Nathalie Nov 2018
She danced in the rain with daffodils in one hand and roses in another…Her bare feet bathed in summer’s spring...A hypnotic feeling nestled in her body... The sway of her hips mirrored the fluid motion of the branches as they partnered with the wind…
The scent of lilacs dawdled through the air… The aromatic scent seduced her deeper in nostalgia… The cheeping of the birds whispered her name…Her heart warmed under the peeping sun... The curve in her lips grew larger as her eyes met with the colours of the shimmering rainbow… A vow of love she made, a loyal commitment to living each day with passion in her veins….

Danielle L Cook Oct 2018
Steal my breath
and heal my heart

From you, my love
I will not part
I'm feeling melancholy
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
You are my candy, so sweet.
I am lost without you; I can not compete.
When I am with you I feel complete.
This is the kind of loss I can not defeat.
When I lick the skin it tastes sumptuous.
Your lips are scrumptious.
Oh no what happened I miss you so much.
With all the moments we shared; I still long for your touch.
I want to skip the dinner and go right to desert.
Now that you have gone away I miss the way we flirt.
The way you hair smelled.
I must confess I fell under your spell.
You hurt me when our kingdom of love fell.
If you were here right now, I would kiss your lips and deeper into love I would have fell.
I am hooked on you and can not resist.
I need you again or will no longer exist.
Although you made your choice.
I must respect that; though I miss the sound of your voice.
I hope to love someone like you again.
Someone to take my love; everlasting until my peaceful end.
Do you realize what memories I perceive.
I will keep your picture and when I see it I feel relieved.
No, I am not telling this to deceive.
I just hope the peace between us has been released.
But I never want to feel as alone as I do now.
Your love will always stand tall in me, this I vow.
Lorie Laconico Sep 2018
To love, to hold, to breathe, to live,
Four things I vow and wish to do
On days you need me
On days you don’t
That I hope in those moments
My love for you will grow
In times I need it most
In times you feel it most
solar Jul 2018
I fervently pray the stars will exhort themselves to shine a little brighter for you.

I fervently pray that the stars love confessions convened as mere twinkling in our murky skies reaches your most abhorred constellated thoughts.

I fervently pray that Asteria, the starry one would exhort her little ones to lustre their youthful laughter on your window panes
in hopes to ease every ache you behold.

For you are astral, and in every traum, you could hear Asteria indeed emanating her vows across every utopia.

The vows articulated:

"For thee, I'll make the one thee adore the joyous out of all"
I just want the one I adore to be at ease at all times.

p.s Asteria is the goddess of stars.

Ellison Jul 2018
promise me that when the night hangs in the deep
we treasure our smiles and bodies we keep
in the pleasant day sun for eternal joy youth
love is ever in balance, let us keep that the truth.
love is when i look at her,
our eyes meeting,
tears rolling down our cheeks,
and we both connect.

love is when your held,
and they're so proud,
and pain in her heart,
but she tells her story.

love is when she broke a vow,
a vow that kept her safe
from feeling sadness, dread
and trusted you with it.

love is when your heart leaps and the audience stands,
roaring, singing
screaming and thrashing
we made our mark.

and we cry and sob
and we begin hugging and wishing this moment could stay..
for we told a story,
a real story,
about how love is powerful
and could withstand
the spiraling earth
and the thunderous rain
and survive,
even in the face of death.

i love you,
and this is why we tell our story.
this is not romantic love.
this is love i feel for everyone.
i love you all so much, you helped me tell my story. you helped me feel raw.
and for that, i really do love you. and to my director,
thank you!
thank you for telling me your story,
thank you for trusting us and pushing through the pain,
i know she's watching us from above, you know it too.
i love you all!!
i'll always be here
Anthony Mayfield Jun 2018
We may fall into ourselves,
Lack in conversation,
Succumb to our fears,
Revert to trepidation.
They say together we’re wrong,
But when the thunder rolls,
Remember we’re our own,
And we can love.
We may mince our words,
Contradict ourselves,
Try to fix what hurts,
But make it all the worse.
The wings of snow white doves,
Wrap around the two of us.
Accept our fates are forged from above.

We may say forever
Though we don’t try all the time.
We may dance together.
Though we don’t always step right.
The others want us gone,
Stuck in stormy weather.
It’s going to be hard,
But I know we can stay.
Don’t leave me,
I pray.
Don’t reduce me to begging.
I need you here.
Please stay forever.
I know we can stay forever.
Stay forever
Kristina Weeks Jun 2018
There she sits in her narrow room
Room narrow and tall
The room a cave cold and dark
With a shelf on the wall

To her left there sits a table
Covered in tiny jars
And to the right there is a window
Lined, of course, with bars

Every day that starts anew
She rises with the sun
Shuffling over to her table
Her job has begun

She grabs a jar and whispers
Filling each one with light
Then seal them up quickly now
Seal them up tight

Holding the jar carefully in her hands
She shuffles to her shelf
And places it with the other ones
Each one part of herself

The shelf is covered in them
The little bottles filled with color
Sparkling reds, blues, yellows
All arranged around each other

And so the day begins
They come now to her cave
Arms reaching through the bars
It’s her bottles that they crave

So one by one she gives them out
One, two, five, then ten
Soon she’ll run out of jars
Time to refill again

Each bottle given out
To another reaching hand
Gets swallowed up in one gulp
So quickly it gets crammed

They drink it all down
Then they sway with delight
A toothy grin left on their face
A sort of high it excites

But soon the smile is gone
Their eyes snap back open
They fill with panic needing more
Realizing how much they’re broken

They rush back to the bars
Reaching gnawing clawing
Please, just one more
But her body now is falling

It’s become too much
There is nothing left
She collapses crying out
Soul now bereft

So the sun sets and they go away
They leave her alone now
Until tomorrow when the sun rises
This prison is her vow
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