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Rich Hues Aug 2018
But we trod grapes and paddled on,
Through a neap tide of Sauvignon,
Drowning our disappointment in drink,
Above a pale octopus poached in its own ink.

Castaway and stowaway using another name,
Fantasies swapped on the website that we blame,
Until in the blood-black sea we agree to give it a try,
And I wash up in the morning beneath my mother's palid thigh.
sunprincess Oct 2018
We've been captured
almost like shrimp
in a fisherman's net

With many long arms
pulling us down
Deeper into waves

October is an Octopus
All pink and grey
With big starry eyes

Leading us to Mystical
Places unknown
Places unexplored
Thanks poets for reading and commenting..
..I'm pleased you enjoyed
K Balachandran May 2018
a white whale in sky,
fought with a dark octopus;
west wind erased both!
Angel Turner Apr 2018
I couldn't care less about
"Inspirational Quotes"
I don't need to be told that
the present is a gift
or what the best thing about
rock bottom is
or that only I can stop forest fires.

If I was to write one myself,
it would have less to do with
landing in the stars,
and more to do with
how much better you could see them
if you had the eyes of an octopus.

Octopi have such phenomenal eyes.
The spectrum of color they see
makes our own look like
the ****** box of crayons
you get at a kids restaurant.
Whereas an octopuses,
would be the beautiful,
64 Crayola pack
I always wanted as a kid.

If I ever went blind,
I think I'd get octopus eye replacements.
And yeah,
I'd probably look weird because
they'd be too big for my head
but can you imagine how
strange and incredible
it would be?
And it wouldn't matter how I look because
how I see things
is more important to me
than how I'm seen.

If there was even the
slightest chance,
of seeing though the
eyes of an octopus,
that's reason enough to be alive.

And if I could take your life
or your perspective,
and change it even a bit,
that's reason enough too.

So look through the
eyes of an octopus.

Can you imagine the stars?
This is one of my very favorite poems that I've ever written.
Can you imagine the stars?
Jaycee Oct 2017
I once wrote about one sad Jellyfish,
that disappeared trying to find her place,
looking back now I wonder how
she swam so far away,
when she was always safe.
I will never disappear again. Not from you.
Jaycee Aug 2017
I'm so thankful to have such an understanding and loving character by my side.
Even when the wrath of the tides within me show, he listens and answers with healing words.
He always brings a smile to my face.
Jaycee Jul 2017
I want to kiss you
at the end of each night
and the beginning of every day,
I wanna be there so you can see
me smiling at the things you say.
I want to be there, acting ridiculous.
Awkwardly laughing as I realize I'm being recorded. I want to be there again, waking you up to be embarrassed with that terrible video... I want to be there... next to you.
Jaycee Jul 2017
Little orange octopus
that's staring at me,
your fluffiness looks comforting
but I wish you'd tell me what you see.
Donna Jun 2017
Having lots of space
Best poet of deep blue sea
''Tis an octopus
I once saw documentary on octopus , fastnating creature and it kept waving to me...soz couldn't help it :D
Midnight Rain Nov 2016
some oceans drown you
with their storms,
they fill you with salt
and seaweed,
and you are kept forever at the
bottom of the sea
in an uncanny calm where
an octopus lives and breathes in the place
of your lungs

and some people are like
those oceans,
so deep and dark
and they drown you in their love
and lies,
and you are kept forever in the
darkest place of their heart,
and when you breathe,
it almost feels like there is an
octopus in the place of your lungs,
******* the very life out
of your soul
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