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Michael Kusi Jul 9
it might be tough it might be hard but let’s get it
because what would we be without the struggle
the only thing I could raise was myself up
and even that took some time and some effort
i don’t want to hear how rough you got life
i got life too, it tasted like a catfish
on a warm summer day
just caught from the sea and brought to my plate
but I did not eat the whiskers, I’d tell you that.
I did not eat the whiskers, I’d tell you that
but I had to be in furtherance of my goals
like soccer, but without all that running
and kicking and the ball
on second thought maybe its not like soccer at all
maybe its more like flying
I’m strapped in and everything is feeling good
Its like im in the womb again but the womb
did not feel so cold to the touch I did not move
in the womb now i’m moving fast so fast almost too fast
i wish that I could slow down or just stop
flying is too intense for me lets try something else
like swimming oh wait I don’t know how to swimming what
was I think maybe I should just stop with these metaphors
life is like a box of pizza its all the same the only thing that
changes is the toppings or the amount of slices that you get
those slices don’t feel good or look good they are quick
to the touch and sometimes they make you feel sad
that’s a good metaphor I think I’ll stick with that
it may be tough but we are a lot tougher.
Michael Kusi Jul 8
My eyes beheld your beauty made for gods
I call it all gorgeously great to see
On sacred earth you walk, your foot so shod.
By the divine you move sunshine to me

Your eyes are performance, a figure greatly grand
You’re ravishing to me, your whole width and all length.
Such cute I can’t attempt to understand
I look and see nothing but a joy and strength

I will to speak my thanks at so much grace.
It’s an honor to view you stand, I’m glad I’m here
I look into your eyes, your lips, and your face
To speak to you I feel a bit of fear

So come with me, and I will give you great talk.
You’re a great queen, and I got the king’s walk.
Michael Kusi Apr 20
Move right, move left, make sure you don’t get caught.
Hide behind that tree and I’ll cover you
Like video games.

Pass a brush through the hair and put some makeup on.
She will look so beautiful in that dress
Like Barbie.

Pretend that you are the toy soldier that would save the world
Lead the armies of our favorite cartoons against the evil.
Like G.I. Joe.

Build a skyscraper that will be raised up 12 inches up
Daddy said that it looked promising.
This is Lego.

Fly and be the Red Baron to rule the skies
Just watch out for the other toys
This is a toy airplane.

Sail and rule the seven seas through seamanship.
The tub is not the place to have this toy, though.
This is the USS Enterprise, toy form.

Because with the toys of our youth anything is possible
But no one told us that they stayed toys in our youth.
And if our imagination died with those toys.
Did our youth end with that imagination.
We thought we could be any toy soldier.
Mommy just had to buy it for us
And then we could be.
But now we have different action figures.
Called weights and cars and watches
Because we did not so much grow out of toys
As pick different ones once we grew up.
Our youth lives on.
Michael Kusi Apr 15
If there is strength out there I know where to find it.
Take it by my hands.
Look at it in my eye.
I will not rest, I will not sit until it is mine.
I have never seen strength before
Embodied in a physical form.
I have had strength but it was weakened
And I did not care for it.
My eye was not strengthened by this so-called strength.
I know that coveting is a vice.
Quite literally it is a vice that entraps and ensnares
But my motives are pure
And therefore I do not covet
I aspire.
Michael Kusi Apr 15
For your cause I am beholden to us all.
Push with all your might and it shall be.
Ignore the pain, the pain of yesterday.
And dwell upon the aftermath of sweet victory.
My God, man I am on the toilet!
I know and the smell of victory in the morning
Smells like the **** that resides in the toilet.
Go away, I need to concentrate!
This is not about concentration, it is about willpower.
Clenching your fists will do no good, they don’t do the work.
You might as well make a face to stare at the sun than to make a face now.
I’m done! Will you stop being weird and lets go.
Now it is time for the washing of hands.
Because we want no evidence of what just happened.
Even those the smell will say to all of us what happened here.
Ugh you’re so dramatic.
Michael Kusi Apr 15
Put it all on Kusi.
Mike can do it.
Have our hopes, our dreams, our failings, and our successes
Borne on the back of a Michael.
He was named after a soldier angel, after all.
He is ready for the fight
Because Michael was born for the struggle.

Sometimes I feel that it is too much
But I wonder how it was meant to be enough in the first place.
But they are insisting that I could do it.
Why it?
Why me?
Is it looks, strength, intelligence, stamina or humor
That make me ready made to carry the wishes of others.
While other people sleep at peace
I am ill at ease tossing and turning
Having other people’s dreams in my dreams.
There is no rest for the weary
Even my dream life is exhausted.
Because I have not time to dream my own.

What makes me worthy to bear the sins of the world.
Is it the name Michael
Even the Michael from heaven did not carry sacrifice
Is it the name Kusi
A royal name
That missed kingship by this much.
But my ancestors had to leave because of plague
Even royalty was not enough to protect them.
How is it enough to make me strong
But I must remember my heritage
I am God’s soldier angel
So I cannot fail
Even though I forgot how to dream.
Michael Kusi Apr 8
This poetry is labeled some assembly required.
Some assembly to put together the poetry
And some assembly to listen to this poem.
But I can’t be labeled with just any label.
It is required to label it plus.
The small parts may be hazardous at first
I didn’t choke when I was writing it.
But they will grow on you.
For sure, they still grow on you.
My poems will transform you,
Like turning Optimus Prime into a truck.
It would bring that down to earth drive to figure,
Like turning that truck back into Optimus Prime
Then it would give you great recall,
Like if the Optimus Prime had to go back to the factory.
You can get this from a man in his Prime
Like if I had ordered great poetry off of Amazon.
Or if I got one of the transformers movies about Optimus.
My poetry is like Transformers
You just have to have an optimist in your hands.
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