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wes parham Jul 2014
I think about it, *******,
And it leads me to this place.
Teeth all clenched and aching now,
From shouting in your face.

I told you, I ******* hate poetry.

But you poets listen, and then you don't.
You can't, you never will,
Touch me with your sentiments,
Dropped at my windowsill.

******* your muse,  her wells of eyes,
Just **** the ***** and be done.
Stiffen readers with the tale,
But don't count me as one.

Your Dulcinea's sweet and, well,
(She's better than the last…)
You're dying for a future now,
Not living in the past.

For sweet Art's sake, a nest of lies,
The poverty of self,
puts You up high and lost, in shadow,
and Pining, on the shelf.

So speak your mind now, if you must,
Aloud, to no avail.
Your nature blind of clever words,
Is always bound to fail.
I'm fortunate that some of my friends despise poetry but still seem to tolerate me, personally.  One of these wrote to me recently, "WES... I ******* hate poetry...  Make that the title of one of your poems..."

 , I did.       This one is for her.

She will never read it because she cannot abide poetic verse.  
I told her that I'd be sure not to share it with her.  
She replied, "GOOD".  
She's the best.
Read here by the author:*******-hate-poetry
wes parham May 2014
Hello again, raven, I’m glad that you’re here,
It’s been far too long since you came.
I missed your black feathers, your gravelly call,
Becomes music when speaking my name.
Lean close, my bird, and tell me a secret,
Any, if yours, will do.
I’m too long alone, and the world is too guarded,
I’m pinning my hopes all on you.

Lean again, bird, and tell me some more,
Black feathers cantilevered,
Away and Away.
Drink of me,
And Drink of you,
As we think all the night into day.
Music, when speaking my name.
Her voice, unkind; her heart, steady set against a storm of blackness.
By your thoughts you will change this world for the better.

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wes parham May 2014
It's a ridiculous cliche but, ******* it, your eyes...
Forgive me if I don't always make eye contact,
Or look away too soon.  I'm listening. I swear it.
I'm afraid you might think that I'm full of myself,
Or afraid you might think that I've no self-esteem.
The truth is much simpler than either extreme.
The truth is I'm somewhere right in between.
but still:
Twin seas draw my stare and I fear what I'll say.
Fear falling into their unlit depths, where even my silence could betray.
The source to illuminate and fuel our lives' desires,
Find it in her hands , her touch,
Find it in her eyes.
Her eyes of ocean depth see me,
Giving no safe place to hide,
Searching bad cliches for the light, the otherness inside.
But what if all of my words are wrong?
What if they drive you away?
What if the light between oceans is mute?
Insufficient to make you stay?
What light passes to the heart or soul through those twin gates, but look!
The gates themselves, ruinous sirens that must be heeded.  Reverence, fascination, a constant meditation, your eyes, your heart-breaking eyes.  I can think of nothing else. I can see little else.
-  improvised for a musical collaboration with a distant artist.
part 2:

(UPDATE:  IT'S COMPLETE.  Thanks to soundcloud musician Dennis Ramler for taking me on in a collaborative effort )
wes parham May 2014
Always, I have been here before.
I tried living backwards with her,
Asking the questions after her answers,
Falling in love once she was long gone.
But that was another, not the same, in a chain of serial Dulcineas.
But then you came along and climbed down from that pedestal,
you slapped me,
But laughed,
And I realized,
how you had been right,
All along.
You've got it all wrong.  You're doing it wrong.  Listen to that coarse voice because it is much more practical than you.  There is nothing romantic about a pining Quixote, he's just another giant mouth to feed.  Elevation and desire, the one you need is not the one you want, candy is sweet, but can give you indigestion.  Life's best lessons are painful, don't ignore their value.
Hear that noise here:

— The End —