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Primo Pollux Sep 16
No one's there—at the dark
          skimpy place.
          No one could notice how they
          please as a mare.
          Seeing her to death, and will act
          with no predictable malice.

          Perfectly cooking every organs—
          a daze.
          Laughing out loud like it's just
          a dare.
          Laughter and tears—they give
          a gaze.

          Echoing their voice—as you run—
          you'll still be chased.
          Don't walk in this mortala castle—
          For you're the next—to die—
          to embrace.

          In this recondite abstruse space—
          Body's heat—lust—will be gaudier,
          They'll protude lasciviousness. Die
          or taste.

          They'll interrupt your halcyon life—
          your only ace—
          When their attention was caught—
          by you—they'll flare.
          All you can do; run and haze.

          As they're creating lethal discursive
          Slitting you as a carcass in there.
          Curtailing your journey as you pace.
          You speak, you'll die—don't
          be the ness.
this is about society. if you speak, you'll die.
Ylzm May 19
So blind, the blind despairs.
So wicked, ***** grieves.

So indistinguishable from evil,
their judgement of evil, truly just.
So indistinguishable from their ruthless enemy,
the utter destruction decreed shall befall both suddenly.

The aggrieved weeps.
The wicked hardens.
Wickedness upon wickedness.
Endurance beyond Lot's,
given, the righteous' lot.
No One Feb 6
In this court, we call world
All I have is you
But you stabbed me like a sharp sword's
Now I guess you're one of them too

I woke up here full of judgements
With no freedom to my every movements
Please be careful to what you say
For maybe something will happened at the end of the day

Why can't you accept the fact?
The fact that I have bad side
Please crap that act
And reveal that lie you have always hide

Suddenly I found out your betrays
"Truth hurts", that's what they always says
I thought you were my friend
Sorry but I guess your lie has to meet the end
It just came up to my mind so It's just a crap
Deep Sangani Apr 2018
I was in a train
when this old woman looked across
with a confused look.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing over here?"
she said,
her voice trailing with the
jam of stinky
half-brained men.
"My father has passed away. I am here to meet him."
Her face crumpled,
like her tongue had encountered
a sour taste
like her body
had touched dirt,
like her brain managed
to get hold of her daughters darkest secrets.
"I'm sorry" she said, letting out
the sour smell of judgement.
But she wasn't.
She wasn't sorry.
She was an old woman with sunglasses
to hide her scanning eyes,
an old woman with a mask of makeup to hide
the scars of revolution.
She was a stranger.
"You're not really sorry." I said, realizing how I
became her,
a young bag of judgements.
Sometimes you just write stuff when it comes to your mind when you haven't experienced them. You've probably seen them on TV or heard the idea of them form someone you know. But this one over here is one that I have experienced. Thinking of someone judging you leads to judgement, and I openly say I have experienced so.
What do you see when you look?
Do you base on race?

If you were white,
Would you be a *****?
If you were black,
Would you immediately be a criminal?
If you were asain,
Would you be a genius?
If you were Mexican,
Would your family be large?

Or do you see religion?

If you're muslim,
Are you a terrorist?
If you're Catholic,
Are you stuck up?
If you're Jewish,
Are you greedy?
If you're Baptist,
Are you a hypocrite?

Rather then that is the first thing you see gender or age?

Say you're a woman,
Would you be weak?
Say you're a man,
Would you be the boss?
Say you're young,
Would you be dumb?
Say you're old,
Would you be wise?

Or maybe academics are key?

If you wear glasses,
Does that make you nerdy?
If you are "preppy"
Does that make you mean?
If you play football,
Does that make you a leader?
If you're a cheerleader,
Does that make you a follower?

If you were smart,
Does that mean you are bullied?
If you are dumb,
Does that make you popular?
If you were always loud,
Does that make you ignorant?
If you're always quiet,
Does it make you emo?

So if you use a scholarship,
Does that make you poor?
So you don't use a scholarship,
Does that make you spoiled?
Maybe you go to a private school,
Then are you a snob?
Maybe you go to public school,
Then are you a hoodrat?

Maybe it's appearance first noticed but what does that say?

Cause if you arent a size 0,
Does that make you ****?
If you aren't big enough,
Does that make you unhealthy??
If you weren't muscular,
Does that make you scrawny?
If you're muscular,
Does that mean you're trying too hard?

