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High on'a farm,
make a needle biscuits
water-up sits creek
jostle potatoes,
pan-*** boiling
-with carrot cake.

Purple sky,
tractor runnin'
time of day,
sun low.

E'er body say,

"Why dou'a on'a farm?"

entered-dat du da future;
not Ford'ed fields.
Face it dou'a future,

"Dat future know it's place."

Sweet devils singin' to me,
sweetened tongue a' beautiful place. . .

"E'erthing set in place, ***** wit I say,
-dinner on-ma tray."

Hisham Alshaikh Jul 2018
You laugh
Angels weep out of jealousy
Devils have no single conspiracy
Demons dancing in harmony
Men hearts go broken with no remedy
Women eyes tearing continuously
Violins break out of envy terribly
Composers have no more creativity
Music plays with no melody
Silence starts listening joyfully
Happiness laughters left in agony
Beautiful words describe nothing but misery
Tulip flowers become colorless shamefully
Believers lose their faith immediately
Infidels drop their convictions instantly
Hearts start beating rapidly
Lungs oxygenating quickly
Living ones laying listening carefully
The dead come back miraculously

--Hisham Alshaikh
You Laugh. Version 1.
Umi May 2018
Hidden in the ultraviolet,
Unseen by most yet to be forgotten by both heaven and hell,
Memories from the futures dawn, luxury of darkness,
Spin the wool and weave the fate, this world end's by my own hand,
Break loose of the lies and get lost within legendary illusions
A world so dark, the stars so blind an alluring form refuses to fall,
Rise, from the fire hell can't hold and is afraid of,
Spread the wings and soar beyond the scene, the art of demonicy
The holiest war is waged of what our hearts are made,
Do you nest in what you feel or have felt in this realm of devilry ?
After the mirror shows you all the truths you desire,
Deceived by your eyes, who do you want to trust ?
The last judgement ends with a long journey,
The nights luxury relies within my own hand, take it!
And maybe then, I will lead you to the light your heart cries out for.
After all, the love for it is for all to engage in.

~ Umi
Khoi-San Sep 2018
The bonfire was loaded
With exiting tales
Our forerunners legendary
Exploit's these daggers
Cut deep trenches in
Our mindseye we felt
Like the next generation
Of wrath true tales from
A culture of devil worshippers
Yet the tongue's wielding
The blade was non the wiser
Our innate minds chewd
Every word our lives Satan's
Recycling bin two five ten
Deaths and many generations
After we now realised that
We have to cut out the blade
From these forked tongued
Folk tales that whispers filth
Unto the unsuspecting ears
Of our beautiful children
Heroism emenating from
The subculture of criminality
And gangsterism must no
Longer be tolerated it have savaged
The Innocence of young lives
For far too long
I grew up in this filth God forbid I should have been a corpse myself
I have lost many friends because of
This generational sub cultural problems
Progress are slowly being made
Through various educational programmes
And community interventions
Umi Jul 2018
Gather in a dark night, where the fantasy runs surpreme,
Gather in a dream, for you will not have to die in it's grasp,
Always in the presence of a sweet dream,
Dance my beloved servant, my wonderful dark knight,
To the sound of my waving, distorted, burnt wings with their marks,
I won't show you any sad dreams, but I want to heal your wounds,
Fold your hands and spin the wool, move through these fantastic grounds with me and don't you dare to be a fool,
A legendary illusion, chrystal starlight, what is it you desire ?
The eternity of the land of fantasy, the unlimited time in dreams,
Escape away from all the trouble this world has offered you,
And fall into a deep long slumber forever after,
Be aware of the great magic, it might be your fall,
The gate closed, recall to your previous self, you won't return from here on, but will always be able to look forward, for you are trapped,
It should been have so, what's left are six wings, allowing me to sore in the dream of this endless abyss.
What's left is an illusion of your former self,

~ Umi
m Oct 2017
We don’t use diaries anymore -
those are meant for secrets,
and we have none.
We let them spill out of our bodies,
and pour onto blank white sheets.
We swear it’s the only way
we are going to heal.

We turn our pain into poetry.
Anything that hurts this much
has to mean
And even though we are desperate
for anyone to listen,
our language is in the letters
that we will never send.

We romanticize pain like it’s the
only lover we will ever know.
Love is our god and we are each our own devils.
Too fragile for this world,
ceremoniously destroying ourselves
before anyone else can do it for us.
Yet we still can’t understand why we’re so broken.
Devin Ortiz Sep 2018
I am of different mind.
Strong convictions about
The guilty, the right and the wrong.

And with the Devil on my back,
I scream this strange song.

Sins of the father, falter farther.
His downfall will be my ascension.

Through the manacles of manipulation,
He offers cries of peace, of mending.

A piece of a puzzle, which drew me life,
But the business ends there,
I'll not be intertwined in such affairs.

I'll ******* the old man, in mind and spirit.
The blinding goal of this obsession,
But these fruits of labor utter no confession.

And true, such an unwavering soul,
Is dark, toxic and hell.
Though, with black magic, it is for me to sell.

So it happens, that the devil is me,
Then I'll sit with that in evil glee.

Good, bad, or ****.
I am left only with myself.
Louis Verata Apr 12
Hellken arrived at contemplation
What if he had sided with Heaven?
A few ****** wraiths stood among the flames
Yet they did not express pain.

He awoke from his absurd folly
Went forth to the poor spirits
Therein one said:
"The ages to come no one knows but us wraiths!"

