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Americans, well, at least in the media believe that the way to change behaviors is to punish either criminally, civilly or socially anyone who doesn't fit the societal norm.

Think about that for a minute,

...when someone is emotionally conflicted to the point that their behavior is no longer considered within a range of acceptance and THEN society decides, or any group, movement, political ideology or party to shun or expel, to incarcerate, admonish and thereby torture an, "emotionally conflicted," soul what you have accomplished by society's response is to create permanent anger and hatred.

Permanent anger and hatred.

American society therefore can be said to relish hatred and permanent anger as a way of life for all of it's citizens since every single person whom is inflicted with pain upon suffering will be assured to continue inflicting whatever pain and suffering they can on everyone else the rest of their life. So your only solution is to remove these souls from society permanently.

Was that the intent?

Is that the goal?

Do we need law, rules and fantasy crimes for every single thing a person says or does?

Is the endgame to remove these from society or to reform them?

Imagine now,

America arrests or imprisons one million people per year for using drugs,

...there are forty million felons alive today.

Wow! Lot of bad guys off the streets huh? Let's put that another way shall we?

America ruins a million people a year.
America creates a million 'soon-to-be' violent felons every year.
"Felons," who were nonviolent before being tortured by society and tortured in prison...forty million angry people live around you right now.

Forty million people!

America must want the nation to fail for every year we destroy a million people just because we want to be able to say at least I am not as bad as that person and point your finger while knowing there is no reason, no civil crime, that warrants bankruptcy, imprisonment, violence, ****, abuse, belittling, shame and banishment just because you personally don't like video games.

...or you don't like gambling,
...or you don't enjoy ***.
...or you don't smoke marijuana,
...or you hate Hollywood liberalism. can't stand alcoholics,
...or you're afraid of the mentally ill.
...or your jealous of the *** you perceive someone having,
...angry because you think you work harder than someone else,
...because you deserve a better life so why not destroy others right?

Hatred as a virtue.

I wonder what our economy would be like if the 'fifty-plus' MILLION alleged criminals had jobs instead of listing away producing the smallest amount of productivity possible because YOU THINK they deserve to have a worse life for acting in a manner you do not agree with PERSONALLY.

That is one out of every seven people in The United States.

Hatred perpetuated.

That is American culture and that is why Black Lives Matter.
sarah Mar 2018
they do not love us.
they break us down,
bit by bit,
crumbling until we can't take it
they turn us against each other,
fighting like there's
no tomorrow,
never getting anything done.
they make it so we can't live
hate becoming as popular
as television
and violence a
spreading wildfire.
we try to push through
their concrete barrier,
but it will not budge,
pushing us deeper down,
struggling to breathe
as we
Anjelica Nov 2017
Being a girl is hard
But being a black girl...
Let me tell you about being a black girl
Leave Out
Pick your poison
Or falling for " European Beauty Standards"

" Why are you so quiet?"
Do you expect me to be aggressive
And snap my fingers in an A-Z formation

Light Skin is the best skin
Or so they say
I'm jealous of my brother, for his caramel skin
Oh what I'd do for that caramel skin

You think that's the worst of it but have you see ****?
Cute girl makes love to -insert famous **** star here

Ebony b-itch gets banged till she squirts

Which would you rather watch?

If you ever turned on a TV you'd see reality shows with the perfect blue eyed blond hair cast and the one black kid who doesn't get enough attention

Ever since Rachel was the Bachelorette I too prayed one day I'll find the man of my dreams

Have you ever had a crush on someone and ever think if they even like girls your skin color?

Being a girl is hard
But being a black girl
Oh let me tell you about being a black girl
A spew of thought about being a black girl in todays society not feeling "good enough" or loved.
The Trumpoet Feb 2017
Trump, he seems to make a point of stirring up the ***.
He makes outrageous statements, thus making tempers hot.
He seems to like upsetting people so they shout or cry.
It all seems so unnecessary, so I'd ask him, WHY?

These last few days he hurried out an immigration ban,
without due consultation that would craft a solid plan.
He could have sought out some advice - something that he should try,
but he believes he knows it all, which makes no sense. So, WHY?