So you've got blond hair,
But does that mean you're stupid?
Or maybe red hair,
Does that mean youre quick to lose your temper?
If you wear makeup,
Does that mean you're hiding?
If you don't wear makeup,
Does that mean you're boring?
If you care what other think,
Are you self conscious?
If you don't care what others think,
Are you conceited?

What about....
What about if you were just you?
Would you be the same?
Would you be seen differently?
These things shouldn't matter.
But they do.
Oh so much
First impressions are most important
But oh so tough.

Why are you based on what you look like,
Or what you believe.
Why are you based on your gender,
Or how you do in school?

Judgements shouldn't be made,
But they are every single day.
In every single way.
But these things don't define you,
They don't explain you nor I.

We all bleed the same,
We see the same.
So why?

It doesn't matter if you're black or if your white.
It doesn't matter if you're Catholic or Muslim.
It doesn't matter if your skin is wrinkled or tight.
It doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man,
And it doesn't matter what size you wear.
Nobody should be judged and a lot of people are. It's inevitable but with a little Sparks of inspiration we can slowly change that, one person at a time we can rewrite our society.
Star BG May 2017
Doing wrong is a judgment that IS inside the HEAD,
It is not the way HUMANS are meant to live and tread.

We must all align in love, to be true to our paths.
When we do we will feel peace, and have a super blast.

For with light and compassion, the road of dreams we’ll find.
Moving inside we will lean, that everyones’s divine.

Divine to share with love so grand, is what to do each day,
To people, and animals, I bow as I do pray.
Pray that all align with love to feel the power true.
Read this poem to catch its drift, for now my cause is through.

StarBG © 2017
inspired by David George
Pam Dayao Dec 2016
I am deaf.

I am deaf when people bring up a traumatizing or embarrassing moment and tease me about it; when people think it's okay because it's just a "joke."

I am deaf when people point out my insecurities; my crooked teeth, my unruly hair, my body and the scar on my forehead: the things I can't control about myself.

I am deaf when people use my gender against me, ostracize me on things because I am a girl; when they think I am only living to cook, clean and make myself pretty, when they use the line: "Kababae **** tao..."

I am deaf when people mock my faith and shame me for my principles, the things I believe in and what I fight for; when they say "eh di wow" "dami **** alam" or such.

I am deaf when people tell me they will leave or I should leave, saying I am "too much" or "I don't give enough;" when people make me feel inadequate and dismiss me over petty reasons.

I am deaf when people pick on me, use my past and mistakes against me; when people fail to see who I am, and what I am today.

**I am deaf, but my heart hears it all.
Big Virge Oct 2016
Why Does My Appearance ...  
Offend Most Folk ... !?!
I DON'T Sell Coc'... !!!
I'm NOT An Ignorant Bloke ... !!!
I DON'T LIKE ... " Crack "... !!!
But Sometimes ... Like A Smoke ...
There's Nothing Quite Like A Cuban Cigar ...
After Food ... or With A Drink At A Bar ...
NOT Beer But Brandy ...  
Suitably Warm ...
In A ... Brandy Glass ... !!!
THAT'S ... Who I Am ... !!!
I'm NOT An ****... !!!
Unlike Those ...

Who Judge From .................................................................­.... Far ...............
His incentive, is to Rob,
and start, MOLESTING !"
"Who on earth ?
Do you think you're addressing ?
Your judgements are distressing !
Your thought waves need progressing !
Stop your second guessing !
cos when I start *******,
your state of mental being,
you'll wish you had Gods' Blessing !"
Girls ... Or Men ...
Just ... Can't Defend ... !!!
Their NONSENSE ...
As I ... Count To TEN ... !!!!!
See .....
That's My Way of Teaching Them ...
I'm NOT ... THAT Man ...
On .... " News at Ten "... !!!!!
NO ... NOT Trev'....
But Those ... "Locked"...  
... Inside Prison ... !!!  
I'm RARE ...
Just Like ... " True Gentlemen "... !!!
Girls Have Said ...
Such ... SILLY THINGS ... !!?!!
"Upon introduction,
my heartbeat raced !
I thought you were gonna,
punch me in my face !"
"That's what you saw ?
when you, looked in my face !"
Such Attitudes ...
Are REALLY ... Lame ... !!!!
It's ... Funny To Some ...
But Let's Get This CLEAR ... !!!!!
These ... " Stereotypes "...
Are ... REALLY Dumb ... ?!?
I Deal With This Ignorance ...
Day to Day ...
" Some guy ... "

Tried To Bar Me ...
From His Place ...
WITHOUT Even Looking Me In My Face ... ?!?  
WHY ... ?

