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And so I did it
And so I lived it
And so I said it
And so I will do it again
Encumber my desires
                  Whilst I slumber by my internal fire
Dear Beach ***,
Thank you for brightening up my page
Every single day!
You lighten up my life and
Truly encourage writers in every way!
I know it may not always feel this way
But the greater sum of us, like what you have to say!
So here's a message to our dear *** on the Beach,
on behalf of the whole HEPO site,
Thank you for being our Beach ***!
~Ian R.
To Beach ***
When I watch you grow
I realize, a thick stem is better
Than a long one
For a thick stalk does not break as easily
I'd write you a song
one not too terribly long

I'd ink your name
under a sketch of your face

I'd love you
the way you should be treated
Walk down South Main Street
         And all I see are trees
                   Sounds of bird stepping on the
                Snakes slithering slowly
All to the beat of life.
           I look up and run into you
       The blue sky looks down on me
And I fall in love with her golden eyes
                           But quickly my brain moves on,
While I fall in love with another's mouth
                               again three times over;
The way one steps
                                  The way one cries
                                                                    The way one stops on stairs
This is why I fly from my causalities,
         Sitting on a bench
I open my book, standing on the pages
                         I dance with the characters another one
I've fallen for
                        her steps
How many more mistakes can I make
What did i just write?
I grew up
      Learning about car models
             Not knowing
I was just another one
      To my father
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