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A world of wonder and possibility
illuminated by the light of uncertainty.
The adrenaline rush of taking a chance
only to lose it all by the cards in your hands.
It's a dangerous game to play if you choose;
to roll the dice, to win or lose.

Place everything on the table.
The higher the stakes, the more exciting it gets.
Your mental health entirely unstable
until the others call their bets.

The roll of the die, the shuffle of cards capturing your attention.
Debt fluctuating by a single move; silence strangled by tension.
Fancy beverages surround everyone
enlightening the experience more every time you finish one.
A simple game based entirely on luck,
and when you are losing, you don't give a ****.

But it only takes a little for your luck to run fully dry
and for you to lose everything in a silly game.
With no money left for the chips you need to buy,
nothing will ever be the same.
A M Ryder Aug 15
The kids are going to do
What they want to do
They may have just ruined their lives
On an impulse decision
Whose to say what works ?
You find somebody you like
And you roll the dice
That's all anybody can do
Flip flops I toss,
Little sand between the toes,
The sea beckons,
As I slip into the ocean.
Taste the salt water,
The sun on my shoulder,
Salty air,
On my face and hair.
Waves crash and roll,
Soothes my soul,
My spirit flies,
Life at the beach is a bliss.
Bhill Feb 28
The wonders of the world are different, and they're different for us all.
We each have ideas, that make us unique, as with that we get our own ball.

***** are round for a reason, and that is so they will roll.
Keep balanced and roll, along your path, and remember, you can't always control.

Being different is a human trait, and with that, we have a choice.
Take that ball and roll it, and make sure you roll it, with your very own voice.

We try and try to understand, what makes each other tick.
I say we give up on that silly try and make harmony, really, really click!

Brian Hill - 2019- February
Inspired by numerous life conversations...
Sabila Siddiqui Nov 2018
I kept it in;
the words,
the pain,
the sea lapping against the **** walls
constantly urging to spill.

But I silenced the crashing waves,
muted my voice box
while it was hurting me.

I was internally raging and bleeding
but there were no bruises,
scars or lines for you to read.
Just a plastered smile on my face
while I was sulking internally.

I was choking on the words within me
Hoping my feelings would drown
Hoping that I would forget
But I never did.

They lived
ebbing and flowing through my veins
Making me feel Inhibited and limited
Till it broke open and rained down.

No one could see
Till the day tears started to roll down my cheeks
And that's when everything started
to come down as ashes
words and bullets.
Day tripper. (An Acrostic)
Day tripper.
An Angel of the streets
Yes  looked good in the dark with light behind

Though her behind sagged She were a tripper
Ripping through every penny that she made.
I knew her when she was young n beautiful
Pimps ran her life now and oh how she’d aged
Persecuted by the cops with the tricks to play
Eventually she became the tripper every day.
Rita was the meter maid of Liverpool they Say

Written by Philip.
She had a ticket to ride
But she don’t care.
November 4th 2018.
A nodding tribute to the Beatles.
Andrew May 2017
Hey Mr. Screaming Rock and Roll Guy
Why is your music so violent?
Studies show that calm and tranquility are healthier
I wonder if it's because your music captures a feeling
That piece of me that feels good
When I hear a story of a kid going to school
and shooting a bunch of people
His vengeance satisfies me
Not revenge on any one man
But society itself
But that's the way kids are raised these days
Because here in America
We end the 4th of July with a big finale
Robert J Howard Sep 2018
This Is It.
No *******.
Ian Lemmy Kilmister
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
Beneath a wave
as it rolls overhead
there's a moment of fright
in missing the crest

but it comes again
and goes off
no end

Though crashing now
in the tumult of water
eventually resurfacing
beginning to grow
and rolling over
the peaks
of once before
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