His words and actions seem to make him look like a buffoon;
a caricature cut out from some political cartoon.
If he'd provide a reason through intelligent reply,
there'd be no need to scratch our heads and keep on asking, WHY?

He seems to hate minorities and some religious groups.
This brings about division and rallies all the troops.
This could lead to a new world war where millions would die.
Where does he think he's taking us and, more important, WHY?

WHY doesn't he just take a moment so he can explain?
WHY can't he simply tell the truth and say what's in his brain?
WHY can't he and his followers be glad for what they've got?
Explain... Be kind... Be strong... Be smart. For heaven's sake, WHY NOT?
You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
Link to video of this poem:
Written February 4, 2017
Devin Ortiz Nov 2016
As a sensible,
As a logical,
And a well informed fellow
I asked that when you meet the Devil
Where do you draw the line?

Quick wit, to leave me assured
You affirmed, my friend, I'll never cross this line

Persistent and fiendish, as Devils are
He barreled through the line, with evil in his eye

Thankful to have a friend, I asked, is this enough?
Uneasiness overcame me when you said it was okay.

Quick wit, to leave me assured
You affirmed, my friend, I'll never cross this line

But he truly was hell, this ****** Devil
Carelessly he pushed right through, past the line again.

Worried, I asked, well surely we're in danger?
Of course not, he replied, siding with Devil and his plan

Quick wit, to leave me assured
You affirmed, my friend, I'll never cross this line

With no limit, his forked tongue just laughed
Storming through again, no one in his way

Terrified, I pleaded, this nonsense had to stop
My friend, now foe, said this is the only way

How foolish I must be to,
To ever believe a line that couldn't be crossed.
And to think you'd stand by me.
Devin Ortiz Nov 2016
I'm sorry you think me offended
I'm sorry you refuse to see
I'm sorry when I show you the mirror
that its white fragility you see
I'm sorry that I don't fit your narrative
that America is the greatest to be
I'm sorry that it hasn't been, not for people
like me
I'm sorry that you can't accept it's different

But I am not sorry for who I am
Nor am I sorry for what I believe
Not sorry for the truth
Not sorry for my protest
Not sorry for the bruising words
Not sorry for the wounded ego
Not sorry for the things to come
Not sorry that I'll never quit

Just sorry for you.
storm siren Nov 2016
I have friends who have gotten hot coffee thrown at their backs
for only half of their heritage.

and I have friends who have been told to hang themselves
with things they only wear on special occasions.

and I have friends who know nothing of these fears and these events,
because their privilege is as dominant as their
and they're as seemingly neurotypical
as it comes.

but still,
they empathize.
they understand.
and I'm certain if they were asked,
they would fight alongside
us too.

there is hope within this darkness,
there is warmth within this storm,
we will fight until the end of days,
and then we will fight further on.
please just stay strong.

it would be easy to give in,
it would be easy to give up,
it would be easy to let this be the end,
to sigh and wrap our time up.

but this is just the beginning,
and we know nothing of the end.
so stand against us as our enemies,
or rise with us as our friends.
Having an election was a terrible idea. What happened to electing cool grandpa instead?
goddess Jul 2016
dear young black girls,
i'm sorry that you cannot turn on the TV and see black female role models.
i'm so sorry that you are constantly being shamed for your natural features.
sorry that you're constantly under the pressure to comply with eurocentric beauty standards.
your skin color is a blessing.
your hair is beautiful.
do not change anything about yourself for the sake of the way society views you.
dear young black boys,
i'm sorry that your constantly seen as a threat to those around you.
i'm so sorry that you cannot gather in in a group with all of your peers without the fear that you're going to be accused of doing wrong.
sorry that society will someday see you as a "deadbeat dad" and someone who won't be able to provide for himself, much less his family.
your skin color is beautiful.
ignore everyone, keep up the good work, you will be successful.
you bleed the same color as every other human being on this planet and i am so sorry that has not yet been recognized after how many years?
you are loved, you are wonderful, you are talented, you are unique.
follow your dreams.
be ambitious.
fight for your beliefs.
stand your ground.
justice will be served.
change will come.

— The End —