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7d · 360
are there shadows
behind that light
are there tears unseen
in pitch of night
do you awaken eager
to face the day
has your heart been taken
or led astray
talk to me
without the smile
set the shadows free
the moon is ours
for just a while
the Sun will always be
Sep 6 · 79
I have an angel
the little girl said
in a voice that quietly screamed
her loneliness
I could not respond then
because I did not hear
and continued walking
past her
in the dark hour I listened to all those voices
I could not hear
some ominous, some disjointed
and some just
I have an angel

I have gone back to look for her
look for some sign as to where she rest
in this graveyard of lonely souls
in a 20 minute evp session recorded in a nearby cemetery, I recorded this little girl very clearly. If you would like to hear it, feel free to ask
Aug 26 · 84
which connection
I am not the homeless madman
the lunatic on a boat to nowhere
what do I do with the information I have gathered?
the numbers
the dreams
the sky drops into bed
I'm living a dmt trip
without the dmt
I can tell you what I see
but you can't see
I can tell you what I hear
but you can't hear
I can tell you that a spirit
lives with me
but you will never meet him

I saw it in a movie once
an explanation
I noticed them and they noticed
that I noticed them
so many ways
they reveal themselves
if you could see what I see
perhaps I could find solace
in the knowing
I once had doubts about what I witnessed. This is no longer the case
Aug 25 · 91
the old truck
I'm guessing from the 60's
now being devoured by trees
at the edge of this farm
melting into the hundreds of acres
a remnant
I took the back roads this time
on my latest sanity saving trip
to the Outer Banks
Where I'll pick through the
fragmented shells
looking for the few that made
the journey in one piece
like the scavenged souls we meet
I took some pictures where the
lighthouse peeks over the dunes
and spotted something in photo
after photo
an orb appears in each
and changes position with
every click of the camera
perhaps a soul
victim of a ship gone down
from one century or another
stepped out from his grave
the Atlantic
to enjoy a stroll along the beach
Outer's shores known as the graveyard of the Atlantic
Jul 30 · 159
they dance on the edge of nearly
unperceived breezes
the sighs of dead men's final breath
that follow me to the edge
of the thickets
many lay at the feet of those who wish to taste death
but not know it
brothers in arms
who cross from the horrors often placed upon them by man
into a swath of light that holds no measure of time or space
or pain
they are free to walk from the remnants that linger in living consciousness
yet remain
tied to the moment of their crossing
the essence of their love for kindred souls
May 11 · 82
i bought a wall clock while at the beach
with a lighthouse on it
i put a battery inside before finding it a home
it's a bit noisy and i have it laying on one of my
dining room chairs
until a home becomes available
not sure how that will go
since none of my paintings
or other oddities
will voluntarily give up their spot
i really didn't need the clock
but i liked i bought it
maybe i should shop for a wall extension
i have asked myself 100 times
why i haven't removed the battery
today i turned it over so that the front is facing up
this fixed the noisy part of the problem
by muffling the ticking
in the cushion of the seat
i suppose i could just remove the battery anyway
since i never really use an unhung clock to tell the time of day
but something is keeping me from doing that
something tells me that the clock won't start again
should i remove the battery
and those ships depending on the lighthouse
may be forever lost at sea
but what happens when the battery dies?
i suppose i will find out
if i live that long
too much time!
Apr 16 · 197
old man and his ghosts
it is cold again
drizzling as he enters his building
clutching the 2 bags of groceries
the 3 year old stares from the upstairs
apartment window
wondering why the old man doesn't
play with him anymore
he re-heats and finishes off the coffee
from last night
throws a tv dinner in the microwave
and watches highlights of the games on youtube
since they dropped the local sports from Sling
he checks his bank balance again online
listens to his favorite ghost stories podcast
then wonders why he hasn't planned for
his burial
or cremation
cheaper to dump my ashes in the Atlantic
he decides
he ponders many things but mainly what the future holds for his kids
he does this almost every night
can't understand why they took the vaccine against his pleas...
to get along? Make things easier? Have that card for the cruises?
1 A.M. and a few hits to help him sleep
a final ****
but will hold off the flush until morning
so as to not wake the older woman upstairs
the ghosts are getting closer these days
they scare the **** out of the neighbor's cat
when he comes to visit
he's off the spirit box since October
when they scared the **** out of him
when he saw one go by and call his name
they know it's coming soon
he just wishes they'd let him leave quietly
feeling old
Mar 3 · 152
lost angel
caustic famine
eyes poised to attack
two sides of the brain divided
like strangers on a phone
your grin sadistic
yet somehow inviting
bitterness holds court
in the beauty of your hunger
mirror speaks in riddles
no love survives
Feb 26 · 167
the calling
i must gather myself
it has been far too long
the darkness awaits
the calling is strong
the fear has subsided
i sense their confusion
am i the ghost
are they an illusion?
they remain close to me
i can feel them about
come see us Thomas
they silently shout
i enter the dark
in the shadows i revel
to walk with the angels
or dance with the devil
when it's time to return to what I love
Feb 24 · 293
in the masterplan of God's creation
the place where ocean touches land
is where we say hello
Feb 5 · 159
within our love
in timeless
endless space
where discarded thought lingers
too pure for the conscious mind
you walked upon the severed sea
in flowing crystal that reflected back to me
my lucid dream

