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andy fardell Jan 2019
I watched as he etched
Blue colours so fine
A face that he painted
All hidden and light
Looking and staring he knew not I write
The man and his drawing
I studied his plight

Looking once more in my study
My itch
I needed to look at his drawing
So rich
The man he did scribble I see not his face
Intriguing my wanting
My look out of place

Now do I approach him
A tap or a smile
The man and his drawing
A wandering while
Do I disturb this master at work
The etch of the finest
Da Vinchi
I errk
andy fardell Jun 2018
Long be the wind
lonely in its tail
shining out the sun
I find thee

Be thy shadows as I lay  
follow in my wake
a winters tale to come
I feel thee

Silence comes
screaming out a gale
longing for your reach
I want thee

This house does creaks
my mind in all
a shudder
To quench this tainted thirst
I need thee
andy fardell Jun 2018
As the night turned into days and the days turned as black
This yearning never fades
Itching and scratching as I go
Devouring the fever of gold
Thus quenching the thirst yet missing these lips

Behind me lays the abandoned
Milk and Honey for the rich
A place so warm and wanting
A place I shall never seek again
Tis my wanton

The Shiver comes
Only the moonlight darkening to warm me
So I will wait
Till the sun and the moon both rise
So I can love again
andy fardell Mar 2017
Can you see them swaying
Under the glowing silver moon
Perfuming the dying embers of a winter near past
Shadowing the frost
Colouring the dead  

Did you hear that sound
Broke in the silence of March
Spring has sprung another life to this world
Small white fluffy clouds
Bouncing along in a sky of green

And in today I too felt the warmth of life
A sun stretching its arms
Glowing my face with it's smile
Showing me a path
Fading away my black
andy fardell Mar 2017
The world was different back then
And so was I
Wanted words to be spoken
Screamed from a silence
Some crafted in smiles
Many fallen from tears

I've waited with burning hands
And desire
Hidden my thought's
Washed out all my dreams
Knowing this not well
One more look in the mirror

They look tired
Yet knowingly calm
For there is beauty in this time
Waiting to be found
Waiting to be loved
andy fardell Sep 2016
As the sun dusts my skin
For it is I that waited

Comes the wetness from tides
Fallen are the tears

In no effort in given
All wasted in time

I lay in the broken
Heart torn apart
andy fardell Sep 2016
The wailing ghosts  
Laughed at my sadness
Humorous in their intention to weaken me the more
I stayed awake in the earthen hour
Battling the clegg of thy cometh
To tell thee ones tale
They fly through me
Scream me awake
Stolen my wishes
Gone be my dreams  

So becomes the chatter in my head
Weak to the mind
I follow in stumble
Leave all
Comes behind  

It's now I must face them
The slugs chase in I
White trail
Their misfortune
My desolate mind  

The madness is in me
The ghosts have all won
I'm falling to pieces
My heart hears the gun

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