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James Khan Feb 9
Open the Burbank *****-banks,
The pressure-test *** pest charabancs
(one for the autorank)
Thanks but no thanks, the smell still hangs
Like the red-tape mass **** vapours of Harvey's glands,
Banned like camp, like vampire fangs the teeth clamp tight to bite with 'polite' demands,
Drop the pants and the Sundance battle-stance,
Bare the *** for the hall-pass cattle-brands,
Mickey got sick from the syphilis quicksands,
****** below, where the lips go then the hands,

It ain't Walt's fault
That gestalt, the ******* waltz to the old sonata of common assault,
Pulled like pork by the *** cult multiplex 'till the wrecked head injects the dead result,
Mulled like wine, resigned and then undermined,
Tongue cut out so they can't shout 'deus vult',
Autorank is a feature on All Poetry that measures your word frequency and depth in terms of brevity. It likes my ****** up stream of consciousness poetry the best with its mad convoluted wordplay.
Francie Lynch Jan 25
I was born.
I was born male.
I was born white male.
I was born white, male Caucasian.
I was born white, male Caucasian in a Republic.
I was born white, male, Caucasian, in a First World Republic.
I was born white, male, Caucasian, in a First World Republic,
     in a large, loving family.

I was born white, male, Caucasian, in a First World Republic,
     in a large loving family, and I'll never work as a talking head.
Why, tell me, do all the others have all the luck.
Francie Lynch Jan 24
Celebrities make poor politicians.
Poor politicians become celebrities.
Click. Clique.
Makes one shutter): Why are politicians celebrities? They have enough power without fame and its accompanying influence. I understand entertainment, sports and writers becoming famous because they've actually done something, but too many politicians lack what we deem desirable (Jesus is the exception).
Paul Butters Jan 1
Let’s get hysterical.
Let’s go mad
About the Winter Solstice passing
And our football team winning.

We party hard
For Christmas and New Year.
The Americans do Thanksgiving too.
Bad times for turkeys
Great days for making sales.

Anniversaries, birthdays and Celebrity celebrations,
Big Brother and Get Me Out of here.
X Factor and Lithuania’s Got Talent.
All excuses
For making mayhem
And a fast buck.

Any present will do
No matter how useless
Or banal
At times like these.
Compulsory enjoyment
Even if you’re ill.

Oh what sheep we are.
(Apologies to sheep).
We must conform
Follow fickle fashion
And hug the herd.

We may be social animals,
But woe betide anyone
Who is

“Be yourself” they say,
But do they mean it?
Course not.
The “Individual” is cursed,
Cast out
A *****.

It’s time to stand back,
See the truth
And find your inner soul.
Break the brainwash,
Defy the dictators
The Nanny State
And really,
Be You.

Paul Butters

© PB 1\1\2019.
Influenced by the glibly funny UK comedian Richard Ayoade.
James Khan Dec 2018
When common men are raised aloft as princes
What then of old acknowledgements and favours
As segregation tightens up its pincers?

Goodbye they cry to Herculean labours,
The body of the wrestled bull forgotten,
Our heroes throwing down their rattled sabres,

Preferring to romanticise the rotten,
Abandoning the roughened polyester
For regal robes of condescending cotton

And while they dine, discriminations fester,
Beneath the vague veneer of ****** graces
The freshman frauds complete their first somester,

The glamour-rays erasing all the traces
Of family, of roots and rugged faces.
Terza Rima form, eleven syllables per line. Read iambically to begin each line.
James Khan Dec 2018
Advertised signs and corporate lies
Inaugurate mindless surrogate highs,
Disguised as good advice,
(Ad-vice, get it?)
Make the notion of pride apologise
As the brands demoralise
Cos' only the grandest qualifies
When your life has a price
And the sight of a poor man horrifies,

Ettiquete's medically dead,
So the tombstone said
And the epitaph read 'Yo' Mama' instead,
Underlined in red
With a doodle of Putin
Shootin' himself in the head,

So step up, reprobate,
Celebrated elevated secretary of state
For the corporate cavalcade,
Spreadin' your **** from New York to Adelaide,
Proud from the sounds that the cattle made,
When you play your mainstage outrage,
Aim for the front-page,
Take your ****'s - wage,
**** the rat - race plague of the modern age,

The shoe fits, ***** so kick up the hubris,
With your clueless views
You choose to refuse the truth,
To suffuse the youth
With overproofed showmanship,
Show that **** to the kids
And wonder why under-twenties are cultural invalids,

