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Patricia Drake Sep 2014
Gasping for air like fish
freshly landed
we hit the refresh button
but we have lost all
to the sea
we no longer exist
Patricia Drake Sep 2014
He was just an internet friend
they are not real
they said half joking
to offer some comfort
when he left

He was just an internet friend
I never got to meet him
although we planned to
we were trying to make it real
before he left

He was just an internet friend
they shook their heads
when I spoke of him as if
we had been really close
until he left

He was just an internet friend
but I miss him just as much
now that he is not around
I still cannot believe
he just left
In Memoriam, Ben Wright (1975-2014)
Patricia Drake Aug 2014
Darkness feels different
something odd under the skin
sinister spreading
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
I breathe fire
Inside your mountain
Brandish your soul
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
what if space
between us
did not expand

and if we
did not move
in circles

would we
at some point
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
Like a ghost
you're always here
the mark you left
won't disappear

I see your face
behind the screen
and sometimes later
I may dream

Your name I whisper
in the night
that you may join me
in my flight

Thus we may fly
time and again
high on the thoughts
that still remain

There was no purpose
I could fill
but that of memories in a frame
sitting there on your window sill
Patricia Drake Jul 2014
Suspended by chains
The inner chamber is kept
Safe from prying eyes
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