eyes that cut through distant pain
to warm this frozen heart
we meet amidst the torrent waves
where dreams ride just above
the bitter light of conscious thought
and drift within our love
Jan 23 · 133
Oasis 3
asleep now sound
in the subterranean
crevices of all color and liquid schemes
as I slide rapidly, deeply toward the core

waterslide into the ether
opening to landscapes of stars
and closing again under walls of moving light
moving against and with me

alas I crash into a universe of blue
drown awake in the endless sea
blue beauty overtakes me
I could dream forever here

before I drift into eternity
this oasis
this Heaven imagined
I am plucked from the blue depths
dropped upon a spot of green
under a tree I awaken
with half the backyard yet to mow
Jan 21 · 606
Bad Gateway 502
rendezvous 502
made it through
is this happening to you?
Jan 15 · 200
partners in rhyme
they are fading fast
my partners in rhyme
the sound of silence
the perfect crime
caressing voices once loud and bold
drift o'er the oceans
while storms unfold
words split like beams on a sinking ship
crustation on the seabed
what a sad strange trip
it's been
borrowed a few lines
Dec 2020 · 157
the ghost in the window
the ghost in the window has returned
he knows
he knows when you believe him gone
his patience
you cannot outmaneuver patience
he watched us grow
from grunts
to talkers
he knows what you are thinking
you can only win
by giving in
ask him nicely to leave
then beg
then cry
you may find peace
long after your tears
are dry
be careful if you enter the spirit realm. it can be a nasty business
Dec 2020 · 340
blue is the color that I choose
when I choose to sing the blues
in blue bow tie and navy shoes
royal, sapphire, midnight, who's

24 shades will I unveil
aqua, turquoise, powder, pale
Ocean blue escorts winter's hail
Carolina skies, electric eyes
of baby blue
a friend asked for a poem of blue
Dec 2020 · 164
on the stool the Mantis sat
I watched him for a good while
until he turned to face the piano
stretched his incredibly long legs and arms
and began to play
a version of colorblind so intensely beautiful
it brought tears to my shallow eyes
and warmth to my frozen heart
just after the final note echoed down the hallway
he snagged a fly that had fallen
under the hypnotic beauty of his play
he turned his head in that peculiar way they do
and gazed at me
blinked one giant eye and said
'never assume'
don't ask
Dec 2020 · 181
half speed
I want to live at half speed
to absorb more fully
your beauty
your laughter
your love
to allow the view to settle
the words to sink deep
but alas
I would fall behind you
tomorrow's sunrise would arrive without me
and I would lose you
to time
just a thought
Nov 2020 · 220
mind's eye
some dark
some bright
some come to light
during the wee hours of night
some crystal clear
some just out of sight
but all are real and all are right
as I slip into the fearless flight
of the mind's eye
this was initially a response to a comment on another poem...I liked it and made another! Thank you Lori Jones McCaffery for inspiring this!
Oct 2020 · 289
I cannot remember the memories I forgot
I'm sure they are there somewhere
between despair and uncaring
un sharing them
they have diminished
like unfinished furniture
left in the cellar
dwellers of the dark
not sure why I wrote this...I seem to have forgotten
Oct 2020 · 227
Monk Taio Kaneta

