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Rae Anne Aug 2017
These sleepless nights are so long
I lay here listening to the sounds of nature
The sun comes up and its playing our song
Why can't we get along
We but heads like Goats
Horns caught in a tangle
Its between me and you
Always fights that gets mangaled
Through words and silence
And I miss you
My tears and emotions tangled
it already comes do to you
Down to us.
Rae Anne Jun 2017
People tell you
There's wind beneath your wings
But I feel as if
I am a bird in a cage
Clipped and useless
Unable to fly...
From which I was born
To do.
Rae Anne Apr 2017
I feel tight
On the inside
In that place that
everyone says matters
The most.
Like they tell me
The outside is insignificant.
But sometimes, I like
The mirror better.
Because it reflects...
Only the surface.
Rae Anne Mar 2017
I have these
Where you look me in the eyes
You could be a stranger,
A friend
My family
Yet I turn away
And my skin tingles
The hair on my neck rises
I wish you would just go away
And now
I wish
I could disappear
Rae Anne Nov 2016
Sometimes I wake up
During disturbing dreams
Bathed in my own sweat
Realty is not what it seems
It's a unfathomable
And the key
To my subconscious Pandora's box
Is lost in my waking reality
From which cannot open.
Rae Anne Oct 2016
I can't stop
Thinking of you,
How your breath would feel
On my skin.
I imagine the taste
Of your sweet mouth
And my hearts races,
My nerves tremble.
Just the simple thought of you
Causes me to want you...
So much,
I ache.
Rae Anne Aug 2016
I cannot deny
That I want you
A simple taste
Of your mouth
Would torment me
The look on your face
When you get that slow smile
And your gradual laugh
Sends me spinning
In such a way
I dream of you.
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