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1.1k · Aug 2016
Rae Anne Aug 2016
I cannot deny
That I want you
A simple taste
Of your mouth
Would torment me
The look on your face
When you get that slow smile
And your gradual laugh
Sends me spinning
In such a way
I dream of you.
924 · Jul 2016
Rae Anne Jul 2016
You think you know me*
*Your assumption's are dire

Just in your world.
778 · Jul 2016
Rae Anne Jul 2016
He was so intense
His brow, forever cast down,
*Was always furrowed.
776 · Jul 2016
Rae Anne Jul 2016
I saw a flower
in a crack of a sidewalk,
that reminded me of you.
Not because it was common,
but because it was original.
Something beautiful
that grew
from nothing.
739 · Aug 2016
Rae Anne Aug 2016
My soul is awashed
Not by the light of the moon
*But by the darkness
729 · Oct 2016
Rae Anne Oct 2016
I can't stop
Thinking of you,
How your breath would feel
On my skin.
I imagine the taste
Of your sweet mouth
And my hearts races,
My nerves tremble.
Just the simple thought of you
Causes me to want you...
So much,
I ache.
669 · Jul 2016
Clowns in the mirror
Rae Anne Jul 2016
Your faded costume
Is wearing thin
Were you not comfortable,
In your own skin?
You were so much better
Inside your ugly living lies
Tell yourself that,
Next time you cry.
660 · Jul 2016
Rae Anne Jul 2016
I can't be so sure
about you
when you play on my insecurities
wielding them like weapons
I've discovered
that your laughter and smiles
are a happy facade
for something much darker
dare I delve inside?
I don't know what I might find
perhaps the truth about myself
*or maybe just a web of lies
643 · Jul 2016
The Wayfarer
Rae Anne Jul 2016
Dreams began in the woods*
Led by the white of the moon
A feather-light passerby
635 · Jul 2016
Rae Anne Jul 2016
they were nothing more than momentary,*
they were like the leaves that rustle by
as you walk the rocky edges
of a side street’s sidewalk.
622 · Nov 2016
Rae Anne Nov 2016
Sometimes I wake up
During disturbing dreams
Bathed in my own sweat
Realty is not what it seems
It's a unfathomable
And the key
To my subconscious Pandora's box
Is lost in my waking reality
From which cannot open.
535 · Jul 2016
Rae Anne Jul 2016
Raging tempers leap across your face*
Dragging down the wretched lear
Fury reveals a heart of waste
Cursing beauty with paranoid fear
Rip across those lovely strands
For beauty is only skin deep
****** to the hands
That caused a heartfelt leap
Curse your lovely stature
That speaks by its self
Only to bring about painful rapture
Pushed back on a dusty shelf
Down with the torment
Wasted along the way
There's no way to deal with this
**For misery has come to stay.
443 · Jul 2016
Rae Anne Jul 2016
Tease the powder against my lips
Leave the taste behind
Torment me with tranquility
In your sedated state of mind
Glitter hopes before my eyes
Carve the poison to my skin
Kiss me once and kiss me twice
Tempt me further in
Tie the noose around my neck
Encrusted with crimson glass
Drown me in your emptiness
For scars ****** and last
407 · Jul 2016
Rae Anne Jul 2016
be still now, my love*
let me kiss the nerves dancing
from your fingertips
349 · Jul 2016
Rae Anne Jul 2016
There's nothing I hate more
Than insecurities
Just when I'm feeling confident enough,
Smart enough
Beautiful enough,
To make it through the day
It falls over me
In sheets of black
From which I cannot escape.
334 · Mar 2017
Rae Anne Mar 2017
I have these
Where you look me in the eyes
You could be a stranger,
A friend
My family
Yet I turn away
And my skin tingles
The hair on my neck rises
I wish you would just go away
And now
I wish
I could disappear
309 · Jul 2016
Rae Anne Jul 2016
If I could live one day
In a world where
there is no subtext in silence
Metaphors are in our laughter
and there is resonance in air and light
Art is loud, brilliant,
and abstract makes sense
Surrealism is part of reality
I could live in this world
Where the figurative
Has a future.
249 · Jul 2016
Waiting for forever
Rae Anne Jul 2016
I do not fear death
I think it must be a relief
Like the kind that comes from
A good nights sleep.
245 · Jul 2016
Rae Anne Jul 2016
Sit away to silently falling leaves*
glorious light drifts away
frozen in a cool icy breeze
ebony shadows as lifelines fray
dull crimson drops to death
gather silently on the ground …
cover ****** scarred flesh
*in autumn tears she drowned.
201 · Jun 2017
Hold your breath
Rae Anne Jun 2017
People tell you
There's wind beneath your wings
But I feel as if
I am a bird in a cage
Clipped and useless
Unable to fly...
From which I was born
To do.
118 · Apr 2017
Rae Anne Apr 2017
I feel tight
On the inside
In that place that
everyone says matters
The most.
Like they tell me
The outside is insignificant.
But sometimes, I like
The mirror better.
Because it reflects...
Only the surface.
110 · Aug 2017
Rae Anne Aug 2017
These sleepless nights are so long
I lay here listening to the sounds of nature
The sun comes up and its playing our song
Why can't we get along
We but heads like Goats
Horns caught in a tangle
Its between me and you
Always fights that gets mangaled
Through words and silence
And I miss you
My tears and emotions tangled
it already comes do to you
Down to us.

— The End —