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One for all, All with menace
Giver of life you've filled ours with Grace
Like sunshine leaving out no single face
Everlasting, you're the desire of ages
Randy Johnson Apr 24
He was Eddie Haskell on "Leave It To ******".
He starred as the best friend of Wally Cleaver.
When he starred as Eddie, his performances were sure to please.
Sadly, he died on May 18, 2020 from Peripheral Artery Disease.

When it came to acting, Ken Osmond was sure to excel.
He wasn't only an actor, he was a police officer as well.
It is nice to know that he helped to enforce the law.
When people saw him on television, they were in awe.
Dedicated to Ken Osmond (1943-2020) who died on May 18, 2020
courtney love syndrome:
“why do i obliterate
everything i kiss?”
Paul Butters Jan 15
You pose and pout,
Seduction by superficial sauciness.
You tell me of your day
With that simpering voice,
Raising each last word
Long and loud.

You show me your flash cars,
Your sumptuous wardrobe
And who knows what else?

You and your kin call yourselves “Influencers” –
A great word,
But all you do is make people:
People who have grafted long and hard
For a little spare cash,
Go buy things they
Do not really need.

Right Said Fred was Right:
The global catwalk
Is a sham.

I too would love to be an “Influencer”,
Such a fine word,
But I would be one to encourage folk
To Love others,
Stop all this Conflict
Between polar opposites and extremes,
Fight only for the Common Good,
And make the world a better place
For All.

Paul Butters

© PB 15\1\2021.
Inspired by a TV programme about C21 Celebrity.
Randy Johnson Dec 2020
Certain people believe Sean Connery was the best James Bond and they're right.
He also starred in "The Hunt For Red October", "The Presidio" and "First Knight".
When he died on Halloween, his family and fans were sure to grieve.
He gave a wonderful performance in "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves".
In 1958, he starred in "Another Time, Another Place".
When he died, it was hard for his friends and family to face.
When we lost such a talented actor, it was a shame.
Talent should've been Sean Connery's middle name.
GQ James Dec 2020
Tryna to be a star ain't always wise,
Tryna to be the center of attention is wise,
All that attention you want ain't always safe,
Sometimes you'll get more than you bargained for,
Friends ain't always your friends,
Jealousy gets the best of us,
There's always someone who wants what you got,
Stop being a show off,
Keep your business your business.

The loudest one in the room is always on notice,
The weak ones are the loudest,
The strong ones are the most silent,
Being a celebrity ain't safe as you think,
Cameras all in your face,
Flashing lights all over your neighborhood,
Bodies dropping left and right,
The hype ain't always worth the cost.

Staying to myself has kept me safe,
Staying to myself has given me peace,
Staying to myself has kept me living,
Staying to myself has kept me from dying,
The wrong crowd will have you caught,
The ones who are the most friendly die sooner,
The ones who are the most thirsty die sooner,
The ones who love attention die sooner,
Don't risk your life over fame, girls and money,
Glamour ain't shiny as it seems.
Randy Johnson Dec 2020
He was a great actor but now he's gone.
He starred in seven movies as James Bond.
Connery was awesome in every role that he played.
He gave a terrific performance in "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade".

His first Bond movie was "Dr. No".
His death was a devastating blow.
He was born in Scotland and died in the Bahamas on Halloween.
Sean Connery was one of the greatest actors that we've ever seen.
Dedicated to Sean Connery (1930-2020) who died on October 31, 2020
Tommy Randell Nov 2020
In the graveyard of statues all is stone.
Metal rods resembling bones
Twist and curl in the fragments and shards -
The debris of History, a fractal of memoirs.

A Hieroglyph here, some Sanskrit, some Latin,
Nothing of meaning or any logical pattern -
Just a jumble & muddle, a jigsaw of rocks
All that is left of any language or thought.

And, at the perimeter notice the new bronzes -
Condemned by fashionable shifts of conscience,
Now cut short in their celebrity status,
No longer honoured; or perhaps now in-famous?

From Lincoln to Lenin, Kennedy to King,
Raised in Glory to be their own offering,
We pull them down in our own sweet times,
Proffer up new ones as popular paradigms -

A tarnished Trump, a battered Boris,
Villains & Heroes to be equally demolished,
Raised high in fervour, pulled down in hate,
Irony by the acre, justice by dictate,

Fame is epitomised when we say 'Nothing Lasts';
Words weaponizing the present to eradicate the past -
So History is ground to gravel and rust
By each new generation in its onward rush :


As will our poems, statues to ourselves and others,
They too will become dust between fading covers -
Or survive, scrambled in some digital Mausoleum
Where no real mind will ever think of or see 'em...

Tommy Randell Nov 2020
grace Nov 2020
Just because there's a flash doesn't mean that I'm blinded,
I see through the cash and the cars, I'm almost excited to
learn about why you hide behind the fame.
When you could use what you know to illuminate the way
for change.

But it was never for them, for us, or even you.
Just fill the void with powder and a drink that'll do.
Because the awards stay shiny and praise keeps coming,
the only thing you lost was your sense of belonging.
Aaron Oct 2020
“Where is the rest for the weary?”,
Cried out the sappy sun.

The burden of lighting up the
world left his own soul lusterless.

His blistered fingers handed down his glow
as he stood frozen up high in
his onerous profession, keeping
a bright smile in a baby blue prison.

In his own shame, the pitiful sun covered himself,
boosting his rays so no man could beam their eyes up
To see his dreary tears.

After work he would blaze back home
Dreading the next day to come while
countless stars flooded outside his home,
Night after night
Begging for his spot and
Dreaming of his celebrity.

While the stars pounded on his door, inside
He emptied endless tears out of the well of his heart
But he could never let go of his pride.
So, season after season he suffered in the spotlight
all to hold on to his futile fame.
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