In everyday life
we sacrifice our need to feel
without even knowing it
quote during his interview on 'Unsolved Mysteries' - Tsunami episode
Oct 2020 · 165
since the first words fell from the darkness
like a feather in the night
I have entered these pitch black corners
where they wait for me
my curiosity has always outweighed my fear
but these words have been greatly tested of late
a new veil has been lifted
a new test has presented itself
my name spoken
as the spectre hovered above
objects move shortly thereafter
the words 'We get you' from a female
whose voice I have heard before
cuts the silence and tickles my spine

they are not one or two
but many souls
many voices
in a room of great size
they drift in and out
allow me in
and I will tell you
they are truly frightening in their clarity

I have taken some time away
but I am being drawn back
for the flame of curiosity cannot be snuffed
I will enter again
my fear quelled
my desire to know more
burning within
my latest experiences have reached a level that has given me pause
Sep 2020 · 264
they came to check on me
room 222
I had tried to enter room 555 earlier
and the guest reported me to the front desk
who had, in turn called the Sheriff's office
the guest stated that she normally wouldn't have called
but I had such a menacing look that it frightened her
almost a look of...evil
it was 3:33am and the hotel was quiet
they knocked but got no answer
they had the front desk call the room
still no answer
they finally got a pass-key from security
and entered the room to find me passed out on the couch
they checked for a pulse
laughed it off and left me to my dreams
all of this save a vague recollection of being at the bar had left me

and what a dream
I was back in the bar
in the midst of a heated argument over religion, God, evil...
it was close to turning violent when a few cops arrived
they arrested me for drunk and disorderly
but let the other guy slide
I hollered and screamed on the way to the station
even threatened their lives
they just evil laugh

I passed out before reaching the station
and in the dream I woke up in my cell
and then immediately and in actuality, awoke in my room
it was 5:55am and I wanted to hit the road by 6am
to get a jump on traffic
I got a quick shower, packed and was at the desk in 20 minutes

The desk agent, after wishing me a safe trip
began to apologize for the incident the previous night
and said it happens all the time
I asked what incident she was referring to
she said 'well, going to the wrong room by mistake'
I advised her she must have me confused with another guest
'oh no' she said...'I'm quite 222, correct?'
'and so unfortunate for the 2 officers who took you to your room
and came back when you were found wandering in the halls trying to get into other guestrooms. Well, just a short time later on their very next call they arrested someone else who grabbed one of their guns and shot both of them. Isn't that awful. I forgot to mention...we dropped the charge for the drink you had just ordered before the officers arrived in the you have a credit of 6.66 on your card. Come see us again Mr Gates.'
That's Bates...'s a stretch...
Sep 2020 · 196
the past rolls in as waves crash
along this dusk faded beach
as far as these eyes can see
into the vastness
though pale and fragmented
come back in glimpses

i have gazed upon these waves before
under a ****** sky
and i will rest here again
to collect my precious visions
when the Sun cries tears
that scorch the moon
and boil the oceans
what a few hours on the beach can conjure
Aug 2020 · 613
poems like a cloud
like a cloud
are seen
make a brief impression
then drift away to disappear
like a smile
can, for a moment
touch the heart
then leave in silence
to return one day
like a silent film
await your view
where clouds and dreams
and poetry
dance upon your final breath
a gift given to me by a kind lady who left us today
Aug 2020 · 192
shielded minds
beyond the shadow of superficial words
lay the soul of a doubted hesitation
a great barrier stands between skimmed thoughts
and the core of the mind
the world is a falsehood of plastic glances
and mirrored sentences

