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Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Why do I always fall in love with them?
Ian Robinson Aug 2022
Grey asphalt
Lacking tar, cracking like glass
Dissuade onlookers from
Old hotel bay windows not yet boarded
Concrete cliffs
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I never throw my 2 cents in
Because everyone expects a dollar
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Chairs sit stacked silently awaiting return
Schools during the summer
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Chaos and poverty, hand in hand
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Jam filled, crust wrapped, glazed top
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Teacher, how can I learn patience
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
A king cannot lead from sidelines
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
For all that I am:
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Land changes, Seas change, Skies, and life, too.

If one escapes life too often, their life becomes their escape.

Everything is scrap until one needs it.

The world belongs to itself.
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I sit up in the morning
I still heed that early warning
I want to wait for this
Sunbeam to start pouring
Into window refraction bliss
Hoping for a sun-kiss
Maybe shoot some hoops, a miss
I miss the elementary days
when we'd all go out and play
basketball before going on our way
Ian Robinson Mar 2019
I am of death
Blessed is the one who accepts me without question
Blindly follow truth as all things return to me
Be calm as time moves on
Don't be blue or red
Your fate has come back for you, walk on with out dread

I am of life
Doomed from the start, acceptance is not a reality one wants
Safely hold onto the walls of uncertainty
Safety is but a white lie
Lying in wait for a truly blue moon
We are but agents of fate
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
On a regular basis
I encounter Death
As if the safest place
Would be in stasis

At 10 years old
Almost took me
But my cards i did not fold

new born
i was failure to thrive
and my head 3 sizes big
now i life with a chest cavity deformed

Not to mention the multiple
attempts on my life
but that's my own doing
i'm culpable

yet this life
is still worth living
Ian Robinson Mar 2019
Imagine you are drifting through nothingness
You see all yet nothing
Something draws to you

Sit up straighter
Hands on your knees (as you read this)
You feel your greater purpose

You are rooted in the universe as a dark dark orb
Patrolling the stark existence

Things are drawn into you as you become more round,
Yet more massive

Do you spin?
Do you spew your excess matter?
Do you lay dormant--
Only picking up what you run into?
What runs into you?

Feel yourself flow through space, time, the universe
Feel yourself defy the laws of nature and bend all that is
Feel your soul mend itself
Through all the places you've been
Reconstruct again
You are a black hole
Swallowing up all that dares cross your horizon
You are both nothing, and the very existence of
All things orbit around you
You orbit around the universe
Nothing can stop you
More of a mindfulness activity than a poem but i find these are quite poetic
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I use
to tie
of truth
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
And so I did it
And so I lived it
And so I said it
And so I will do it again
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
March winds
And April showers
Make way for sweet may flowers
Then comes June
A moon and you,

March winds and April showers
Romance will soon be ours
And outdoor paradise
For two
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
A gentle warm wind
To signal a season of death
Swiftly with it
The sweet song of sparrows
The soft pitter-patter of rain
Wipe up your tears and get on you feet
A new day is at your door
Take off your skinned leather parka
The cold no longer shows your breath
And put away those soft winter knits
Let there be no more harrow
And pain should be that of scraped knees
From play all but too rough from friends you meet
After all your spring chores
Sunny like a Petrarca

In the Season of life
lives happiness
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Chilly Autumn days
bring harsh winter winds
but the Roses still grow
in greenhouses

The greenhouse, a garden
grows Roses for the lucky lovers
In the dead middle of winter
just to come back two months later

As the Rosebud trembles
with each passing
it blooms and falls
to the hands of the deserving

but it ****** in self defense
much like the love
we all thought we'd cherish
Ian Robinson Mar 2019
****** and burnt out
A match without a sulfur tip
A pack of meat left out for the coyotes

The green mile
Is the longest when
I am with you
Hand in hand

Charcoal smoked ideas
Blackened by the idea of
Sickened hearts

Yet when i greet you with a smile
It patches all the holes in our boat

Muddied shirts and shoes
From playing my the river of life

Sometimes silence is the best answer
To the hardship and strife
Sometimes Silence is the best answer to
Sitting under the shade on a hot summer day
On a hill overlooking the airstrips
Listening to the ballads of
Those beautiful flying airships landing abruptly

Not quite as... oh whats the word?
Forget it let me
Eat up this moment
And savor it for the delicate flavor it has
The moment i mean

So let us enjoy this glorious moment
Before you divellicate my heart
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
It was reddish with the sky all to white
a silent wind hushed the painted day sky
And forward I faced my back towards the night
and I soared with that warm wind ever so high

Up so high where I can breathe so clearly
Fleeing with the storm clouds drawing so near
I attempt to escape my hate hastily
The cleaver draws ever closer to my dear

Flying up to the man's neck with my shear
Without saying goodbye i take my stride
and quickly "He's dead, gone" i clearly hear
Again i take to the wind and the morning
I save time by changing and taking sides

