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Ian Robinson May 10
If I was ever renting a room in your heart,
Its surely closed off with cation tape.
However, a step through the door,
will reveal a well kept, seemingly pristine world.
After-all, I gave you what you wanted,
Nothing but the world.
Ian Robinson Mar 3
Times change too often
For my frozen self,
Full of hope and wonder.
Who would have thought
Evil seeps into those near-
No matter the effort.
I'll do it myself, then, coward.
Ian Robinson Mar 3
Floating whisps wrap my throat.
Subtley starving my blood.
I watch my ocean of love disappear-
Don't go...
The butterflies bounce in fluttery breaths
Only known by those who watched You fly.

Clarity never cleared my vision up,
But it seems doldrums cloud the glow, situated on my path.
How unfortunate it seems this boat cannot be fled from
Although flight seems at a beat's fail,
Death evades those it suffers but doesn't release.
Even sobbing duress cannot cry for
Where I was
Ian Robinson Nov 2020
Cool coconut caresses
The open sores in my mouth
From not eating.

I can't help it,
"I don't need it"
I tell myself

It burns but in the least satisfying way
I'd rather swallow fire than
Let myself eat a hole through my empty soul

Trudging through this creative poison
Using it like I use this
Eating away at the different layers of what I need to live
I don't like this one but i wrote it anyways
Ian Robinson Oct 2020
The world is a fragile place
A stone's throw and it'll shatter like glass.
It warps, contorts, and moves,
Just like it should,
But glass is fragile.

The World is a strange place
I throw rocks, just to skip along the water
But no matter where they went
I hurt you.
I'm around, just down and busy
Ian Robinson Mar 2020
The winged boy, so unassuming
Stuck with his consuming thoughts
Can no longer stand the time it takes
To climb his peaks
If they keep shackling weights
To let gravity pull him down
Ian Robinson Feb 2020
Like Calamity loves to disrupt the Calm,
Like A Bad Day loves driving one, unloved child off the edge
Like a cat loves to eat her first child
Like a bee loves to help a flower ****
Like a crackhead loves their first pipe
like a Saying loves to be painstakingly true
Like how you love me
I will love you
Been a while
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