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John Wayne Gacy Feb 2011
I won't call you perfect
nobody's close to that
I'm not gonna drown you in affection
I won't resort to that
but when you stand in front of me
It'd be hard not to notice
You're fragrance is amazing constantly
your eyes sparkle like jewels
your hair is glossy, perfect even in a mess
you stand there seemingly so blessed
others simply can't contest

I'm not saying you're an angel
however angelic is quite close
not a better word that I could find
I'm looking, searching, lost
then I find my closest friend
I like her quite a bit
I'm not sure how she will react to all this sweet and sappy stuff
I'm sure she'll like the compliments
they are what she deserves
even though she leaves me
emotionally perturbed
this part is probably the worst
most just call it the end
meaning that there's no more words
to describe
­                                        Friend
copyright JWG 2011

Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
John Wayne Gacy Jan 2011
How do you sleep, eyes opened or closed? Ears listening or ignoring? Senses awoken or dreaming?

I have slept many times, and I've slept many ways. Dreams can be humorous, distant, terrifying, long, short; even beautiful.

Laying on grass, I can feel every single blade of it and the moist dew, I assume it's morning. I feel a gentle wind roll over my soft skin and hear the susurration of the wind, caressing my ear lobes tenderly in passing. I've yet to open my eyes, yet, I see countless possibilities in the vastness I Feel Surround Me.

Slowly, I stir from what must have been a deep sleep, my eyes open and I squint to assuage the pain caused by blinding sunlight.

It's too much to take in. A beautiful landscape. Mountain ranges that cover miles, rivers that flow with elegance yet viciousness, animals of every kind. It all lays before me. I'm humbled by the pulchritude of every little detail in front of these eyes...

I drift effortlessly to the nearest tree and softly place my palm on it, feeling the  rough bark against my supple skin, taking note of the fragrance of fresh trees: the boon of mother nature.

Walking slowly down a steep ***** and to the edge of a rather large drop, I think to myself, "I feel close," without warning, feeling the wind whip my face as the ground draws closer in an instant. The earth is hurtling towards me, I'm not scared. Impact is made and I bounce, the softness of my mattress telling me I've arrived, back in the real world; the comforting disappointment envelops me, as I realise....Yet another dream short-lived.
copyright JWG 2011

Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
John Wayne Gacy Jan 2011
***** winds scorching through
You've taken a single step, it's already heating up.
An unbound elemental temptress, filled to the brim with confidence....
Overflowing even.
Every man in here wants you; everyone fixated on your body to fulfil their deepest desires and fantasies.
They cavort around you like chimps in heat, just looking for a taste...
They can't afford you, you're not interested in small game.

You lock eyes with him, the only one. He's sitting in the back of the room, not even glancing your way: He'll regret not giving you his attention.

Striving over to the table next to him, you strike fiercely with your most seductive look, the flames of passion rolling off your tongue as you introduce yourself. A casual nod returns your best efforts with crushing force.

You can't believe his audacity, you storm out of the club grabbing the nearest guy available, he'll get lucky tonight.. That'll show him.


I see her walk into the club, with an arrogance, she looks stunning, her personality is so unkempt: a source of altercation among the rabble, causing a cacophony wherever she strides.

I'm not here to flirt or pull, I'm here for a night with my friends, I'm here for social interaction; not ******. She has plenty of others to give her attention, mine is not required to complete her night.

After mere moments, I fear she's noticed my lack of interest, and with a twinkle and a flash, she's a table away from me: giving me her most seductive charm. I resist and return to my conversations, lest this burning seductress better my willpower and ****** me like so many other snakes.

A scalding flash in her eyes that heat me to hundreds of degrees, a piercing, penetrating gaze... She huffs and grabs the arm of the nearest man.. He's getting lucky tonight, good for him. I return to my friends with the image of  that succubus eternally burned into my mind.
copyright JWG 2011

Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
John Wayne Gacy Jan 2011
Am I feeling better now?
Estranged and Deranged, not a single person sitting there to call my name

Am I feeling better now?
Alone in my chest, in my home, in my art, I express from the bottom of my heart, there's a draught letting in the emotional winds

Feeling any better now?
Not much else left to say as  I spill it all out with the pen on the page, chronically feeling on the edge, if this is a window I've jumped off the ledge.

Feel much better now, now it's all vented out, all I've ranted about, no time for self-doubt. I've got a life to live and too much to give to give out, on a single whim.

I guess that's the thing, behind the façade,  I'm still him, still that guy, still the one, still the same, still the same... As the guy I was when we first dated, when we first kissed, hoping that we'll come back from this.

Guess I still have to grow up..
copyright JWG 2011

Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
John Wayne Gacy Nov 2010
Sitting here, aimless still
Not sure what I'm supposed to feel.

full of tension
raising altercations
the way I approach this is exacerbation

I make it worse
by thinking of you
but if I want a heartbreak
I know what to do

just stop for a moment
and clearly think
just how much I've lost
and I'll clearly sink
into the depths
of a sea made of sadness
and my mind drops into a well of madness
copyright JWG 2011

Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
John Wayne Gacy Oct 2010
Dazzled, frazzled,  surprised, and scared
are words that do describe
how I feel when you're near me
when we hug and our lips touch
you see the real me
I'm childish and I'm nervous
I often get very jealous
and I blush quite frequently
I'm in love with you, with all my heart
While you simply. Lust. For. Me

We've shared such tender moments
I sometimes think you care
the slightest bit about me
While my fingers run through your hair

But then we've separated, once I felt so close
and to my surprise I feel my hearts demise
while the memories haunt me like ghosts.
because we both said forever, only I had meant
forever I will love you and strongly I'll lament
and if I could change a single thing
the only thing I'd say, to experience your love again
is worth suffering this pain
copyright JWG 2011

Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
John Wayne Gacy Oct 2010
Writing is an expression of self
Working is an expansion of wealth
Medicine is just an extension of health

Why does life feel like destruction of self
that ends either when you've run out of wealth
or when you're sick or extending your health
by denying your feelings an end they deserve
writing is really the end of yourself.
copyright JWG 2011

Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
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