if you give a kid a match
they will learn to start a fire.
Black Lips Jan 4
I want to play a little game
Don't need you talkin bout your fame
I'll put your heart inside a frame
I'll put you in my hall of fame
You burned down a building with people inside
Do not try to run there is nowhere to hide
You killed nine people all under twenty one
The things that you did can never be undone
Burn half of your body to see how it hurt
I wonder if your husband knows you're a flirt
All you have to do is take that gasoline
And cover yourself from your toes to your waist
Then light a match
I think you know what to do
No need to cry yourself to sleep
I really hope you continue to weep
Sage Dec 2018
They told us to never play with fire
To never touch a match
To throw away the lighters
They said to never play with fire
Even if you're using it to
Caitlyn Nov 2018
you know when you strike a match?
you have to go quickly to light it
if you go too slow, it won’t light
but once you light it,
if you wave it around to quickly
it burns out
but if you wave it slowly
it stays lit
basically this is saying you can’t move to fast or feelings will burn out.
arian Nov 2018
I was there
Throwing matches on the bridge
Without lighting them up.
Thinking whether or not
I could handle the fact that
I wouldn't be able to cross over if I did.
But as the fog cleared up
I could clearly see you
On the other side,
Pouring gasoline.
"Burn," I said,
So we could dance
Near the fire
On the long, cold night.
Christian Hicks Jul 2018
You said I left you alone in the dark
But you were screaming with the lights on
You said you didn't know where we were
But you knew right from the start
That we would crash and burn
Like falling stars, we were crossed
We were the enemy of the night
But now we're lighting matches
To help guide us home
clever Apr 2018
the good days burn out like matches.
sparking sleepless nights and bad dreams.
the force of trying to start it again isn't
worth the ephemerality of its effect.
you never should've played with fire.
it's (i'm) nearly impossible to put out
once i'm started
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2018
And like that
I am lost in you.
The simplest of touch is all it takes.
Lost in that feel good place that beckons our name over and over.
The physical manifestation of what we both know to be true.
The feel of your skin pressed tight against mine.
Our fingers lost in the rhythm.
The Times we've made mistakes like this.
Our lips hesitant.
Reaching out to one another in a pace we can both relate.
You feel me and I know this to be true.
Both of us lost.
Slipping and sliding in reassurance.
Eluding the overwhelming thought that at any moment our eyes will shut tight and our inner fear will dissipate into eruption.
Anticipation built high.
We both brace for the thrill of fire.
A match striking the side of box.
Over and over until we are both consumed.
Blown away in satisfaction.
Neither of us can speak.
The peak of ascension.
And Like that I am lost.
Caressing you until the last ember is blown out
mikumiku Apr 2018
There was a Danish girl I knew before
A little girl who was unusual
The last time saw her I in local store
Or maybe I was just delusional
She always carried matches up her sleeve
And liked to set the fire to her stuff
The total strangers called her little thieve
And claimed she was supposed to be in cuff
Somebody said she went away abroad
To meet her mother who was working there
They heard she has been holding lightning rod
And waiting for the storm with humid hair
They said she went mad and burst into flames
She couldn’t handle things and gave it in
She was a fairytale, somebody claims
But fairytales like that just make me grin
Ki Marie Mar 2018
“I have a habit of setting myself on fire
to keep other people warm”
she admitted with
her hands in her lap
and eyes towards the floor
at that moment
he smiled
took out a book of matches
and handed them to her
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