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  Nov 2017 HeartCore
A broken man
With a heart of gold
Turns to stone
When left in the cold
HeartCore Nov 2017
A rose without thorns.
A rose so beautiful as yourself. Who dares to clip your thorns? Those you use to protect yourself. Or did you just let them fall off in that lonely dark shelf.
What kind of rose are you?
Where are your sharp pointy thorns?! You were a devil back then, with those long and black horns. They protruded to my core, you stabbed me with a double edge sword that ran through my heart, leaving bittersweet memories and myself wanting for more.
So, let me ask you again
What kind of rose are you?
I see you have bloomed so well but no more thorns to impale. now I’m sitting next to you listening to your tales. I’m sorry to state but I must say farewell. 'What a fine gentleman you have found as your mate

What kind of rose are you now?
I guess you did let go of your thorns. You made me bleed and drop to my knees back then When I tried to carefully carry you, earth and root right off the ground
to make a home for you where you will be safe and sound.
Mother nature gave you that wonderful protection
which is my motivation
to keep going after you, because I know you’re not going to be easily handpicked by anyone.

Hm what a fine gardener he was,
now you’re in vase.
A rose without thorns
Withering without a base
Sooner or later he will think your just a piece of waste.
"Thank you for the view what a wonderful taste"
He would say.
Not I
I would fix your heart and never let it come apart.
So what kind of rose are you?
Are you the kind that has been grown by light
the one that has so much pride but doesn’t fight back?
Or are you the one raised below the shadow struggling your way out of a thin crack.

What kind of rose are you?
Whether you’re a rose whose thorns were clipped or a dead rose drowning in grief there always will be the right person who will protect you
and help you in your needs.
HeartCore Nov 2017
Hands of string
When I was born into this world,
I was different from the rest
Born with weak hands
Born with broken wings

I’m afraid of becoming my worst nightmare
I develop and feel the adrenaline
The toxic smells in the air
Made me keen of my true nature

A monster grins inside me
I love the way it smiles
I love the way it looks at the world
A mad sensation of mundane desires.

I love the feeling of it
When it scratches away at the shell of me
It begs for freedom when I battle against it
But why? Where is the obligation?

Perhaps I am a *******,
And I want to keep all the pain to myself
I love that feeling, but I also love her
And if I can’t handle it
I’ll have no choice to but
Use my strong hands,
My majestic wings
And my new set of strings to envelope this feeling,
and never let it free.

It keeps scratching away
  Nov 2017 HeartCore
Jasmine Hart
If your sky is grey
let me paint it blue,
if you need love
I’ll love you.

If your heart is broken
I’ll wrap you in my wings,
I’ll sing a sweet song
reassurance it will bring.

If you need a friend
I’m always there,
I’ll pick the stars
and place them in your hair.

When you feel alone
don’t be afraid to call,
for I’ll always catch you
if you stumble and fall.

If you’re sad and blue
just remember,
I’m your friend
I’ll always love you!
HeartCore Oct 2017
When I last saw you,
I thought it would be the last time
That our eyes would meet.

We waved our goodbyes
We hugged the loneliests of nights.
Kissed the moon to sleep
Closing our eyes on the last ray of light.

When I woke up
it was the last thing I could remember
The feeling of you being next to me.

I felt the warmth of your body
Only to realize it was the sun
Heating up the other half of my bed

I made breakfast for two
Only to realize that I eat that much.

I waited 15 minutes to drive you to work
Only to realize I was only warming the car.

I smiled to my hearts content because I saw you from the side of my eye
Only to realize it was a street sign every time I stopped.

I walked to the other side of the car
To open the door!! For you!!!
Only to realize that I was only  getting my bag.

So I slapped my self in the face!!
And I woke up with you by my side...
You were pinching my cheeks good night.
Letting my tears touch the smile that you made.

Because I love when your next to me.
And every time that you are ...
You fade,
from the eyes in the back of my head.

The problem is
you were never there
in the first place.
She kept scaping my mind. But my mind couldn't scape from her.
HeartCore Oct 2017
The day I fall.                                   
papa said I could be anything,          
I'll be big and strong.                           
I'll be able to provide everything.             
Today is the day I fall.

I became food to some.                     
To many, a home.                                 
To some a view.                                      
To you inspiration anew.
Today papa fell too.

Like a thunderous clap,
While I danced in the wind.
HeartCore Oct 2017
The girl who's stronger than me
Retained a wonderful composure before temptation.
As she watched the skull on my wrist,
Count time.
and in my mind,
I heard a soothing sound.
The notion of her crime
The grasping vibrations of my fingers running through the creation of her beautiful nature
that which empowers my imagination:
The awakening pitch of click clack.
She striked the cage that held my heart
Yet she never turned back.

Something new grew in the chambers
That which holds my new commander
Leading the beat of my heart.

The woman who showed me love
Left a trace of dying amber.
Her memories burn
leaving the after image,
of our consecrated union.
She's the archangel that watches over me.
And me the archangel not wanting to return to heaven.

Life after death as she called it.
A beautiful Lie after a sad truth
I shouldn't love you she said.
Making the final decision of our beautiful youth.

The lady who enjoys the virtue of my soul
Excavating the depths of my interests.
Found such a romantic soul, whom
Cried out of the joy that she brought,
Bringing new faith to my epileptic heart.

But she too was an episode.

A recurring dream of my world.
The repeating cries of my soul
The dictators of my heart
Who left in my chambers
Their beautiful art.
I don't completely forget. If I did i would be rejecting my self. These experiences  dictate who I am to be, and I don't want to reject my own identity
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