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Jennifer Oct 2015
There's this smell in the mornings when
I walk to the bus stop alone
This smell brings a sensation of over satisfaction
The air is clear
My atmosphere warm
The scent so gratifying

Flashback to your bed I slept on
And your morning breath that greeted my lips
Those bright eyes that grounds me
The I love you exchanged before ours days

Flashback once more to the night before
Tired eyes
Our toes intertwined
My heart heavy and filled with you
My mind yours to consume

I have the world in front of me
The morning peaks over the buildings,
*are you not satisfied?
I must be crazy
Jennifer Sep 2015
Pit pat pit pat
My fingers click my screen
Pit pat pit pat
My words want to be seen
Pit pat pit pat
Two years just seem too long
Pit pat pit pat
These words have a new song
I logged in after 2 years and I want to start writing again. I'm sitting outside my next class and thought, why not?
Jennifer Mar 2013
he has me wound up in this love mania
i found his hands, he my eyes
and i feel those stupid generic butterflies
love so young, love so innocent
we are its most pure and basic element
Jennifer Mar 2013
I can feel the sadness through your heart
When I lay on your chest
I want to heal your anguish with my love
Jennifer Feb 2013
Little feet, little feet, please lead the way
To that place you found,
so safe and sound,
I promise I won't walk astray
Jennifer Feb 2013
"Is that a birth mark?"
No, it's a cigarette burn, *******.
"That's so cool, it's a perfect circle!"
*I wanted to feel how it burned.
Jennifer Feb 2013
Grind on me
Hold my curves
Tilt my head
Grip my hair
Bite my neck
Don't look me in the eyes
Tell me a fake name
Jake. What's yours?
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