Because of ... " e-mails sent "... ?!?
But When He Traced ...
The Mails I'd Sent ...
His Thought Waves Got ...
...... DERAILED ...... !!!
And Then Some ...  
Common Sense Prevailed ... !!!
I've Met Him Now ...
His Stench Seems ... " FOUL "... !!!!!!!!!
A Money Man ...
just Like The DOW ...
Index ... Direct ... !!!  
Until My Words ...
Got In His Chest ... !!!
And Proved To Him ...
... My INTELLECT ...
Whilst Giving Him ...
A ... "small complex"...

About What Could ...
Just Happen ... NEXT ... !!!?!!!
Sometimes ... YES ...  
Just Like ... " The Wu "...
I Do Suggest ...
You PROTECT Your NECK ... !!!!!
It's Better NOT TO ...
... Get Me Vex ... !!!!!
Cos' Plans I Make ...
Are So COMPLEX ...
You May Just Need ...
A ... Bullet-Proof Vest ... !?!?!
For Me You See ...
Life's Posing TESTS ... !!!
From Living ... To ...
Just Getting *** ... !?!
These Problems ...
Leave My Mind ... " Perplexed "... ???
Well .....
Perplexed or NOT ...
I'm Still DIRECT ... !!!
From Things I Say ...
To ... Written Text ...
To EARN What's Due ...
Some **** RESPECT.

From Those Who Watch Their TV Set ...
Then Pre-Judge Me ... That's INCORRECT ... !!!!!
Well Here's The Deal ... !!!
Instead of Surfing ...  
...... " Internet "......
Try PULLING The Plug ...
Yes .... DISCONNECT .... !!!
Deal With Those ...  
In Front of You ...  
Some of Us ...
Are People TOO ... !!!!!
Whether On ... PC ...
Or On ... " TV "...
You're Receiving INTERFERENCE ... !!!!!!
Your Thought Waves NEED ...

Some .... " Clearance "....

And Maybe Then ... ?
You'll FINALLY See ...
DON'T Judge Folks By ...
... " Appearance "...
I'm STILL, not the only one suffering such ridiculous judgments clearly ! According to the story today, about the Doctor, who probably won't be flying with Delta airlines any time soon !
SøułSurvivør Aug 2016
As I sit in the station
A kid comes into view
Extremely obnoxious
Raunchy and rude
He wears lots of spikes
Has piercings galore
Wears his hair in a mohawk
Biker boots on the floor
My Flesh wants to judge him
As a Punk and a Freak
But my spirit is willing
For Your eyes to seek...

Oh, give me Your vision
Let me see through Your eyes
Let me not judge the lost ones
In no way despise
They could be Your jewels
They could be Your prize
Oh, let me be gentle
Let me see through Your eyes

I go to a restaurant
And there at the place
Stands a derelict person
With pain in his face
He stares at my burger
And it is clear
He's starving hungry
And covets my beer
Do I move from the window
And relinquish my seat?
Or buy him a burger
And french fries to eat...


There's a lesbian woman
Next door where I am
She has a Butch haircut
Is hooked with a femme
She has a loud voice
A masculine walk
We never converse
We never talk
We say polite things
Goodbye & hello
But she might be hurting
How could I know?


Jesus I'm blind
I'm deaf & I'm mute
I want Your compassion
I want to bear fruit
Let me see through Your eyes
Let me hear with Your ears
Let me speak with Your voice
Assuage all their fears
Give me Your hands
To dry all their tears


The enemy waits
To tell them his lies
Let me feel Your mercy

Let me see through Your eyes

(C) 8/31/2016
My mother and brother are back from their vacation. Now I can return to the site. I won't be on as much as I used to be, but I'm very happy to write and read again!

Thank you for reading! I hope perhaps a melody came into your head as you read this song... I just wrote it this morning so I don't have one yet. I'll be working on it...


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