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14.1k · Feb 2019
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Tragedy isn't even very tragic anymore
another 6 word poem
3.3k · Oct 2021
The Love We Don't See
Ian Robinson Oct 2021
The intimacy of being known
The intimacy of doing something without being asked
The intimacy of doing literally anything with that person
Only because it's that person.
The intimacy of waking up next to that person
The intimacy of being woken up by that person
The intimacy of remembering what someone likes
The intimacy of remembering what someone dislikes
The intimacy of not needing to remember just doing it
The intimacy of reciprocating the energy of that person
The intimacy of being that energy
The intimacy of feeling human with someone
The intimacy of making someone else feel human
The intimacy of doing something only for that person without them knowing it was you
The intimacy of having something done for you without your knowledge of who, when, and how
The intimacy of appreciating someone's existence
The intimacy of your existence being appreciated
The intimacy of being in their presence
The intimacy in knowing if one were to explain how they felt they'd only being annoying and everything they said would be pointlessly wasted and feel meaningless to the reciprocant
The intimacy in having no ability to stand up for oneself against someone
The intimacy of being able to work through PTSD for someone
The intimacy of being able to ignore instinct for someone
The intimacy in learning oneself with someone

The love we don't see, is the most important to me
1.6k · Jan 2019
in love
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I'm in love
with the person
i want you to be
that's how i know
i don't love you anymore
867 · Apr 2019
The Only Question
Ian Robinson Apr 2019
The only question is
The only question I have
Is "why?"
"Why am I"
"Why can't I"
"Why do I"
"Why should I"
776 · Jan 2019
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Remember when you were young
And life had just begun
The world so small and fun
All that summer sun?

back when nothin got you blue
And we always had somethin to do
When we never wore our shoes?

Back when we could fight dragons
Or just pull our red wagon?

Remember when there was nothing to lose?
Real tear-jerker for me to write this, especially being so young
696 · Dec 2018
Snow Drift
Ian Robinson Dec 2018
Every bit of snow that falls inside an open window
Is a bit of snow that will never make the ground outside
562 · Jan 2019
The Sky's Painting
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
As we watched the sky fall
and the kids stopped kicking the ball
Just before the sky turns grey
And the kids stop their play
As the sky turns vibrant reds and yellows,
Everything turns very mellow
And the clouds turn of Ivory
While the blue skies turn fiery
Lies the perfect Painting
Leaving soft hearts feinting
491 · Jan 2019
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
To lie
To cheat
To steal
All to get what I want
Sounds like psychopathy and
Narcissism put together
I care about others
But more about my own goals
Good thing i have none
I learn more about myself every day
409 · Jan 2019
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I'd rather everyone be brutally honest
Than lie to me to make me feel better
Because lies
Hurt forever
While the truth only hurts
Until it's no longer true
389 · Jan 2019
Heroes Need Saving, Too
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Yes it's true
Heroes need saving too
They get beat black and blue
All to save damsels like you
354 · Jan 2019
April Showers
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
March winds
And April showers
Make way for sweet may flowers
Then comes June
A moon and you,

March winds and April showers
Romance will soon be ours
And outdoor paradise
For two
354 · Jan 2019
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Once I saw you I knew
I had to ask
"Will you catch the breath
You stole from me?"
343 · Jan 2019
As the Rosebud falls
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Chilly Autumn days
bring harsh winter winds
but the Roses still grow
in greenhouses

The greenhouse, a garden
grows Roses for the lucky lovers
In the dead middle of winter
just to come back two months later

As the Rosebud trembles
with each passing
it blooms and falls
to the hands of the deserving

but it ****** in self defense
much like the love
we all thought we'd cherish
332 · Jan 2019
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
With masks all around
I walk up to you

I want to know how someone so faceless
Can be beautiful too

"I'll lead but just for you"

Taking your hand
we waltz as two
Marauding in this
Meant for you
327 · Jan 2019
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Socks to warm my toes
Gloves to warm my fingers
A hat to warm my ears
And You to warm my heart
325 · Jan 2019
Love Prose
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
To love someone and to be in love with someone are two completely different things. To love someone, is to openly show affection and intimacy; to share life with them through happiness and sadness, through pain and glory. To be in love is to be happy where you are in your relations. Maybe that’s why there are quarrels in relationships. Someone in them isn’t in love, someone isn’t happy. Therefore they were never truly in love. Love is unconditional but to receive that love, certain conditions must be met. That’s why I say, “I love everyone, but that doesn’t mean they are allowed to see that love from me.” But I’m happy with life, so maybe, I’m in love with the world.
First attempt at prose
325 · Mar 2019
Philosophies from Ian #1
Ian Robinson Mar 2019
A man of few words knows fewer problems
321 · Jan 2019
The Deep Dark Under
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
In the deep dark under
There be a blunder
Somewhere in that deep dark under

