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Ian Robinson Jan 2019
To lie
To cheat
To steal
All to get what I want
Sounds like psychopathy and
Narcissism put together
I care about others
But more about my own goals
Good thing i have none
I learn more about myself every day
Tommy Randell May 2018
The very presence of Dinner Guests is toxic
I come over all quasi-philosophic
I get them to argue about all kinds of *******
Like whether it's right for innocents to be punished

Or, you know, steering the chat to Religion or Politics
That a stick isn't something always brown and sticks
Or getting our kids to pay back what they owe us
As if we are not responsible for a world filled with chaos

But, if the Guests join in then all is forgiven
The meal can go on 'cause they passed the audition
I like a certain conflict, I find it revealing
I like having the Guests for dinner, if you take my meaning..?
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I'm tired
And since I'm not eating
Then my energy
Is non-existing
I'm barely keeping my eyes open
As I type in the words
For this poem.

I'm trying not to make typos,
But it's hard when you only see
A cloudy version of the keyboard
Since your eyelids are slowly closing.

Outside people are enjoying
The sun
Which for once
Are shining over Denmark
But I'm just sitting inside
The University of Copenhagen
Occupying myself
So that there's no time
For crying

I bought myself a new book
One by Niccolò Machiavelli
I plan to read it
In the holiday
And I'm really looking forward to this
Since through the last four years
People have often recommended me
To read it...

So while Green Day's "Panic Song" is playing
On my headphones
I'll finish my poem
And return to my book
'Cause though I'm tempted
Then I can't keep wasting my time
Writing poems
Just to I keep myself occupied.
Maybe I'll take the book
And go read outside
In the sunshine...
Ok....Back to work!.. :)
Sombro Oct 2015
Breath to breath
Our winds, our mixing
I don't know if I'll handle
This hurricane.

But don't let me tell you
It's immoral,
We both know
That holds no water.

Skin to skin,
Ashes to ashes
The earth comes up
To meet our confusion.

Smoke, oh god, smoke.
My mind's become kindling
I burn for you
Fire is an evening well spent.

Don't let anyone tell you
You're a Machiavellian lover
Severity is its own reward

And I can be yours.
I'm not too sure how well I brought Machiavelli into this poem. I'm reading him at the moment and this poem came to me. It's funny how that happens, isn't it?

— The End —