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A time traveler that hit their head.
Who woke up in a mistress bed.

Shedding all the extra stress.
Faking up whatever’s next.

Living out the prophecies,
predicted by old Socrates.

The what’s were, why, who’s what, is where?
The questions that were always there.

Answers written on the basement stairs.
2nd floor no nonsense stares.

The journey is the risen print,
hinting at what isn’t it.

If you follow compass maps,
backward stumbles crumble facts.

Encrypted codes are never home,
until the scripture written's bold.

Folding up this grid is next.
Next is starting finished with.
Daniel Wetter Dec 2019
Run walk.
Tough talk.
I’ve been ******* buzzed and just lost.

It was the cost of the game.
I’ve played it for days.
I crashed and I burned,
and then made it okay.

I’ve died alive, a life not lived.
I fought to fight, and not forgive,
my own **** self, to find whats missed.
To know myself, despite the ****.
I sit and shift, and think to give.
Learned knowledge with some context.

A mixed message with some content.
It’s cursed blessings in the nonsense.
Misconception of the process,
that's been leading me to progress.

I’m in need of a signal thats not so misleadingly dishonest.

I've been broken and could use a break.
I'm growing at a humans rate.
I’ve been focused on whats noticed,
not an overly useful human trait.

But it happens, and I’m glad, because
the passion of fads live, in the tracks that I have,
and the past creeps up faster than this passage is rapped-ish...

Before you know it, the circles complete.
Listen, have you ever heard of defeat?
Ever have to get back up to advert the repeat?
Learn is the word, and the hurt is the heat.
Sweat is the struggle, thats earning the key.
Turn it and see, a sea of could be,
waving me in and it surely can mean,
my curse isn’t sink, so I’m learning to breathe.
Daniel Wetter Jul 2018
Every picture of you,
brings me back to a time,
where all things were fine,
The world was all mine,
and life was divine.

I wanted to share it with you.

Gained perspective,
from taking your pain, feeling strained.

As I bare it with you.

And to the naked eye,
You and I, are one.
Living art, so perfectly done.

But, that collection has attracted dust,
And it’s a must, for trust, and self reflection.
Perfection never met.
What lies in the message... love. It's us.

Above, everything else I could think of,
One thing can never subside,
And that’s loving you.

Forever, never, and in between.
The middle of nowhere isn’t always where it seems.
Daniel Wetter Jul 2017
Trust and be trusted.
Love and be love.
Pain, remain above it.
Haunted dreams of,
feelings of freedom.
Swimming in frozen seas.
You’re just a memory,
of an older me.
My unfinished poetry...
Daniel Wetter Apr 2017
Coming out of lust, disguised as love.
I’ve come close.
Touched mistrust, envisioning decisions,
old ****** positions, and bubble butts
The goings tough.
I’ve been known to get going.,
knowing not where to, the story keeps going.
I never stop roaming.

Rolling, another one up, writing with the homies.
Stories of ******* it up, and the tales of glory.
I’m exploring options that they’re ignoring.
It's like if you’re bare, you’re boring.
Snoozing and snoring.
O'hare deported my last ounce of care
this morning.
A fare afforded to the very important.
If you never heard of it, sit there and ignore it.

Business minded.
I found that, the more ground I gained, the faster the climb is.
In this winning climate, my ****** is still undefined.
My rhymes like, fill in the lines.
Ad-lib these mad libs, to be killing the time.
I’m not feeling the times.
It’s like sit still or rewind,
straight chillin behind.
Cheap thrills, and refills
for the pills that I find.
Never ending cyclical vibes
Living the how, I got sick of the why’s,
and living with doubt.
Life is an imperfect present,
so I’m presently living it out.
I’ve earned where I am
so how can I go
giving it out, now?
Daniel Wetter Mar 2017
Like a lightning bolt, on the last stretch, of the last lap, of Rainbow Road, in Mario Kart...

You leave me wondering how life could be so cold, I'm falling apart,
and recalling the start, of our endless summer.
Went from loving her heart, to trying to take it from her.
So I can make it tremor, shake and quake, and sever.
The debate of hate holds no weight forever.
Love doesn't wait for you to stay a beggar,
and showing up at my place, doesn't make it better.

You're the bad part, and that far from gratitude.
Your attitude has challenged you, Boo, and that's the saddest truth.
I was doing what I had to do.
You think no one can handle you?
You can't handle yourself that's exactly why you're mad at you.

Denial lifestyle.
You've been living for a while,
but haven't felt alive since the day you had your child.
He's not the only one that's damaged from you always acting wild.
Always on some ****, ******* and getting loud.

But if nobody listens,
the only thing missing from the vision,
is another unsuspecting victim to dig your petty grips in.
Hate with love mixed in
Mixed up, you missed out
On this, how?
The distance.

No more goodnight kisses, here's some goodbye wishes.
You've burned a lot of bridges, but I heard a lot about, these good fine fishes. No longer distressed.
You're just my dismissed, distrusted, mistress.
Daniel Wetter Mar 2017
You don’t feel like love.

In the way you hate on,
berate on,
take a perfect situation, and make me wait on,
the inevitable downfall.

I haven’t felt one thing about love.

Not one time when I came to you,
did you take my truth, and make it soothed.
From kissing you, to shaking you,
from breaking through, to making due.

You don’t feel a ******* thing like love.
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