So I sit and ponder
And so I wonder
What is left to ponder

With the maple tree
I can clearly see
I sit and wonder where I be
304 · Feb 2019
6 word poem #7
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
A king cannot lead from sidelines
271 · Mar 2019
Ian Robinson Mar 2019
I keep myself busy
While thinking of you
I don't rightly know why
But I think I love you
271 · Jan 2019
The Crow
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I sit st my desk
stuck with a grotesque
feeling if writer's block
I can tell i'm loosing my stock
so i open my curtain to the window
just before sunrise

As the sunshine peaks
I look at my window
and to my my dismay
i see a charcoal black crow
and it said to me
You reap what you sow
264 · Jan 2019
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I call out
To a shallow cave
And in return
I get a shallow reply
254 · Feb 2019
If I Could...
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
I'd write you a song
one not too terribly long

I'd ink your name
under a sketch of your face

I'd love you
the way you should be treated
248 · Jan 2019
Guns, Swords, and Pens
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
The Pen is mightier than the Sword
Or so it's said
But what about Guns?

They say never bring a knife
To a gun fight
But what should i never bring a gun to?
248 · Jan 2019
Backwards Flying Bird
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Back on old backwards hill
Living with old backwards Bill
lived a backwards flying bird
who decided
it's easier to swim
thank you Shel Silverstein for inspiring my youth
247 · Jan 2019
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
It was reddish with the sky all to white
a silent wind hushed the painted day sky
And forward I faced my back towards the night
and I soared with that warm wind ever so high

Up so high where I can breathe so clearly
Fleeing with the storm clouds drawing so near
I attempt to escape my hate hastily
The cleaver draws ever closer to my dear

Flying up to the man's neck with my shear
Without saying goodbye i take my stride
and quickly "He's dead, gone" i clearly hear
Again i take to the wind and the morning
I save time by changing and taking sides

I hope to get home swift before scorning
And go join in the day break aborning
This is what i call a broken sonnet as it has 15 lines instead of 14 but it still has 10 syllables per line
244 · Feb 2019
Hush up
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Hush up, I hear the howling wind
Wind down, and hear the clock ticking
Tick tock goes the great grandfather
Grandfather says "hush up"

Hush up because the three headed wolves are coming
Coming to steal your soul far away
Away to place no man should stay
Stay against the wall
Walls are our safety net
Nets are butterflies and fish
Fish swim up a river of sorrow and spray, "Hush up"

Hush up, the demons are here
Here to stay through the night
Night scares them inside too
Too many and they all echo, "Hush up"

"Hush up" dies down the wind
242 · Jan 2019
Practice for Death
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
sleepless nights
         incur frightful
            locked in torpidity
as anxiety
           dashes up the sheets
i practice
                this waltz with death
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Maybe it is me
Actually it is me
You are quite the dream

Truth is a burden
Heavy sets the beating heart
Even on that day

Beating hearts and a falling start
Recreate the scenes of us falling apart
Incandescent lights
Disrupt the flame
Giving off a new sort of spark
Effectively entrapped in an entangled waltz
Spiraling into the wall


Beaten and battered by frivolous exchange
Understandably we're upset
Reacting not acting
Nevertheless we swing

Lightning flashing
Inside the mind between the hearts
Grasping what we understand
Hoping for the rest
Truly serene

Truth may be a burden
Hardly to fallen stars
Enticed to try again

Wishing for a chance
A way to find the end
Yet I'll I hope we'll never see
240 · Jan 2019
Where I want to go
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I want to go where the sun shines bright
and tans my skin

I want to see where the mountains
meet the ocean

I want to go to where
i can breath again

I want to go to your arms
237 · Mar 2019
Day Dreams
Ian Robinson Mar 2019
Close your eyes
Let your day dream be our world
See the storm clouds brewing
Desensitize yourself as we eat at you
Tilt your head down and view the world from the clouds
Reel it back and behold the heavens
Deep in the embers of your
Day dream
236 · May 2019
Ian Robinson May 2019
It's been a while since we've met
Good ol' keyboard
I know I've been neglecting you
But I've missed you
Almost as much as I've missed myself
Sorry I've been gone... just missing something
235 · Jan 2019
Rusty Throne
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Center of the corridor
Sits a seat
One for those with immeasurable feats
It sits above the third floor

It is old and rusty
Wrinkled and dusty
He who rules from his Iron throne
Shall forever hear the ominous drone
Accompanied by sleepless nights
And dastardly fights

