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Eloisa Sep 4
And so I tear the last love letter you gave me and decided to let it go.
I stand and watch as the gusty winds blow the paper far away.
The promises of love and forever,
the vow of happily ever after,
the guarantee of a lifetime together.
The commitment of faith and the covenant of love that I kept too long.
I stare at each tiny piece of paper  swallowed by the violent sky.
I’m left alone.
Yes, I’m left alone with just a memory.
I’m left alone.
But I’m left alone with a smile and a promise of a new me.
A new me without you.
A new hope for a new story.
For I’ve already thrown my past behind.
And I’ve let go of my hope for your return.
Slowly and one step at a time, I’m moving on.
I am moving forward without you.
While waiting to be held by the right hands.
If a relationship is a struggle and always brings negativity and conflict,
it’s surely and simply not to be chased.
Ally Aug 3
Years ago
...Until now
Hurtful words
In between

The day we met
dressed in all blue
I should have known

A window to your soul
Loss and pain
Unexpected bond

My mouthy thoughts
Many nights of anger
Your frustration
yet, forgiven for it all

I think of you daily
and in the darkest night
Beautiful sunny skies
Magnificent hues at dawn

I pray
I wish
I dream
I believe

Years ago
...Until now
I vow
to hold you close forever
At least
You know by now
Why I look
Into your eyes

That very moment
I wish that light
Was meant for me
You exist
I exist
You with me, and
Me with you
Here we are
On the way

Too weird to say
What is about to happen
The bond that
Defines us

And that's
How it began
And I vow, it will
Never end
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Gravity of love
sushii Jun 2
A soft, gentle warmth
A touch of pillowy, overly perfumed femininity
Suffocating me into serenity

Quick, slender fingers
Bandaging my every move
Warning me against standing in the rain
And quick fingers slipped under my skin

Small, frail waist
Brushes against me as we dance
And I am pulled closer reluctantly
Into estrogen and ecstasy

Full, colorful lips
That would drive anyone else crazy
But they just seem to spit the most horrid things ever said
And they seem to sentence me
(Under the blissful vow of marriage)
To a life of torture and conviction
Underneath a piercing gaze...          

    I would rather die.

              “You may now kiss the bride.”
annh Feb 23
Wherefore, Fortune bled and mortal wounded,
Will thou not relinquish heart nor hope?
Yet stand a part for truth, and duty bound
Do wield thy sword securely still.

wherefore (adv.) - why
a part (adv.) - as an individual, individually
securely (adv.) - confidently, with skill
Jim Feb 22
Sing with me
Dance with me
Take me to the stars
Give me things I don't deserve
Diamonds, clothes and cars

Be with me
Hold Me
Tell me to be true
I'll give you everything you need
I promise this to you

Respect me
Defend me
As you and I are one
Bonded since we came together
To remain 'till our days are done

Listen to me
I whisper to you
Never should our spirits part
Today I vow forever more
To keep you always in my heart
Pyrrha Feb 19
"Till death do us part"
I refuse to say this when I am wed
because love does not have an expiration date
I hope that long after I die
you will still look back and remember
how deeply we loved
If you die before me
I will love you into my next life

Till death do we meet again,
to renew our love and fall once more
M G Hsieh Feb 5
You say and i heard -
the ease of this pain,
the taming of the winds.

Howling the unspoken,
never knowing the light of things

is easily dismissed.
An imagined feeling,
a dreamful wish and such fancies.

How many times have you visited
and left messages and crumbs?

Seeing the entirity
before it ended,
and your footprints lifting me
until i flew across the sky
this dead night in the daylight.

Every snake and folly trampled on
and the dirt roads travelled us far from each place,
led me back without you.

So i listen now,
the silent vows fulfill themselves

in time.
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