I hope to get home swift before scorning
And go join in the day break aborning
This is what i call a broken sonnet as it has 15 lines instead of 14 but it still has 10 syllables per line
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Back on old backwards hill
Living with old backwards Bill
lived a backwards flying bird
who decided
it's easier to swim
thank you Shel Silverstein for inspiring my youth
Ian Robinson Mar 2019
Down by the beach
Lives a hermit crab
And under moonlit nights
He cleans
So I beseech you
After he sleeps his pale slumber
Go clean the beach
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Dear Beach ***,
Thank you for brightening up my page
Every single day!
You lighten up my life and
Truly encourage writers in every way!
I know it may not always feel this way
But the greater sum of us, like what you have to say!
So here's a message to our dear *** on the Beach,
on behalf of the whole HEPO site,
Thank you for being our Beach ***!
~Ian R.
To Beach ***
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Inside and out
Humans are magnificent
We each have a single butterfly in our head
The Sphenoid is what I'm talking about
There in the back of the skull,
Without it, our mind would
Truly wander in our skulls
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
And so I sit
And here I write
Although my space is very tight
I sit with my poetry kit
And hope for better
In the belly of the best
Ian Robinson Dec 2018
Where were you, when the moon split in two?
I thought I saw you looking up too

I wondered where you were between the far and few
Please come back I am blue

If for you I’d have flew
I wish I knew, I would hold the line just for you

Where were you
When the moon split in two
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Eyes dart back and forth
Heart rate high
No longer wishing i could cry
Not sure where is magnetic North
Palms are moist
Nerves are weary
And so I foist
wishing to be alone and dreary
He's definitely blasted
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
In dead cold blizzards
typically one does something...

so scooch a little closer
and lets do something
Warming together
I'll let y'all figure this out
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I do a lot when I'm bored
None of it good
Ian Robinson Mar 2019
What's left to say
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Once I saw you I knew
I had to ask
"Will you catch the breath
You stole from me?"
Ian Robinson Mar 2019
No longer sleeping
He sits awake in a forest of dreams
Shrouded in darkness
No more light to his path
He holds onto his pillow
Surrounded by the demons that haunt him
No longer knowing what is real and not
He clenches the pillow to ignore the pit in him
Suffering silently slipping off the edge
Ian Robinson Mar 2019
I keep myself busy
While thinking of you
I don't rightly know why
But I think I love you
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Up in windows
Sways a birdcage
with a tweety-bird
singing to the cat so far below
with it's taunting song
it sings a song of tease
as the cat chirps back
claiming it's treat

The bird so high and mighty
does not consider the cat
to be more than a worm
but the cat
just sees a snake that can fly
a meal for the mites
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Even heroes must die
so some else can wear their capes
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Everyone knows
the classic tale
Of Cats and Mice
The latter running
Running from the former

But once a Dog is in play
the two companions are the prey
Ian Robinson Aug 2022
I have a right, you know
To go around
Catching all the flies that bother me

  Twisting my arm
      Clasping my hand(s)
Almost, playing with my prey
Holding onto tricks up my sleeve
Reaching like a madman

But you wouldn't you know it?!
I'm actually pretty good at doing it
Interpretation may vary
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
As the fire echos shadows on the wall
And the chains rattle with every movement
I name the things as I understand them to be
Ball, tree, beautiful butterfly
I know these to be lies but i can't seem to see
Craning my neck I see a blinding light
Blind to me at least
I begin to understand, a very fluid plan
Life through light and dark
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Remember when you were young
And life had just begun
The world so small and fun
All that summer sun?

back when nothin got you blue
And we always had somethin to do
When we never wore our shoes?

Back when we could fight dragons
Or just pull our red wagon?

Remember when there was nothing to lose?
Real tear-jerker for me to write this, especially being so young
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
towers towering too high
lean left so those down low
have a hap-chance of happiness

children change climates
wishing the world will win
over ginormous giants gripping
concrete cause-ways creating creatures
night-bound by nocturnes
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Come, come
                       the classsroom is calling
                                                         ­         pencils stopped falling
the teacher lectures and
                                              shuts the door
kids bags strewn out on the floor
                        Open discussions open more
like every door that closes a window opens
                              Roping in students for a grester quest of knowledge
Ian Robinson Mar 2020
The winged boy, so unassuming
Stuck with his consuming thoughts
Can no longer stand the time it takes
To climb his peaks
If they keep shackling weights
To let gravity pull him down
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Hippie Heights
those who know, know
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
Sometimes I cry,
I cry for happiness's sake
Sometimes, in sadness
Rarely in anger
I mostly cry in sympathy
but I do not pity
Ian Robinson Feb 2019
Wake up
Go to Work

But what really is it
That gets us on our feet

For some it is

For others it could be
Honey (wink wink)

I think it is kind of funny
How we relay so much so often

When all we’re ending up in a

A loved one ends up in the Earth

But very every pound of Earth
Is another Birth
So be it a Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde
We all have a chuckle,
And some of us have even cried

While some get high
To pass the life away

Some choose to look high
And forward to the next day
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I wake up
Every morning
To a brand-new day
At one am

Which *****
At one am
there is nothing
to do

So i wait until daybreak
to write something new

and i start my daily routine
all over anew
i just woke up like 5 minutes ago so this may not make any sense
Ian Robinson Mar 2019
Close your eyes
Let your day dream be our world
See the storm clouds brewing
Desensitize yourself as we eat at you
Tilt your head down and view the world from the clouds
Reel it back and behold the heavens
Deep in the embers of your
Day dream
Ian Robinson Jan 2019
I've cared for you for who knows how long
It's time i said my "I Love You's"
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