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Dr O Feb 2016
Tell me where you belong
On a day St. Valentine was too young
To even know what love was

Such a love so strong
For you I will wear no mask
But on the first day St. Valentine saw
That all he knew was wrong

Such a heart knows no enemies
And such a smile knows no hate
Such beauty even the Saints do call
As such a girl deserves it all

As with you my love, every day is Valentines
He whispered to her in warm embrace
Let's go away from this place
Away to the land of you and me

The land of me and you
Keeps disappearing when I awake
As today is the day the Saint knew
That he overslept past Valentine's Day

On his day, St. Valentine celebrates with tears
As for him loneliness sought ease
On this day, St. Valentine falls to his knees
Sometimes I think its just him and me

On the last day, St. Valentine celebrates with a gun
As it was he who lost his only one
For she was afraid of love and devotion
Yet only with a bullet is love a potion

She didn't love me enough
To wait until Valentine's day
Instead she shot in my smile
  Before she turned and walked away

They ask St. Valentine why he doesn't smile
And he says its because the clouds are grey
But when my mother asked me I said
I couldn't wake up in time
For Valentine's day
Dr O Feb 2016
The reflection is my best friend
It has become my reality
The ultimate anti-universe
Showing us if there is a up
There must also be a down

The reflection puts me in another universe
I am now the observer
Of my ultimate anti-self
I am the ultimate third person view

Harsh sounds echo in the back noise
They die out with sinister
As the first note twingles my soul
The harmonies breath into the air
The notes match up with their partners
The protons meet with electrons
Equilibrium is reached
Peaceful sounds
Of a ****** story
Please don't you ****** me
Because I'm unprepared to die as you see
But today I drowned her
And now she is dead

Every note reaches my ear
I record everything
I can now hear everything
Equilibrium is reached

I murdered the girl I love you see
Because she would not marry me
Next day as I was a runnin' home
I met the sheriff standing at the door
He said young man come with me and go
Down to the banks of the ohio
Dr O Dec 2015
Pitch black comforts usually fade into darkness
Such an irony that presents an enigma
Here to welcome you to the dark side of matters
A reflective one with all faults in his stars
One to wonder if he left his mind too early
Into a forgotten landscape of manipulation
For him too talented to simply observe the world around
Pulling the strings speaks much more pleasure
For one too bored by the concept of simplicity
Chaos must ensue for his talent to shine
Shadows must lurk for his hear to beat
People must suffer for his eyes to open
Control is the name of the game
Over on the dark side of matters
"Evil" doesn't explain the confusion within
But rather just labels without knowing
His heart made of thin glass
Only looking for love
Always in the wrong places
The one thing he can not manipulate
Will haunt him forever
The heartbeat now dissipates
Because his heart existed never
Darkness aids my pitch black comforts
A true enigma that speaks irony
Here to bid farewell to the dark side of things
And into a barren field so blue in color
Yet so gold in elegance

I stood inside the pitch black room
Windows and doors lined the walls
Different colored lights streamed through
Each hole in the wall a new place
Some were locked and barred down tight
Others ajar and welcoming
Some doors rusted and hard to move
A few windows cracked and old
I stood there thinking
Which doors I should see
What windows could possibly be
The exits to this room
Keys of all sizes covered the floor
Some were easy to find
Others heavy and cold
And for some I knew which key went where
But others I’d have to try over and over again
The room grew dark as I stood
And keys began to disappear in the dark
Windows shut and doors slammed closed
It was time to leave my little room
I looked about and dropped to my knees
Rummaging through the pile
The darkness crept faster and faster
Seeping in like liquid
But then in an instance
I heard a voice
A faint calling from a window
With panes of pleasant wood
And as I neared it slowly creaked
Beckoning me to follow
A warm calming air came out from the crack
The key was already in its place
A key of bronze and solid build
I gripped the edge and swung it open
Just as the pitch black darkness enveloped my room
And I lunged
Right though that small window
Where I found the most lovely field and sky
With people I’d never met but knew from long ago
A field of teeming blues
A field of royal gold

The perfect way two stories could be told.
Dr O Dec 2015
The lack of color reflects light visibly
Darkness permeates my perception
All chaos combines into infinity
My mind becomes my invention

I am not a monster it whispers
Enslave my mind with the darkness and color
Let me see this fabricated world
For all the chaos it has to offer
Dr O Dec 2015
I broke bread with the darkness
The angels in Hell left me a rose
Where my mind will now take me
Heaven only knows.
Dr O Aug 2015
No clouds hang in the sky
Despite those England rains
Some say heaven just cries
Some call it England pains
Some say love goes away
Some say its just a game
All these girls in my life
They say its a gamble of names
One will come, one will go
As clouds fill the sky
True feelings will start to show
Love will come, love will go
The rain will start
Then it will snow
But no clouds hang in the sky
Despite those lovely England rains
And if no clouds exist
Then my love always remains
Even though it rains
On those lovely England hills
The sun still reigns
And my love stays still
Even though it storms
On those pretty Florida trees
Nothing can separate you from me
Dr O Mar 2015
When your world begins to crumble  
When the screams get too loud
When things fall apart

Fear the quiet ones

As they know more than you do
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