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I don't like people who assume things too much.
I am your bestfriend,
I am always here for you because,
That's a role of a bestfriend.
There are lots of times that you were immature that you can hurt,
I get mad but keep it to myself.
I accept you and listen to everything you say.
But now you avoid me,
Because you think I like you.
That is not true,
You assuming pig.
You are a great friend of mine,
We went through a lot and you are just gonna ruin that because of what you assume.
For your information,
My Bunny is the only one in my heart.
Another friend will leave me.
How clean is clean
when the cleaning began
from the floor of a sunken ship?
Barnacles grace the walls in the place
of family, or a familiar face.

When filth is a given, and given
in projection to the overtly empathetic
as a matter of course, why implore?

Because you don't implore,
you explore as an entity
reaching for a meaning.

The question becomes,
do you fight, or do you invite
the coming cessation?

Even with a gun, and a view to ****,
the power the bullet affords
would surely fail to thrill you.
The best charlatans paint your hands red,
as you're sleeping in bed, preemptively.

Let the liars lie, let the builders connive.
Uninterrupted access to their own confines.
To Narcissus, the cool nod is colder than the knife.

Let the liars lie, let the builders connive.
When the company you keep requires the sacrifice
of your authenticity and your reality, just leave.

It'll never get good. It'll never get great.
It'll never be worth the investment.
Kathryn Irene Sep 2018
to always
makes me
feel just
- SkullsNBones
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Ferns Jul 2018
Mahirap ikalimot
mahirap tigilin
mahirap pigilin
ang pagiging hangal

ang taong tulad mo
ay ang dahilan
ng paghila ko
sa tali ng pag-asa
subalit ako lamang
ang dakilang tagahila
sa sobrang kapal
ako'y nakabitaw
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
The bridge between what I feel
and how is far more brittle
than one would assume
Emotional pain, physical pain, mental pain...
There's such a fine line
Sarah Mann Apr 2018
Eyes darting and drifting,
The bushy lights of tails,
Grins as wide as the world itself,
Not a care, happy as can be.
Sadly, no one cares to stop, and
Realize what lies in simplicity.

When my mind goes out
For a stroll it won’t be coming
Back anytime soon because quite
Usually it’ll take a detour
Before it has time to fully bloom.
My mind is made in phases of
Endless galaxies and constellations,
That you couldn’t comprehend,
So please, I’m begging you,
Stop trying to assume.
Wednesday, May 11, 2016.
개자닌 Feb 2018
I had a dream.
An imaginary scene.
Unconsciously playing
Of what I may have seen.

But it was not what I had seemed.
In which he sat behind me, smiling.
Then tears rolled down on my cheeks.
Felt stopping him from leaving.

I looked down from where we are.
And found us walking in opposites.
He wrapped his hands around me,
Closer than ever at where he sits.

Comforted me with warm voice.
Realization came at last.
Half asleep-  half awake.
Stared at his eyes- indeed t'was him.

The guy I shouldn't have loved.
The guy who can't even be mine
Well, I've got no choice left now.
Should I stop hoping for the sign?
She Writes Dec 2017
Do not assume
Because I stay quiet
When you are angry
That I am weak

It takes far more strength
To stay silent
Than it does to say
All the hurtful things on my tongue

Do not assume
Because I love you
With every fiber of my being
That I can’t live without you

I have lived
After having my heart
Ripped straight out of my chest
Multiple times
Maria Etre Nov 2017
I fell
for my
of you
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