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Ola Gia Aug 2018
Put me in the glass cupboard,
make sure you turn the key,
make me forbidden to all.
Forbidden to all, but you.

Pick and choose your visits.
Please, don’t worry about me.
My unmoving eyes light up,
each time that you return.

Pick up my limp body for
without you it doesn’t move.
Untangle my strings, dust me off.
I’m sorry for the mess.

Freuds wink, and self-assurance,
I’m your doll, and your play thing.
Vale Luna Aug 2017
Maintain a distance
Of at least three feet
Cuz a close encounter
Is more bitter than sweet

Just one step too close
And she's inside your head
Just one step too close
And soon you'll be dead

She'll make you believe
That she can help you
That whatever you want
Is what she wants too

But once she's inside
Her wicked voice rings
By then, you're enslaved
To do her bidding

Her thoughts are inhuman
She doesn't feel pain
She's clearly unmatched
When it comes to the brain

But please don't be tricked
By her dark mind games
What she's trying to do
Is drive you insane

Who is she, you ask?
She's the east wind that blows
Well haven't you guessed?
Her name is Eurus.
For all the BBC Sherlock fans!
ShowYouLove Apr 2016
Devil just can't get a hold of me
'Cause God's life and death has set me free
Devil just can't keep me down
'Cause not even death could keep Jesus in the ground
Devil won't take my eyes
'Cause Jesus has power over the prince of lies
Devil don't own my heart
'Cause God made me his right from the start
Devil can't bind my hands
'Cause God has my life under his commands
Devil won't hold my feet
'Cause Jesus stood strong when taking heat
Devil won't steal my soul
'Cause Jesus is he who fills the hole
Devil can't steal my strength
'Cause Jesus is my rock, refuge, and with him I'll go great lengths
Devil don't bind my chest
'Cause when I'm at my weakest, God's at his best
Devil just can't hold me back
'Cause God will protect me from attack
Devil can't control my *****
'Cause God satisfies  fully when, to his, our hearts we join

Blazing hot with the Holy Spirit
The devil runs for fear of it
To God I give my entire being
His power sends the devil fleeing
When Jesus is present on my mind
I can leave the devil far behind
In Christ's eternal perfect love
Devil says: "Aye, there's the rub"
In faith and trust I hold to hope
Feet are firm against the devil's steep *****
In God I take great joy and delight
That the devil can't hope to steal my light
Jesus is my source of peace
Devil won't win but he doesn't cease
To God I sing hymns of praise
To fend off the devil's cold embrace
To serve the Lord is a great honor
My life was saved by a blood donor
To God be power and wonder and glory
Spoiler: The devil loses at the end of the story!
Jesus is the lover of my soul
Devil just don't have any control
I can't stand to see you two together, so closend
But there isn't anything I can do without seeming like a *****
I don't want to control your life
But I let you dictate mine
You never seem to care that I don't like it when she flips her hair and giggles like a school girl at everything you say
You see her 80 percent of your day
You see me maybe 10 percent if I'm lucky
And most of the time those two mix
I'm always waiting to be next

The next time you don't seem to care
I'll say **** it and never mention her again
But if things grow worse beware
I'll grow weary of saying **** it
One day I'll blow up
If you aren't careful, one day, I could say ******* and not **** it
As I find my way into your heart
it will be subtle lest you run, hide ...
good at keeping secrets ... I'll bide
my time ...  permit you to make
the first move  ... toward me
until our hearts beat as one;
it is a distinct ...

— The End —