through dismal days and longer nights
and the shielded minds that come and go
i've come to accept with lonely pain
only mine i know
In 1974 I started sending poetry to a weekend section of the 'Washington Star-News' in Wash. D.C. called 'Write-On' outlet for teen-aged poets at the time. Over the course of several months, I had 14 poems published. I was able to find this one with some help online...hope I can manage to find the rest as I don't think I have copies. They always spelled my last name Ownes instead of Owens...I was writing some dark sh-t in my High School years! Lucky to come out unscathed I guess!
Aug 2020 · 362
rabbit hole
and the voices come at night
from the sink
from the half light
of a half dream
from the phone unanswered
echoes from another space
perhaps another time
to show us glimpses
visions of apocalypse
do we wish to play
and what are we willing to sacrifice
roaches in a jar
this is your wake-up call
some phrases from 'The Mothman Prophecies' and Mr. Cold
Aug 2020 · 374
at the outset of self foundation
i am bewildered into self containment
for nothing i see is me
and what i am now
lay naked and reluctant
to seek the unattainable goal
which is in itself
wrote this upon High School graduation some 46 years ago...remembered about 80% of it
Jul 2020 · 524
unseen friend
you toy with me
distant friend
fingers through my hair
whispers as you dart about
our secret game will remain
our secret
but I must know if you are child or adult
woman or man
past lover in this or an earlier life
reveal to me the answer my spirit
so that you may walk in my dreams
and open the door to both worlds
Jun 2020 · 170
Point Pleasant
I made my way
to Point Pleasant
I crossed the Silver Bridge
and walked the blood soaked fields
where the Battle of Kanawha took place
I walked the streets and absorbed the energy
that hovered like unseen clouds
I approached an older woman walking her dog. She was very sweet and made me think of my Mom, God rest her soul. I knew there would be no harsh words or anger from this gentle lady.
I asked her with a friendly smile if she had a story of the Mothman she might share.
'Not the Mothman, she said...but I do have a story.
One from childhood that I've yet to tell anyone, not even my parents. I was maybe 11 or 12 and walking home after playing and it was getting late. I caught something out of the corner of my eye. When I looked, I saw a large plane losing altitude. It just came closer and closer until it leveled out and passed by very close. So close that I could see the passengers in their seats looking straight ahead, silhouetted against the light behind them. I could see their faces. It went by and then gained altitude again. The strangest thing is that I never heard a sound.
I'm not sure why I told you that story. I always felt that people would think I'm crazy. I suppose I can see that you are truly interested. So there you have it.'

I saw the museum, the ammo bunkers and TNT plant and went back to the hotel. I awoke the next morning to find two odd looking drops of blood on my pillow...still fresh. It startled me and I got up to see if it may have come from my ear. As I headed to the bathroom, I noticed more blood on the foot of the bed. In the bathroom there were 2 spots of fresh blood on the floor. I checked the mirror and found no blood in my ears. No nicks from shaving. No nicks on my arms, shoulders, neck or head. I have no idea whatsoever where that blood originated. And here's what really spooked me. They look like 2 very strange faces.

There were no phone calls from Indrid Cold. No prophecies of planes crashing or bridges collapsing, but I left Point Pleasant, West Virginia with a distinct and clear sense that I had tapped into an energy, peeked behind the curtain of Oz and maybe, just maybe I got their attention.
true story - forgive me if it needs editing. I'll get back to it and review later
May 2020 · 213
distant Sun
she looked upon the tree
as i looked upon her
charcoal shades
distant Sun
she filled the space
with her imagination
her emptiness as real as my own
how i wished to fill that space
quell her sadness with my own
but i had promises to keep
false dreams to carry out
i approached to ask she wait for me
so that i might clear my scripted day
and invite her in
but i turned away
and became a shadow neath her distant Sun
May 2020 · 643
her eyes caught fire as i would read
of darkened paths that i had walked
her aura glowed a desperate need
to cradle demons i had stalked
i loved her from a distance
i knew though words were few
my heart cried its persistence
my morbid pride withdrew
she lives still in my memory deep
my soul she'll never leave
i spend a tear
and wish her near
where do you shine
my precious Yve
a love lost
May 2020 · 188
alight upon
alight upon my weary day
you bring your dance
then dance away
mystic beauty show your smile
alight again this lonely mile
come with me cross quantum's beam
night upon night
dream upon dream
vanishing as thought takes hold
I awaken
I turn cold

alight upon my weary day
bring your dance to me
and stay
night upon night
dream upon dream
beautiful dancer
playing with fluff
May 2020 · 377
a book unread
i turn my back to dreams that fold
in and out as i grow old
slow the clock for just a while
gain a step and lose a mile

every life is a book unread
every thought a dream unfed
and still i let it drift away
without a care i watch the day