Midlife-crisis starts at nineteen,
The magazine pipe-dreams,
Fine-toned IPhone
High-flown social cyclone,
Popular demand; a brand, bruv
So shake off the dandruff,
Ownin' the grand stuff  
(for love and money)
At least 'till you land rough
And bought up in handcuffs,
Now stand up and face the Man-
judge, jury, executioner,

Funny how it ends
With the death of common-sense,
**** your family, your salary is viral trends,
The curved lens, the great pretence,
Scheherazade parlour tricks and **** the politics,
When six figures sit in the bank, who needs friends?
Edited and metered a little better for flow.
Amanda Dec 2018
Fame is rich in compliments
That are cut paper thin
Covering cracks that lie within

Golden is the light that surrounds you
Blinding you to realities glow
Of the gold that doesn’t show

Pieces of you are taken by strangers
As they tag onto your tail
Borrowing light from your comet trail

Loneliness is your bubble
In a room full of people smiling
As they bow down and call you king

Did you envision this at the start
When life was simple and full
Before you felt the lure of fames pull

So as the light fades into dim
Can you find who you used to be?
Be happy without the celebrity?
Stark Oct 2018
Wealth drips from the fingertips of the rich
They languish in the materialism of the good life
Living out heaven on earth

The rumble of an empty stomach echoes through an alley
***** and homeless, people crawl to their tents
living to starve another day

Flashing lights brighten their already made faces
As they step carefully out of the limousine
Greeting the crowd with a wave, they enter through double doors
Ready to make a dramatic entrance

They sneak a sandwich through their ratty sleeve
As they wander through the convenience store
Desiring the things they cannot purchase
Alarms ring in their arrest

Bubbling champagne fills them with giddiness
Socializing with the friends that stick around for the money
The wealth that you have
And that they want

Waiting for your release
From this empty, pitiful cell
They stare at the wall,
Marked with the days until release into a life worse than before

As they head home, you realize
Is this a life worth living?
With fake friendships
And worthless objects surrounding you

As they uncuff you, you realize
Is this a life worth living?
With poverty at every open door
And no future to look forward to?

They both rush to the brooklyn bridge
Poised for the rush of bone-chilling water to fill their lungs
But as they look out at the city
The bright lights spell out:
The system is broken
Randy Johnson Sep 2018
She starred in a Star Trek episode as the girlfriend of Khan.
She was talented but it's sad because now she is gone.
She had Multiple Sclerosis and by 1985, she was bound to a wheelchair.
When she died in December of 2003, it proved that life can be very unfair.

She guest starred in such shows as Hawaii Five-O, Bonanza and Daniel Boone.
When she died at the age of sixty-eight, she died too soon.
Because of her illness, she was unable to reprise her role in Star Trek II.
She was a beautiful and **** actress and her name was Madlyn Rhue.
Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
Backstage Drake show,
don’t know how I got here,
heart beats *******,
feel every feeling except fear,

at Drake’s last show,
of The Boy Meets World Tour,
backstage without a backstage pass,
how the heck did I get here?

Life so blessed,
there’s no need for a backstage pass,
always All Access,
no matter where on this atlas,

facts facts facts,

everybody misbehaving,
no one knows how to act,
on our worst behavior,
wish we could bring **** Back,

can barely believe we exist,
and all of the quotes I wrote,
are starting to sound like a To Do List,

my God what type of life is this,

in first place,
which wasn’t supposed to happen in the first place,
how the **** did I end up,
backstage at a show hosted by Drake,

how’d I get picked for first place VIP,
when I wasn’t even close to being a First Round Draft Pick,
how can I live a life so viciously victorious,
at the same time terribly tragic,

I don’t know,
just know it all happened like magic,
like that’s it,
like going from being an anonymous to an A-List actress,

beats bumping heart pumping,
sold my heart but kept my soul intact,
and if want a seat at the table,
all you have to do is ask,

go ahead,
let’s make this a conversation
but if you run your mouth too long,
I might start running out of patience,

and then you’ll lose your chance and your placement,
just saying,

just finished another world tour,
Boy Meets World 2017,
on this wild ride like a rodeo with OVO,
only one word to describe this and that’s “Amazing.”,

backstage Drake show,
don’t know how I got here,
heart beats *******,
feel everything except fear,

at Drake’s last show,
of The Boy Meets World Tour,
backstage without a backstage pass,
how the heck did I get here?…

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆

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