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Not that I haven't said this before
But recently, I've felt the need to say it more
My emotions are running deep, like a river
That treads off course, and images are cutting me
Like paper cuts that make the insides of my skin
Sting of soreness

A fortress of imagination
Broken down in a moment's instant
I feel almighty, on top of a mountain's point
But like a pencil sharpened too loose
I break, falling off this high-rise
And feeling my moment lose its momentum
A totem that has stopped spinning
As I lose control into the waves
Of another current, down below

Its purpose?

To slow me down
But how would I know...?
I'm just another moment
That has turned upside down
With only places left to fall
And nowhere left to go.
This poem marks one of the first times in my experiences writing poetry, that it's been the starting piece of a sequence of poems to follow. That said, it still has a life of its own, as each poem does. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading.
AsianTapWater May 23
Who am I?
I’m Canada, your owner.
It’s ok if you don’t remember.
You never do.

Who’s the sixth Ally?
It’s me, your brother.
It’s ok if you don’t notice.
You never do.

If I’m not America, then who am I?
I’m Canada, his twin.
It’s ok if you didn’t realise.
Nobody ever does.

What was I saying?
Why don’t you ever listen to me?
I’m sick of this, brother.
I’m sick of being ignored.

I may have burned down Washington,
But that will never hurt as much
As the pain in my heart.
The pain you gave me.

I’m invisible.
I’m never here
Even when I am.

Who am I?
I’m Canada, your twin!
I’m sick of this, America.
I’m sick of being forgotten.
A poem about Canada from the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers
Nick Stiltner Apr 2018
My head is stuck at the peaks of youthy rooftops
trapped in moving circles and daggers rotting brain.
I hover, gliding above the generated, empty plane, tracing the moving shadows below and tracking the nights that rain.

i was so careful but the lines oh the ever running lines they vibrate frantically, I cannot look away they dance back and forth between both crests of their prison, their XYZ axes gripping them trapping them within definite images between associations and contexts, between gleaming ascent and its tumbling recoil.

The ride hick-ups and pollutes the clouds
filling my scent and descent pulls at my stomach,
gravity yanks me back, pulling on my rope and
laughing all the while.

At first you fear it but then you are laughing and shouting
and throwing your arms in the air and having the wind rush
into your lungs and whip your hair it is so beautiful it is
unlawful it is unreal i cant be seeing this and it spirals and tumbles and shriekingly grinds to a halt, panting.
Bryden Jan 2018
My home is the axis.
I am everywhere at once
but still I am lost.
I can show you the world
but you will experience nothing.
Sometimes I worry that I will be forgotten
as I am simply a starting point
for greater things ahead.
I wish I could travel in another direction.
These circles are tiring.
I radiate knowledge from my plump ***-belly,
but inside,
I know far less than you.
I accommodate the whole world,
but my shell still fits in your hands.
I lodge the scorching swelter of the deserts,
but I only feel warmth between your palms.
I breathe the icy air of Antarctica,
but the only snow that bothers me
is the grey blanket that sits on my surfaces
when you are gone for a while.
My home is simply the axis.
I wander all the places  
but still I am no where to be found.
(Poem about a globe spinning on an axis)
Vexren4000 Nov 2017
One can beg and plead,
For help from far above,
For some light of redemption to shine down,
Upon the forlorn lands,
Pleading to a god,
A god named Set, or Yahweh,
Dead gods forgotten by man,
Now man pleads to gods,
Without realizing his own strength,
Is what got him through his life up until,
This axial moment.

Paul Jones May 2017
You are my other,     alike but unlike.
As our axis turns,     we are each at ends.
10:30 - 13/05/17
State of mind: thoughtful; relaxed.

Thoughts: from thinking - about how opposites attract. I have likened it to the polarity of planets.

Questions: are the rotations of love spherical and oscillating?

Notes: expand idea into a sonnet.
Tehreem Jul 2016
My heart beats in your chest
Twists and turns within you
The words that leave your lips
Heavier than the mountains
So I care less about universe
When you're my axis of rotation
Those eyes can sear the skies
Killing the world in a beam
You are a hurricane unleashed
I never stood a chance in life
Truly yours unfortunately exists.
kaylene- mary Sep 2015
I'm just waiting for the world to fall
off its axis,
so I can sleep with the stars.
Madison Y Sep 2015
What happened to us was something like
what happens to flowers when the vase shatters,
Or what happens to misplaced keys;
Someone was careless,
Didn't pay attention,
And now we're left with empty spaces.
What happened to us was something like
What happens to the moon as the Earth spirals on its axis,
Or what happens to the trees as it starts to snow;
We were inevitable, natural,
But cyclical,
Never able to withstand the darkness,
Or keep together through the cold.
When you left, you took my pride with you,
Swore it was all my fault
Until I believed you.
I let you think that you meant nothing,
But you were the moon and I was the tide,
Without you, I'd cease to be.
In some other life, you'd be an artist, and I'd be your muse.
Long after we'd gone, they'd hang your paintings at The Met and say, 'Look how much he loved her.'
I'd still be a poet, of course, only this time
My poems would be taught in classrooms—Picked to the bone by children who'd scribble verses on their arms,
Wishing for a love just like ours.
Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better, but right now
Everything hurts and I wish you were here.
Written after seeing the Madame Cèzanne exhibit at The Met in New York City.
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