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Mar 2018
Message said, I ask leave to make a speakage to the Federation troops.
The Covenantal Project nodded and replied, Your Helmetchief, who holds the Dahomeyian Rulership, may address this group.
Message stood on top of the mount and entered into a Battlefare Stance.
The Winged Fire-Lance and the Celestial Blade Saber were in both her outstretched hands.
Message screamed with zealous fervor, Soldiers, Shark-Devil has transgressed the Federation’s Charter and must suffer as an apostate.
This Battlefare struggle will make all you brave troops who were trapped in the land of the unknown great.
Victory is now because death is choked in the air sweetened with the taste of sure progress.
I Message, will lead you forward, into the sunlit uphills with Shark-Devil heart torn out of his breast!
But I thought Shark-Devil was my battle to win and fight
Dragon-Man whispered with concern to the nearby Lady of the Night.
Lady of the Night scolded, Hush Message is the Helmetchief, she can have any enemy prize that she wants.
Message then lifted the Winged Fire-Lance and the Celestial Blade Saber and shouted, ADVANCE!

Dragon-Man urged, You heard our Helmet-chief, Now is the time get into the fight that must be won with bled.
Shark-Devil told Officer Thon, I will make you the Designated Casualty to go out and **** Message dead
The plain was a whirlwind of activity, with The Federation and Shark-Devil at a standstill.
Officer Thon then saw Message and thought, Now is my time to go out for the ****.
Because Message had rushed out too far forward on her Centaur-Raptor, she was helmed in far.
Officer Thon told his soldiers by mind-speak, Keep her cornered until I can come to finish her.
Message used both hands to deadly effect, the body count became mere body calculation.
Because Message was ready to die as Helmetchief for the sake of the Federation.
Officer Thon stuck a Scythe Dagger to Message’s Centaur-Raptor, it fell down with her on.
Message got up bruised and got ready to battle to the death with Officer Thon.

Dragon-Man was searching for Shark-Devil, the one who had destroyed his family tree
Shark-Devil was in the rear protected, directing the Battlefare operations by telepathy.
Dragon-Man suddenly arrived in Shark-Devil’s presence, and Shark-Devil taunted, this is the last face you will see you fool.
Dragon-Man kneeled down and said, No, Shark-Devil, The Great Beyond is where you will go back to rule.
Lady of the Night jumped off of Dragon-Man’s back to leap high, she truly soared in the air.
But by the time she brought her weapon down where Shark-Devil was, he was not there.
Shark-Devil had gone to Officer Thon’s assistance, and taunted Message, my killing offer still stands.
Message retracted the Winged Fire-Lance and Celestial Blade Saber into her watch, and called on the Death-Hands.
Dragon-Man and Lady of the Night were rushing to help Message in her fight, but the odds were against them coming in time.
Suddenly Breastplate-Bearer pulled up in a Paroah Chariot, and cried out, Follow me on this, because I leave no man behind.
Shark-Devil and Officer Thon were closing in, and Message prepared herself to take lives of two.
When Dragon-Man and Lady of the Night showed up behind Message, and Lady of the Night said, We outnumber you.
Then they started to fight, and soon all of them were bloodied, bruised, and battered.
They struggled as if no war before existed, and no war after mattered.
Dragon-Man suddenly readied himself to strike Shark-Devil, he prepared the Abyss Sword for a mighty blow for Shark-Devil’s death.
OWW, MY ARM, cried out Message, and Dragon-Man saw to his horror his Abyss-Sword had pierced Message’s left biceps
Written by
Michael Kusi  28/M
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