come and go like a soothing tide
a moonlit beach where i can hide
among the whispers of poets past
this is where their words are cast
May 2020 · 164
lucid lover
fall into my lucid dream
lay here by my side
lady that walks my sleeping thoughts
oasis where we hide
slide beside my wanting heart
caress my burning skin
colors collide
where passions reside
dream lover
won't you come in
hold me til the colors fade
from neon bliss
to black and white
until we sleep again
this kiss
shall linger til that night
oldie  slightly revised
Apr 2020 · 244
empty hours
the words are few and fleeting
they hide outside my door
my poet's mind retreating
a hollow empty roar
i turn to quiet nights
and share old words with the dead
these lost and passing spirits
whisper kindness in my head
the sleep it comes sporatic
the Sun no longer beams
to light my inner sanctum's eye
to capture poetic dreams
i yield to blank submission
the flickering screen and stare
i feel no sense of mission
the poem tree is bare
been inside too long
Mar 2020 · 291
the lights are down
and the lighters sway
they cheer his shadow as it saunters onstage before him
the chatter is now a roar that compels him to take it in
before surrendering his gift
the silky smooth voice
the delicate guitar licks
snatches lost time
lost years
lost love of his poetry
and weaves it all into sweet retribution
this moment salvaged the soul
of the unknown genius
the doubts
the loss
the dreams that had no end
and the heart that hungered for this moment
had feasted
Sixto the legend
was born again
after nearly 30 years of obscurity, Sixto Rodriguez was finally being recognized as the genius singer songwriter that he was...falling through the cracks and then falling into rock immortality
Mar 2020 · 208
hide and seek
I can see it
right there at the edge of sanity
hovering like a giant black stone
against the early morning Sun
I notice because I always notice when they appear
my attention drawn to that one spot
in the vast open sky
it moves slowly as I reference it's location
just to the left of a jet's vapor trail
I reach for my phone to get a photo as I'm driving
slow down as I take a ramp
point in it's direction and snap off a pic
I attempt to take another
but it is gone
I wonder if I caught it before disappearing
five minutes later I park
check my phone
and there it is
quite small
but there it is
I got you my friend
extraterrestrial hide and seek
I've been playing this game since I was a kid
this just happened on the way to work this morning which is very close to Dulles Airport. I tend to see unusual aircraft or whatever in this area quite often
Feb 2020 · 521
I have a question Lord
it's a question for you Lord
as we advance in years
why does hair fall from our heads
and grow rampant in our ears?
why do our teeth rot
while our toenails grow faster?
will we need deodorant
in the ever-after?
why do our guts expand
while our butts retreat?
we wear the same belt size
yet we can't see our feet
we use a fraction of our brains
what of the 90% that remains?
we walk into the kitchen
and can't recall why
or get the car inspected in October
when it was due in July
Perhaps I'm being fussy Lord
imperfection may be our salvation
but please just answer this final question...
who'd you put in charge
when you took a vacation?
always had the question about why hair grows in our ears as we get older...did a bit of editing today - tapered a few lines
Jan 2020 · 264
on rare occasions
they are like drops of melting ice
falling from the rooftops
on a warm day after a snowfall
plentiful and steady
but more often
they are so difficult to find
like meteors streaking across the night sky
rare and beautiful
the words
the lines
the crystaline connection
when thought and expression mend
to create
Jan 2020 · 126
Neil Peart - R.I.P.
Following the release of 'Moving Pictures' in 1981, I saw Rush in concert. I never missed a tour from that point on until they retired in 2015. I took girlfriends, buddies, then my wife and then all 3 of my kids when they were old enough. Neil Peart was to me the greatest drummer of his era as well as one of it's most prolific writers. Never seeking notoriety or acclaim, he remained in the shadows and continued to lead Rush into quiet immortality. Perhaps in death he will attain the accolades he avoided in life. I am devastated to hear of his passing, but happy for him that he will now reunite with his wife and daughter who preceded him. Rest in Peace Neil, and I hope you realized the joy you brought to the millions of fans who knew and will never forget your humility and immense talent. Fans who never met you, but like me, feel they have lost a dear friend.
Neil Peart died earlier this week after a long battle with brain cancer.
Dec 2019 · 278
a dream set aside
i walk to the curb
glance up the hill to get my bearings
your spot is to the left of the oak
and right of the large marble cross
on which an angel hovers below a cloud
your stone is quaint
your name
two dates
and the words
'Beloved Sister to Everyone'
can i sell my soul to know you beyond those fleeting few months
beyond those precious nights that somehow came to an end
how could we have given them to the wind
to the whispers
to the doubts
to the days ahead that slipped away
like an almost 'I love you'

i'm not sure what is more painful to this beating heart
that i shall never know what may have been
or that the light of love i felt for you has yet to ignite in the eyes of another

