers that meet
two separate sides of the highway.
Does this remind us of our life?
We can handle the good and perfect;
but when the imperfect try us;
we just want to break down these walls.
Samuel Lombardo Jan 2019
Black, clear, water, frozen fluids;
what craziness that the beauty can cause.
Sometimes we think that beauty is great;
sometimes that beauty comes with a price
if you are not careful.
Ice is slippery, making you turn, slide
and WOW...what happens without breaks?
Think about it, you cannot stop,
what is the next option;
do you just turn your wheel?
Sliding is no fun without actually
knowing you have some kind of force.
Ice is the force to keep going;
snow is the force to slow you down;
fire is the force that keeps you flowing;
the light is the force that brings truth; and
Barriers and obstacles are the force to
Stop, think, proceed with caution,
but the air is what we need to breathe.
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