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(a collaboration with Mark S)

Change is here, yes it is
I can feel it everywhere
You can go now, as you please
Love still lingers in the air

Try to hold on to your dreams
And remember your own vow
It's not that hard as it seems
Even stars for you will bow

Make a stand and show your smile
To everyone you see
Head held high in your own style
Be who you’ve longed to be

The world is yours to come and take
To sort and rearrange
A dynasty for you to make
Amidst the constant change

Love the flowers that you see
Let the wind caress your face
You are where you're supposed to be
As where you stand it is your place!

You hold the future in your hand
This life can be the greatest view
It’s time for you to understand
Start right now, it’s up to you
It was a real pleasure to write this one in collaboration with one of the most talented poets, here on HP!
she threw the ring
and the vow
for the throne
but all he witness was her sin

made himself fell through the crack
forced her to break the window
he let the tears drown her thoughts
as he slips away into thin air
for you
Stop with 'you better come here now'
Stop with the 'who what when where and how'
Don't bother trying to break this vow
I think it's fin'ly time for you to take your bow

You haven't said a word
Yet I can still hear your voices
Wrapping round my world
No, I've got no more choices
But to do what you say
Coz I fear the pain is never gonna go away
Haven't written in a while so I'm a little rusty. How is everyone doing in isolation?
-df Apr 5
i don’t care to find love.
not in this world.
not where promises are b o r n to die.
guess who's back? jk, i don't know what's going on upstairs (my brain). this site seems different? my buddies are also not active anymore so... hope you're staying safe, staying home, staying hydrated. I've started writing again, I know I can't believe it either. if you want to check it out go on over to and tell me you came from hellopoetry!
Her Grace Flows Freely
by Michael R. Burch

July 7, 2007

Her love is always chaste, and pure.
    This I vow. This I aver.
If she shows me her grace, I will honor her.
    This I vow. This I aver.
Her grace flows freely, like her hair.
    This I vow. This I aver.
For her generousness, I would worship her.
    This I vow. This I aver.
I will not **** her for what I bear
    This I vow. This I aver.
like a most precious incense–desire for her,
    This I vow. This I aver.
nor call her “*****” where I seek to repair.
    This I vow. This I aver.
I will not wink, nor smirk, nor stare
    This I vow. This I aver.
like a foolish child at the foot of a stair
    This I vow. This I aver.
where I long to go, should another be there.
    This I vow. This I aver.
I’ll rejoice in her freedom, and always dare
    This I vow. This I aver.
the chance that she’ll flee me–my starling rare.
    This I vow. This I aver.
And then, if she stays, without stays, I swear
    This I vow. This I aver.
that I will joy in her grace beyond compare.
    This I vow. This I aver.

Keywords/Tags: Love, grace, vow, pure, purity, desire, ******, equality, freedom, trust, joy, aver, state, affirm, affirmation
neha yamba Mar 30
i've been talking to the stars lately ,
they know my secrets now
they're aware of my embarrassments  
they know i stutter when i call you mine ,
i believe they like our story 'cause
they twinkle bright when i speak of you ,

i am asking for a vow and i hope you keep it this time
a vow to not mention our broken love story to the stars .

for they shall remember us for evermore .
let us stay in their world as two agapornis
and not as two terribly broken hearts .
I always and in always, wished for the day
To come and passes by with joy in my heart
No thoughts, no self-questioning
does she care or will she? Only then I think,
spare her sometime, she’ll come around

I lived my life wrongfully with those………
Waiting for the day when my heart would reach out to your soul
Only then that my sorrows and my pains will fade
My happiness will fly high up the sky and falls down pouring; like rain
To wash away your doubts and hidden fears, hopelessness and

Restores an everlasting joy, hope and faith into your soul

I want to make a vow; I will never hurt you
I will never forsake you, I will never live you out in a cold
For my life with you is complete in a way that I cannot tell
For my life will never be the same without you

I’m not a prophet but:
For eternity I will keep trust in you
You are the sole reason that I breath
My soul is yours, hopes and desires too
You are everything I could ever need and more, you are my baby

Many cries loud out there, looking for love
For tender care, desires and hopes
But you are my angel, my miracle you all I need everyday
Today, tomorrow and for future you are the one.

Is that too much to appreciate?
Jay M Dec 2019
So over
All this bad luck
Stuck on repeat
Misfortune is a clumsy duck
Falling, tripping over it's own two feet

Told I'm strong
Told it'll all be okay
But if I were strong
Why must this pain be so long?
Remaining, oh to stay,
Promises, promises,
Too many vows
But each one I shall keep
To stay stronger than stone
On a stage, deep bows,
Miles to go before I sleep
Shivering to the bone
But I am not alone

Awaiting are those who care
Those who dare
To share
Their time with me

Set me free
Running wild
Earth crunching beneath my feet
Nearby, the buzzing of a bee
My, feeling free like a child
Let me run wild
Heart tender and mild
Easily broken
Yet on display
Given a token
A part in the song, you shall play

Sing me a song
Play the melody
Now, it won't be long
"Just one more.", I plea
Another note
Of the song you wrote
Written across the pages
Destined to be on stages

Hold me
When I ask you to leave
For I am testing you
Please, hold me,
When I ask you let me be
For times, I grieve,
But please, do not leave

Seated on my own
Reaching out for you
Take my hand
Make your presence known
I need you
To hold me in the dark
To guide me, be my light
Hold me, darling please,
When the light fades,
Tell me you'll be there with me
Help me be the person I'm supposed to be

There's sometimes when I don't wanna wake up
Don't let me go, don't let me go,
I need backup
To let my colors show, let my colors show

I don't know what will become of me
Help me through the dark
Only you hold the key
Heal every mark
When the light fades
And it's just you and me
Breath in sync
Heartbeat for heartbeat
When the hope begins to fail, sinking deeper,
Somehow I feel your heat
Your light burning in the dark
Saving me, oh you save me,
My hero, my angel
My archangel

- Jay M
December 30th, 2019
I know I've been silent for a while, but I promise I'm doing alright. Things have been...a little hectic lately, but I'm back now. I hope you enjoyed my piece.


I listened to this song while writing the second half of this poem, and I can't stop listening to it now. The pianist who did this mashup is amazing, and I'm thankful for this creation.


I might make this poem into a song and add instruments, but I'm not sure yet. If I do end up doing that, I'll edit this and add a link to it.


This poem is for my love, Adam. My light in the dark, my archangel. Hope you like it love.
Glory Oct 2019
To the boy who is not confident, just breathe. I promise to value your opinions and tell you mine. I promise to show you the real woman behind the eyes, even if I know you will not like her. I vow to hold your heart gently, even if it is just for a short while. Your body and soul are one person and I will never separate my affections for either.
Eloisa Sep 2019
And so I tear the last love letter you gave me and decided to let it go.
I stand and watch as the gusty winds blow the paper far away.
The promises of love and forever,
the vow of happily ever after,
the guarantee of a lifetime together.
The commitment of faith and the covenant of love that I kept too long.
I stare at each tiny piece of paper  swallowed by the violent sky.
I’m left alone.
Yes, I’m left alone with just a memory.
I’m left alone.
But I’m left alone with a smile and a promise of a new me.
A new me without you.
A new hope for a new story.
For I’ve already thrown my past behind.
And I’ve let go of my hope for your return.
Slowly and one step at a time, I’m moving on.
I am moving forward without you.
While waiting to be held by the right hands.
If a relationship is a struggle and always brings negativity and conflict,
it’s surely and simply not to be chased.
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