what might be sadder than a love left to wither
two lost souls in the wake of their misdeed
i hear your voice and see your smile
in the dream i've set aside
and i shall pray this night
that both may return when this heart is silenced
if you find love, fight for it with everything you have. Don't let it be stained by things much less important. I made that mistake
Dec 2019 · 276
was it a dream?
I had a dream
but this wasn't the typical
awake and forget dream
I remember everything
and as people in the dream were reacting
I knew exactly why
I knew their motives
their plan
It involved a military style evacuation
of a large office building
appeared to be the Middle East
I entered the building and walked through a long corridor
I came to a family of 5 or 6 that were standing at a side exit
afraid to leave. They finally exited and I saw what they feared...
a man who appeared to be American with a rifle about 20 yards ahead on a hill looking at them. He let them leave. I lied to him as I thought he might **** me since I wasn't quite sure who I was in this dream...who's side I was on
It concerned my Grandfather
he had asked me what day I was born
and the alcohol of choice at my birth
I replied that there was no alcohol due to the fact
that my Grandfather died from alcohol poisoning
In fact, my Grandfather died of pneumonia and refused to
take alcohol to help his condition. Why did I lie? How did the lie help?
Instead of killing me, we became friends and took a walk
we came upon a large home with a number of people
sitting on the porch
Two young teenagers, totally out of place began chatting about
an American cd they had purchased
The boy had buzzed blonde hair and a blue eagle tattooed
on his cheek
The female looked very close to his age and chatted non-stop
about her cd
An older female with long dark hair in a long dark dress pulled a rifle from under her side as she was laying on a bench or possibly the ground and pointed it at my friend
Not sure why they let me leave, but I told him I would return...
end of dream
the entire time I knew I was in a dream and reacted as I would, thought as I would and felt as if I was viewing the entire dream through a pair of VR glasses...or was it a dream?

any ideas?
this was not my typical dream...and I dream a lot as I try very hard not to ingest flouride which dismantles the pineal gland...or 3rd eye. This was so f'n real, I cannot begin to explain. Might have to go under hypnosis to dig deeper into this. I have an idea...but I want to hear yours first.
Nov 2019 · 232
when things slow
the cheetah after a futile chase
lay in the grass and ponder
gathers his breath
I watch the ice form and quiet
the rushing river below
or the Sun
submit to dusk
it is here I find the corridor
Oct 2019 · 500
Ocean's Daughter
I came across a memory
that crawled from a ghost crab hole
radiant spirit of another time
flaming red hair and starless black eyes
her flowing robe illuminated and translucent
moved slowly to the shore's edge
pulsing with the energy of moon
and a dream set free
she stared
as if awaiting a vision I once had
of a ship that went down
in the graveyard of the Atlantic
all souls lost
she turned
held out her hand for me
we walked into the waves
the ocean's daughter and I

the dream did not end there
but rather began
a picture in my head prompted this
Oct 2019 · 535
a plea to ET
i look to the night sky
for answers
i am so far removed
from where i stand
detached from this time and place
i don't belong
i send a thought
a message
to anyone that may be passing by this galaxy
on their way home
take me with you
seen lots of moving things in the skies lately
Sep 2019 · 178
a long ago dream
the echoes of a long ago dream
play in the silence of a quiet sleep
a dream I once saw clear
a dream I once held near
but it faded like all dreams do
and drifted to the corner of consciousness

they are clouded and difficult to see now
these dreams of the unresolved
unexplored soul
what might I have found
had I heeded its call
its whispers
to follow
in the bowels of the ever after
a conscious soul resides
it distributes hope and heartfelt laughter
where true love slowly dies
it borrows smiles
for wasteful lies
and never asks a wage
provides a word to struggling poets
to offset certain rage
calms the heart felt burdened
by the madness in this world
and opens thought once buried
to peace and joy unfurled
Aug 2019 · 179
the last lover leaves
the last lover leaves
before dawn
before the necessity of conversation
stale coffee reheated
brings the numbing reality that this was your last chance
old man
there's nothing left
no slivers of heart to give away
no thoughtful whispers in the dark that clever lovers say
you can no longer dance with brittle bones
your game has left you
and they were all games
were they not?
until the last sliver

now walk the shoreline as you always do
when they leave
and ponder the idea of love
Aug 2019 · 219
being of sound mind
being of sound mind and body
I must write of the days when I was slightly ******
when I would disappear into the dark
with headphones
Dark Side of the Moon
or I Robot taking me on journeys
only I could take
my room the isolation tank
Altered States
my mind the well that echoed within
sitar vibrations of an unspoken thought
dreams the night before realized in a wave
of painted sound
when the consciousness of awake and the boundless landscape of sleep
fused with the lost chord
one was as close as one could be to God
on this plane
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