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Maria May 2014
Like cold coffee, the fun of the taste is gone.
too cold, just like my feelings
All Alone.
no one drink it, they refuse to add hot coffee on it and fix it
instead they throw it away and replace it
they did the same.
my heart felt like a cold coffee
but when I'm with you...
you made me feel better, you drink me even though I'm cold and you drink my sadness away
  May 2014 Maria
wes parham
It always feels like
I'm the one reaching
your way.
You Can't Spell ProblemWithout “Me“, Right?
  May 2014 Maria
wes parham
It's a ridiculous cliche but, ******* it, your eyes...
Forgive me if I don't always make eye contact,
Or look away too soon.  I'm listening. I swear it.
I'm afraid you might think that I'm full of myself,
Or afraid you might think that I've no self-esteem.
The truth is much simpler than either extreme.
The truth is I'm somewhere right in between.
but still:
Twin seas draw my stare and I fear what I'll say.
Fear falling into their unlit depths, where even my silence could betray.
The source to illuminate and fuel our lives' desires,
Find it in her hands , her touch,
Find it in her eyes.
Her eyes of ocean depth see me,
Giving no safe place to hide,
Searching bad cliches for the light, the otherness inside.
But what if all of my words are wrong?
What if they drive you away?
What if the light between oceans is mute?
Insufficient to make you stay?
What light passes to the heart or soul through those twin gates, but look!
The gates themselves, ruinous sirens that must be heeded.  Reverence, fascination, a constant meditation, your eyes, your heart-breaking eyes.  I can think of nothing else. I can see little else.
-  improvised for a musical collaboration with a distant artist.
part 2:

(UPDATE:  IT'S COMPLETE.  Thanks to soundcloud musician Dennis Ramler for taking me on in a collaborative effort )
Maria May 2014
I miss my baby, he told lies maybe
Left me thinking, got me drinking
Told him: You won't notice me for I differ a million miles from your eyes.
The first time I saw him in Mendoza, Between the bars
He's wise and tall, I couldn't resist him at all
Now he's the axis and I have totally lost control
He's in my viens.
God,  I'm going insane
He's everything I've been looking for
And maybe a little bit more.
Maria May 2014
Somehow I always find myself coming back to you
Your absence made me feel like my heart had an empty hole
your voice, your face, your pure and sweet soul
Fills the nothingness inside of me
Let's repeat the past and come back to the start
Where you made my life a work of art
Let's repeat the past and not fall apart.
Say you love me once again
Say you love me, sweetheart.
Maria May 2014
It is painful to look at myself in the mirror at this time. Late.
All I see is tears in my eyes, refusing to come out.
My eyes are shining, All I feel is numbness.
I hate reality. I'd smoke cigarettes and drink my coffee black, bitter. I'd take pills to sleep and escape everything.
My scars, I helped grow.. By my own hand.
I'm sitting alone wondering what would it feel like? Having a real life. Being full of life, what is happiness?

God, I'm a sinner. I have no intention in washing my sins.

I'll just drown in books, again. I became so dark and I realized something..
you could feel everything and nothing at the same time. You see things, you understand things. But you pretend you don't.
Because It is so much better than believing it.

And I know everything.
But darling, this heartache is driving me crazy
Come and heal this ache of mine.

After all, this universe is not for us,  Isn't?
Aren't we just aliens with no purpose at all?
Aliens that humans don't even believe we exist.
No purpose at all, no future, It's scary.
And life....
What is life my dear? Is It real? Is everything real?
To me It is just a lie.

We don't deserve to live with sadness and accepts it.
It's okay, It's very okay.
In another life, perhaps?
Maria May 2014
I dreamt about you again, wearing your Black tie.
Why can't you get out of my brain
I can hear your voice in the rain
You are the Phantom that passes by
Leave your world and come by
I feel potential love, let it die, bad guy
Before you quench my heart to ash..
your love will never last.
You were a treat for my soul until It was 1:30 and you left me crying.

— The End —