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cristina Nov 13
they say the lone wolf dies
yet the pack survives.
it is the strength of a whole and it solely that can mend for sturdy fangs and foreign bites
of ill-fated violence.

and although they say the pack survives, what is of the lone wolf?
is he fated to be swallowed whole by the jaws of his most trustworthy companions?
to be crucified as a slave and mistreated as a martyr?

they say the lone wolf dies
and his carcass serves as a reminder of what can be forgotten so easily
through the years he can be no more
and the pack will be, still

they say the pack survives upon the feeble shoulders of the lone wolf
feeding its ego and stomach
praying for another to idolize like the most precious of waste.
after one comes another
and time does not make saints out of victims
nor does the pack which thrives and feasts and tears limb to limb deities and sinners alike.

cruelty is no stranger to the pack
it is a principle to build community upon
and everyone relishes being the predator
until they too are made into the prey.

nobody ever remembers the lone wolf
nor do they remember whom he was before crucifixion
what they do remember is to never be pushed into such a place

the struggle never ends
and when another falls into their godless clutches
you'll thrive and feast and rejoice
and find yourself thinking
at least it’s not me
another old piece i proof read and completed today
Man May 2021
i've laid out a pail
maybe you'll fill
my bucket

from your high-rise
in ivory
do i look like an ant?

i wish i was porcelain
fairer skinned
and richer

i wish had a strength
to stir the world awake
from it's slumber

all those times
we spent shouting
they faded to echoes
Andrew Rueter Mar 2021
A con tricking one into focusing on the temporary.
Man Feb 2021
you have an impressive physical physique
but what of your consciousness
can you say the same
your capacity for tenacity is unparalleled
though your vain attempts at kindness,
feats to astound
a charismatic prowess
a star reacher
rested on the ground
your head's in the clouds
at your own allowance
and there's no coming down
t Feb 2021
       wide and wanting.  
       red and rushed.
reckless becomes my name
as you whisper carelessness in my ear-

you are everything i have ever wanted and more.

cold and burning me everywhere you go,
‘can i see?’
and i would like to say yesnoyesno because that is what i feel but i stare at you instead with

       wide and wanting and where will this go?
and you turn me around and around and we are moving now, quicker than the stars on the edge of the universe.
and the universe is only one word today,

and you
        are next to me with your
       all red and raw and perfect
and i want to ask if you really love me
but i don’t want to ruin this.
     are the curious youth,
drunk on the light of the moon against our arms
and adorned with the fascination of
skin on skin
and kisses returned
and a timeless embrace because

     we don't know what we’re doing but
     i don’t want anything else.
Man Jan 2021
writhe under the boot,
a heel you were born to
its imprint pressed onto your cheek
a mark you'll bare no matter the distance
in the pursuit of liberty
in hopes of justice
just for a chance at happiness
where did our virtues go?
were there ever any at all?
Man Jan 2021
we speak on what we know
when we only know nothing
but from nothing where do we go

it is, from whence we came
so fitting it is we know it
and yet, think of it
can you?

deaden your thoughts
let the stimuli
pass you on by
and breathe in
newfound freedom
Man Jan 2021
bury me living
for i am in a world of dead

where the zombified stumble around
looking for meaning

maybe it'll make more sense
six feet under
and down the river styx

tie me to a raft
and let me drift

far, from this meaningless charade
known as life
Man Jan 2021
you're "laughing out loud" at me
that's good
i hope its hearty
thank god i'm humorous
to bring elation to a life as dull as yours
and i'm not upset
cause i'm laughing too!
Man Jan 2021
i speak louder
but no one seems to hear
move faster
but moving nowhere

simultaneously icarus
simultaneously sisyphus
standing while falling

just the two of us
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