The second with a trace of solace stated:
"Life always coincides . . . you have to search and remember not to
   strain over a day. For what is a day since there is no freedom only

The third among them finally broke his silence:
"I was a just man, but let us not quibble in such matters.
   . . . Wanting to believe that I couldn't be deceived! But let me
   tell you Hellken, you wretched among devils, you a witness
   and participant to the first war ever conceived. Who like us three
   wraiths? Who among men in this dreadful place will stand tall like
   pagan gods and not cower at the very sight of eternal shade."

Hellken perplexed finally spoke:
"If only you three had taken up the pen even if it were at the end
   of thy mental decay, in the world today, you would be praised
   'but let us not quibble in such matters' as the third wraith just
   addressed. Many a man have been here, they elsewhere abide
   in a different labyrinth, their only consolation is their earthly
Inspired by The Inferno by Dante Alighieri, especially the ideal that the inhabitants of the Inferno know the future and the character Hellken.
Jack Feb 17
For those who don’t know I’ll let you know exactly how this goes to fill your heart you have to part with your eternal soul at first you’ll laugh that’s how most react and then you’ll see my grin because in your next breath you say the word of a deadly sin The next steps easy as I start to fill your heart you’re all mine the great divine oh we’ll never part Love and joy the bliss and more the adventures we will take Now you dream of you and me and the future we will make and that’s when it starts I’ll leave my mark as I get into your head you can’t figure out how I found out about things you never said. Let’s play a game is what I’ll say it’s always the ****** same and you agree because it’s you and me we don’t hide our shame The room starts to spin and the lights are dim it’s even hard to breath you just found out what it’s about now you start to plea. Curled in bed I rub your head my embrace is all it takes and you’ll forgive because you can’t see my grin everyone makes mistakes. Now please believe you’ll never know exactly how others feel but I’ll tell you now without a doubt Love is the devils deal
Khoi-San Jun 19
Boredom digs itself a hole,
its friends?
manages its soul.
A snare of despair
into the straits
of Hades,
Idle hands (friends?) demons substance abuse suicidal thoughts snares death hades
Purcy Flaherty Oct 2018
We embarked upon a titanic voyage to a new world.
It’s said that behind every great man there's a great woman; But a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
7 bells rang late that night as our ship stuck fast between the devil and the deep blue sea.
Fingers tapping code, as land lubbers rowed hard pulling for freedom, Sailors quickly battened down the hatches and stowed away the Riff-raff, for they knew fine words would butter no parsnips.
Some fiddlers on the deck played “Nearer My God to Thee", As the bubbles rose from beneath the sea, come buckle down boys or the devils to pay, come hell or high water he’ll have his pay.
Row drifters we're leaving this place, a sea of souls, a man in the water with a monkey on his back, a sailor with a whistle, a cat on a fiddle, ten decks snaped, scores more baptised, abandoned.
Hundreds shreaked or prayed as La dolce vita slowly ebbed away, and  mercilessly the cacophony of sounds descended ever silent as fifteen hundred souls become neither fish nor flesh rotting from the head down.
Bless those souls lost at sea!
Wyatt Aug 2018
Devils are usually
described as **** creatures
that are obvious to avoid.
Devils are usually
named as a bad thing,
yet nobody ever talks
of their alluring beauty.
It’s their first step of many
to lure you to their room.
I feel her guiding hand
daily, every hour.
Most times she wins,
most nights I sin.
Every time I feel her power,
because devils aren’t weak.

Devils are usually
explained as torture,
but most times
it feels good.
Devils are usually
nonchalantly ridiculed,
yet it’s never that clear
to turn your cheek from her.
Usually a talk with a devil
is seen as a battle,
we praise war heroes
yet we ignore the ones
who have failed trying.
It’s never said how
the ***** always
converts a pure heart,
another added to the ranks.

It’s such a distinct scent,
I’ve grown to love her lust.
I’ve grown to wear the shame,
living in shadow to keep it hush.
Never will I see the sunlight
with so many things to hide.
Never will I show my fangs,
I keep my mouth shut
and I bite my tongue.
I could’ve hurt many people,
but I cancel the urge
when I hurt myself.
Devils are usually
explained differently
than how they really are.
Devils will **** you dry
while you claim you’re fine.
Once one latches on,
she will never let go.
I’ve become one.
It was an unknowing spot
In the fight between good and evil
As many such places are
The walls won’t keep you safe
Or protect you
There are no talismans at work
The humours

One night upon descending the stairs
My heel
Caught my hem
My hands both full
A cigarette in one and wine in the other
I began to fall
It would have been a tumble
I was leaning severely to the left
No balance likely
one foot in the air
Going nowhere good

At the foot of the stairs
There was a dreadful man
His arms opening wide
His legs spread
Ready to catch my calamity
I tried to prepare
An impossibility about to occur
And how would it end?
Me on the floor, wine stained and puddled
In the arms of

And yet
I felt a push on my side
Straightening me out
Pushing me over
Up and down
Tip top
I lowered my foot, set free by my dress
And with both hands still fully occupied
Stepped down the stairs in quiet saucy triumph
He was awful
That night I knew that there were indeed angels.

As for evil and
Years later the winds began to change
I sat above on the second floor with
a wine glass and a full bladder
I decided it’s time
Watch your step
I was slow
Looking straight into the darkness
And despite just two steps down
I fell

The arc of red wine
Flew across the gallery hitting the north wall
Already hung
Yes wine on the wall
Between the paintings
Me on the floor
But the glass still in hand

I began to think
That there is something here.
Something’s around.
michael cera Jun 13
a devil on shoulders,
careless and older,
infamously colder,
than ice on a boulder.
and so, i'm ashamed,
the things i can't say,
but when they are spoken,
they're given a name.
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