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  May 2020 Sara
Dancing, you are Spring;
Birds flock to see your song, yet
Night falls and silence-

Silence but for the
Stars and moon who mock us in
Our bed, our Winter.
This is a poem I wrote for my college poetry class (which is now online) a few days ago.  I want us all to remember that these hard times are a reason for us to come together and unite; be the kindness that someone else is needing in their day. :) Thank you all, as always, for reading my poetry.
Sara May 2020
When a flower begins to grow,
do you hear it cry?
Does it fret about the water supply,
or the illogical odds of snow?
In spring does it wish for the summer,
or that rather it grew by the lake?
No- it blooms without worry, with grace,
and this is Man’s biggest mistake.
when we slow down, and reconnect with ourselves, we realise our inner capability and potential. Stress negates abundance, don’t sleep on your true self x
Sara Apr 2020
Love is patient, love is kind
love is pain, just in disguise.
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