"With the Devil by our side."

You bring the gasoline
I'll bring the matches.
Douse this place until it's drenched
No one will know the mess we've made.

Dancing in the flames
With the Devil by our side.
Playing in the fire
Melting hand in hand.

You bring the guns
I'll bring the bullets.
Like the cowboys of old
Draw in three, two, one...

Nothing but coldness
Wet blood on our hands.
I'd say you're to blame
But both triggers were pulled.

Lets drink this poison
Toxic waste in our veins.
Heart pumping venom
Racing through our bodies.

Look at this mess.
Our disaster.
A beautiful catastrophe.

"sp;       devil."

I sold my soul to the
I feel the blood rush to my
I am no longer myself,
I gave my clothes to the earth,
Please don't take advantage of me.

don't do drugs, okay?
"I had an angel and devil on my shoulder"
My Freedom

I had an angel and devil on my shoulder
They'd whisper to me things to follow
The devil sounded pretty hollow
Knowing the path that I would follow
The angel, however, smiled with delight
And told me I was choosing right
That angel and devil on my shoulder

The angel and devil now are one
And as for me, I'm having fun
Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad
But every day I'm glad
That my angel and devil now are one
What happened to them, you may ask
They don't really have a task
Well not one that you can see
For they are both me

"but shame of the devil,"

It shapes the way I wanna follow,
it's the only curve that promises no sorrow.
The white trembling trance,
the key to most people's romance.  
The flash of an angel,
but shame of the devil,
if you were to open your mind it'd be level,
if you looked my way
I'd show several.
It's always there when I'm not,
but when I think of you I can't stop.
That probably sounded bad
but I don't care,
mainly because it'd be so impolite
not to copy that and

"Mom, why did you let the devil lead you"
Anon C

I don't understand why you just left me
You left me behind and never looked back
Was I not your little girl, your baby
You cared more for repulsive things like crack

Now you're gone, now I'll never have a chance
To see the face that cared for me so long
Memories fading, I want to enhance
The times we used to have which are now gone

Mom, why did you let the devil lead you
Walk so willingly with him side by side
Life could have been better, you knew 'twas true
Instead you chose wrong, to my face you lied

I always had one last flicker of hope
That was stolen, by one last hit of dope

"And party with the devil."
Nicholas Phillips

I’m done with blindly
Accepting all of your lies,
Fuck faith, earn it!
I’m shredding your books.
Prove me wrong when I say
That you’ve never helped anyone.
Fix a fucking problem,
Instead of making more.
So far all you’ve been
Is an object of war, hate, and bigotry.
Stand for love,
Like you claim.
Stand for love,
Or get the fuck out.
I’m done blindly
Accepting all of your lies,
Fuck faith, earn it!
When you get on your knees,
And beg for forgiveness,
Remember you’re the only one
Who can fix it so
Put those clasped hands to work.
Get up and do something,
Instead of praying for it.
Don’t thank God for
What’ve you accomplished
With your blood, sweat, and tears,
Thank yourself for hard work,
And party with the devil.
I’m done with blindly
Accepting all of your lies,
Fuck faith, earn it!
Remember when you say
That you’ll keep me
In your prayers,
That I’ll think of you
Every time I watch the news
And see people dying and killing
For their imaginary friend.
I’m not making the
Leap of faith for
A jealous god,
Or for an instigator
Of hate, war, and bigotry.
I’m done with blindly
Accepting all of your lies,
Fuck faith, you don’t even deserve it!

Inspired by the line in the movie "The Grey"
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