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Dawn I drag myself out of bed
I stumble into the kitchen
and find it a mess
Empty bottles waiting to be washed scrubbed.
I stare at them in sheer belief
My eyes blood shot from less than barely 3 hours ago.
I manage to clean a couple of bottles.
The twins will be needing fed .
I can barely  keep my eyes from shutting.

My mental health suffers if I do not sleep.
The dishes are piled up high
I haven't eaten a decent meal in weeks
I  can't function without help.
My partner critisis me for not doing enough .
The washing is in a heap .
I just yearn for some sleep .
Now I feel like crying
The washing machine as packed in.
I feel like sreaming letting off some steam an broken tired is motherhood susposed to feel like this.
Or am I missing something here.
And oh I forgot .
The endless  nappies..
The bins haven't been empty.
Help I need somebody help!!!!
Am I a bad mother for no having the strength energy to keep up with hours while chores with twins ..
Rae Anne Jul 2016
Your faded costume
Is wearing thin
Were you not comfortable,
In your own skin?
You were so much better
Inside your ugly living lies
Tell yourself that,
Next time you cry.
axr Oct 2014
I don't have a best friend
Not to be mistaken with having no friends
I do have some friends
But I have to the conclusion that they aren't trustworthy
Instead,  they are rather demanding
They have seen me laugh
and be funny
Talk about silly mistakes
and how others make me feel
They know that I don't have anyone in my life
and my unwillingness to dance
What they don't know
is that every day I fight
with myself
Not with scratches, blades and pins
But with my soul within
They don't know what I have been through
They have never seen the bruises still blue

They don't know
They just assume
They are not there when I am begging to up above
They are not there when I need a little love
They are not there when I have been crying for hours
They are not there when I feel like dying in the shower

Gossips and lame stuff is what they share
I continue to listen while the music continues to blare
There were many
who became my best friends over the years
Losing touch with them is what I feared
Then that's what happened
Sooner or later they forgot me
Phone calls became rarer
and Facebook our home.

Till today,  I stand without a best friend
Because I know I am whole
I am a winner
who stands alone.

— The End —