A king must be strong
Mentally ready to bear
Burdens of the chair
Must be able to right the wrong

He must Love, be feared
If these requirements have been cleared
He may sit in this throne
And call this place his home
233 · Jan 2019
Starry Night
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I wake up
Every night
Around one am
Just to look at the stars
And sometimes i look up
At your eyes and find them
Looking right back at me
231 · Jan 2019
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Every rose
Has at least one thorn
On it's stem

Every heart
Should have at least one scar
on its sleeve

Otherwise, it wouldn't know
how to love
230 · Jan 2019
Caged Birds Still Sing
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Up in windows
Sways a birdcage
with a tweety-bird
singing to the cat so far below
with it's taunting song
it sings a song of tease
as the cat chirps back
claiming it's treat

The bird so high and mighty
does not consider the cat
to be more than a worm
but the cat
just sees a snake that can fly
a meal for the mites
229 · Sep 2021
What's deserved
Ian Robinson Sep 2021
People don't want what they don't deserve
The bad, and the good.
And it's evident I don't deserve anything.
228 · Jan 2019
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I want to be in love
Falling deep into the
Bottomless ocean
Swimming deeper
Where I can breathe easier

I wanna stay in love
Feeling the butterflies
Deep in the bowels of my stomach
Because I always eat better
When you're around

I wanna experience heartbreak
That stabbing nuisance of knives
Where butterflies once resided
So I can say I lived as selfish as that seems
225 · Feb 2019
6 word poem #3
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Chairs sit stacked silently awaiting return
Schools during the summer
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Everyone knows
the classic tale
Of Cats and Mice
The latter running
Running from the former

But once a Dog is in play
the two companions are the prey
220 · Jan 2019
Wild Horses
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Running through the plains and meadows
they are not native to

Much like the happy and merry widows
that were abused

Wild Horse won't stop for anyone
219 · Jan 2019
Life Through Death
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I'm glad i got to spend these last few years with

We didn't always get along
We had our fights
Our good times too
4 years going
you held out for 3 before that
2 years after we gave you your official name
and I miss every single moment

You came to cuddle with me the other night
You never do that

You sat at my feet
you were telling me you loved me
And I barely knew it

Now you are gone
and that's okay

Your life was hell
Before you knew us
And you knew it
We all did

But to continue through
One must experience
R.I.P. my poor kitty
215 · May 2021
If I Was
Ian Robinson May 2021
If I was ever renting a room in your heart,
Its surely closed off with cation tape.
However, a step through the door,
will reveal a well kept, seemingly pristine world.
After-all, I gave you what you wanted,
Nothing but the world.
214 · Feb 2019
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Encumber my desires
                  Whilst I slumber by my internal fire
214 · Mar 2019
Ian Robinson Mar 2019
Lost dazed and confused
I don't know what to do
A brisk breeze blows me in the direction I need to go
I'm being torn apart
But not how I'm used to
We talk nearly enough but we still love each other
You're not toying with me
But you're torturing me
Burying me in concrete to my eyes and filling my heart
I finally understand exactly what I need
And you can't give it to me
Just like a spring wind
Is still cold
You are stuck in one place
While I'm moving on forward
208 · Jan 2019
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Sleepy-Time tea
wrapped in blankets
slumber in peace
Feeling great
207 · Jan 2019
Prose #1
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
What is thinking? What does thinking actually mean?
How do we think so well with all these problems we
face daily? I Like to believe it stems from a natural
instinct to have a roll in our packs. Much like wolves,
humans run in groups. We call it family; other animals
that act like this run in packs or herds. Every animal
has a roll to play in their own world. So what if we're
no better than pack animals? Is there a better, higher
way to think? I like to think so...
206 · Jan 2019
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I was told once that
Women are intimidated by me...
I'm a 5 foot 8 inch  blonde twig with acne
How am I intimidating?
If anything I'm translucent
True story, I'm not that intimidating lol
206 · Jan 2019
What I write
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I write what I wish...
That being said,
I wish I had what I write
I write what I wish for
If I write about love, her sickly sweet scent
I wish I had it in the moment
If i write about rays of sunshine
It is raining in my world
If I write erotica
I wish I lived it, felt it
If i wish for sadness,
I would write about it
For I write what I wish
203 · Feb 2019
Wise men
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Wise men say fools rush in

Wise men say the gentle man angry is no longer gentle

Wise men say time only exists when you're aware of it
It is also said time ceases to exist when

Wise men say be the best you, for you are the only you

Wise men say, be just as good at lying as one is at truth telling

Wise men say bullets are not the answer-
but they sure as hell, help
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