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Kyrie Hajashi Apr 28
"Can death be sleep, when life is but a dream"

I vow to love, to live as dangerous as I can,
To not delay nor quicken my death,
To feel sorrow and joy as it came to be,
To love people as I love sleep,

I vow to you, To keep smiling when
the adventure ends, Fade away is the light of life
Iโ€™ll be ready to restart and amend, For death is
the tunnelโ€™s end, Nothing but
a new adventure ascend, I vow to a
dying friend, To live life as beautiful a dream.
Golden Shovel poems are poems in which every last word of each line, if read from top to bottom, will form a phrase from another poem. Mine is from Keats' poem "On Death". You guys should try it! it's a challenge indeed.
Sharon Thomas Mar 13
I remember you walking down the aisle;
Your eyes met mine,
As you graced me with your smile.

My heart beat so hard;
As you kept walking towards me.
I have never loved another;
Who'd made me weak to my knees.
This must be God's decree.

As I made my vows,
with you by my side;
I knew one thing was for certain,
Not even death would dare to take you;
Even if he tried.
Louise Dec 2020
My love, I will be here.
I will be here on nights that all you wanna do is cry and all I wanna do is watch you because I enjoy seeing you in pain.
If I could only take more pain possible and let it wreck you from the inside out every night, I would.
I will be with you on days that feels like weeks
and I will try to make the days feel like years instead.
If I could only shove the sun aside and bring forth darkness to your daylight, I would.
I will stay and sit with you through the dark
so I can make sure that you wouldn't find the switch before I do. The only light you'll ever need is the one you'll see in the end of my wrath's tunnel.
I will protect you until the end
from finding your happiness. You are safe enough inside the cage of my pain,
I will not let go of you,
where do you think you'll go other than here in our bed of daggers made from your remorse and my resentment?
I will hold you closer with the strongest grip of my now unable hand everytime.

There's nothing you can ever do to lose me,
as much as there's nothing I can ever do to love and trust you again.
Being with you, I knew I've brought this upon myself.
Messing with me, you never knew you're gonna see this coming, knocking you from your senses.

Through the gloom and in bloom,
for worse and for the worst,
for richer and for poorer
In sickness and in madness,
to hate and wait for you to perish
everyday we'll crush each other's hearts
I promise even death won't keep us apart.

A vengeful, sadistic rendition to the classic wedding vow.
Beckie Davies Nov 2020
I kept looking across at you tonight
Whenever you made some silly comment
Whenever I heard that mischievous laugh

All that I kept thinking was
"I could have lost you"
"This could all be in the past"

My heart was filled with gratitude
I made a silent vow
To never stop appreciating your friendship
To always keep you around
the friend i almost lost
Andrew Layman Oct 2020
A call to brokenness
A call to arms

Recall our love
Recall our charms

We are not done
We are not through

I bleed for us
I bleed for you.
s y kalindara Oct 2020
I laid my pen and line to rest for twenty seasons
as the frost settling in my mind and fingers, warmed up to dream
only to waken again by the grace of a lover,
a muse unlike any other,
a kaleidoscope of raining colours.

With the twinkling of your eyes,
the words fell out of my head,
parading on papers for the world to see
just as my veins welcomed the warmth of creativity.

You are the vision behind every verse I'm founding,
thirteen in counting,
a finer motive than fresh air and tranquil sleep
every fibre is clawing at me to keep you close
to never fade away like a withering rose.

Will my senses still serve me without your touch?
Will I ever write again if I let myself forget
the melody of your voice and your silhouette?
I'm not ready to find out just yet.

We have taken a vow, my pen and I
to keep you alive, for an age or two
or however long it might take to find
our glory in someone new.

Copyright ยฉ 2020 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Thinking about how I stopped writing for 5 years until I met J and he inspired me in ways I didn't think possible. I'm still writing because of him.
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
Lend me your eyes
And I will lend you my ears

For you
I can shed your tears

For me
You can whisper away my fears
For better or worse
Seth Hollis Aug 2020
Sweet, singing, warm ocean breeze
Thoughts of you ringing has me at ease
Good morning, joyful mountain dew
Seeing you sure is a capturing view
Popcorn and movies, up late at night
A bite of your presence just tastes so right
The savory scent of freshly fallen rain
You give me peace, time and time again

Every moment is such a delight
For when you are in my sight
I feel so very buttery inside
So I sit here and write
Strapping into this roller coaster ride
Lucky that you are
Right at my side
Excited and bright
For the time to come
Patiently waiting
Each rising sun
The world is rotating
For us to become one
This love is exhilarating
And we've only just begun

I would hesitate not
To present you a ring
As there is not a doubt I've got
That you are my queen
And yet here I patiently wait
Cause there's still many ideas
That I've got for a date.
Seth Hollis Aug 2020
Though I step so blindly
Who better to guide me
No longer is life frightening
No longer will I spite thee
My words I will carefully sow
I'll trudge through the battles I'll know
I'll know and live
In the love that you give
For you are my friend
Forever and wherever I go.
My commemoration
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