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Apr 2015
I quit my job while deep in debt
the devil made me do it
showed my boss mad disrespect
the devil made me do it
I claimed to be the king of the ******* south
the devil made me do it
retraced my steps when they found my house
the devil made me do it

Before I take a ****,
or even open my eyes,
I’m thinking of my trip,
to my lucifer guys.
They’re up for whatever,
and so down to ride.
Open my hatch back,
and down they slide.
Into the system,
these limitless prescriptions.
Looking for myself,
while i'm taking whats missin.
The depiction of myself,
is honestly twisted.
Honesty as foreign,
as **** is to christmas.
Sobrietry wishlist,
as soon as this **** hits.
There no stopping my little pitiful ***** fits.
I’ve heard I’m better sober
but I tried not to listen
I said that i felt broken
they said these pills would fix this.

I flashed my **** in a public street
the devil made me do it
I went streaking while i beat my meat
the devil made me do it
I called a nun an ugly freak
the devil made me do it
then we had fun in her backseat
the devil made me do it

It's the middle of the day
things are feeling hazy,
3/4s of my family thinks I’m ******* crazy,
the other quarter just thinks I’m lazy,
but thats okay because I may be.
I won’t know, until i try
so ice cold deep in my eyes.
Look for soul what do I find?
Another reason why I hide.
Why try hard to fall behind?
Running out of pills and lies,
refills will **** me in time,
but Dr. says I’m doing fine.
Am i though?
Are you alright?
Tell me dude
no need to fight!
Invite me back into your life,
the love and trust you used to like,
you threw away like useless lights.
Lighten your load, don’t hold tight,
to crutches just to walk upright.
You mumble and avoid your eyes.
As you go I hear you say,
I’m just doing this the devils way.

I told my dad I hate his guts
the devil made me do it
I lied and stole and broke all trust
the devil made me do it
I moved out quick it was a must
the devil made me do it
Then moved back in about a month
the devil made me do it

Man this moods the ******* worst.
I'll pop one more it couldn’t hurt.
Whats another?
The others worked.
I think too well, my stomach hurts.
I’m so ****** that I took too much.
I’m one week in, this script is rushed.
My ration game it ******* *****,
My rationale is love the lust.
While is lasts I'll have a blast.
But the devil gets his last laugh.
He’ll leave when I need him most.
A ******* ghost.
In my shell, yet so exposed.
Living hell, the devil knows.
What I need, and who I love.
He takes both, exchanged for drugs.
I stay afloat when I’m ****** up.
Living out an addicts luck.
Stuck inside the Devil's truth.
I did it cause he told me to...
I do it cause he tells me to...
I live it cause I always do...
I'm sick of what I’m told to do...
I do it cause he told me to...
Daniel Wetter
Written by
Daniel Wetter  Chicago
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