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you light a match,
i fall in love.
just like magic.
my favorite memory of you by far.
Idiots shouldn't play
with matches
                cos they washed in petrol...

But I'm no idiot,
            but I'll still throw a match

in the room and watch the idiots burn.
Anastasia Aug 31
the world is getting too bright
i cant tell that something isn't right
something else is dripping
from the tears in my skin
you told me not to
let the darkness in in
but you left
so what's the point
let's set fire
to this joint
the matches are there
no need to stare
reach into my pocket
nothing you can to stop it
not anymore
i'll start this chaos
i've got people to brainwash
this is what happens when you abandon me
i told you but i guess you wanted to see
burn down the room
decorate your tomb
gave you my heart
but you decided to spend it
gave you life
now it's my turn to end it
Stark Feb 13
huddled beneath the *****, dark alleys of the past
there's a girl
rubbing her hands together
for a semblance of warmth

the cold bites deep
through bare clothing
chilling her to the bone

as the frost flurries through
and bright Christmas trees
set her eyes alight

she shakily pulls a small
from her pocket

with a breath,
she mutters a prayer
and strikes the match
to watch it burn
one last time

the flame wavers
but continues to burn
'till there is no fuel left

just as the light dies
she, too, dies

and the ghosts come
to take her hand
to a safer place
where it's Christmas yearlong
and warm embraces await

for the little match girl has left
for somewhere, something beyond our reach
little match girl
Ian Robinson Feb 4
Maybe it is me
Actually it is me
You are quite the dream

Truth is a burden
Heavy sets the beating heart
Even on that day

Beating hearts and a falling start
Recreate the scenes of us falling apart
Incandescent lights
Disrupt the flame
Giving off a new sort of spark
Effectively entrapped in an entangled waltz
Spiraling into the wall


Beaten and battered by frivolous exchange
Understandably we're upset
Reacting not acting
Nevertheless we swing

Lightning flashing
Inside the mind between the hearts
Grasping what we understand
Hoping for the rest
Truly serene

Truth may be a burden
Hardly to fallen stars
Enticed to try again

Wishing for a chance
A way to find the end
Yet I'll I hope we'll never see
if you give a kid a match
they will learn to start a fire.
Black Lips Jan 4
I want to play a little game
Don't need you talkin bout your fame
I'll put your heart inside a frame
I'll put you in my hall of fame
You burned down a building with people inside
Do not try to run there is nowhere to hide
You killed nine people all under twenty one
The things that you did can never be undone
Burn half of your body to see how it hurt
I wonder if your husband knows you're a flirt
All you have to do is take that gasoline
And cover yourself from your toes to your waist
Then light a match
I think you know what to do
No need to cry yourself to sleep
I really hope you continue to weep
Noah Dec 2018
They told us to never play with fire
To never touch a match
To throw away the lighters
They said to never play with fire
Even if you're using it to
cassie marie Nov 2018
you know when you strike a match?
you have to go quickly to light it
if you go too slow, it won’t light
but once you light it,
if you wave it around to quickly
it burns out
but if you wave it slowly
it stays lit
basically this is saying you can’t move to fast or feelings will burn out.
arian Nov 2018
I was there
Throwing matches on the bridge
Without lighting them up.
Thinking whether or not
I could handle the fact that
I wouldn't be able to cross over if I did.
But as the fog cleared up
I could clearly see you
On the other side,
Pouring gasoline.
"Burn," I said,
So we could dance
Near the fire
On the long, cold night.
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