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Jan 2020 · 156
We all
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2020
We all come from different walks of life
We all have our own demons to fight
Jan 2020 · 225
Don't be scared
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2020
Close your eyes little child
Don’t be scared
You’re not on your own
I won’t let go
Till it’s time

This is just the start
A whole new life awaits for you
Where you can:
-Walk  on the beach, kicking sand in your feet
- Swim in the sea without feeling ill
-Dancing,till the sun goes down without the fear of falling

So, close your eyes little child
Don’t be scared
You’re not on your own
I won’t let go
Till it’s time

You’ve been so brave
Fighting all your life
Just to stay awake
So don’t be scared to leave
To your happy place
We will see each other soon again

So, close your eyes little child
Don’t be scared
We fought through this together
Now it’s time to let go

Close your eyes little child
Don’t be scared
Jan 2020 · 45
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2020
Hold my hand
Baby don’t let go
You are mine
And I am yours

Near or far
Sea or land
I got you and you got me
Each other together is all we need
Inseparable, by the love that we feel

Written in the stars hidden by the dark
Our light shines so bright
It’s time to come out
Let the world see our shine

Close your eyes
Take a breath
Hold on tight
Take things slow
We’ll get through this together
Just me and you
We’ll pull through

Near or far
Sea or land
I got you and you got me
Each other together is all we need
Inseparable, by the love that we feel

I can’t help myself
From feeling like I do
Im in love with you
No one can stop us now
We’re in for a fight
Together we unite
Jan 2020 · 322
The rainbow
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2020
You may not be able to prevent the rain from falling on a hot summers day
You may not be able to make the lightning and thunder go away
You know when to appear
Taking away all that I fear
Your arc is so powerful
I can face any puddle
And get through the struggle
Your light shine so bright  
Making everything alright
How lucky I’m I to have you up there watching in the sky
You are more than seven colours, you are filled with millions hidden to the naked eye

There is no *** of gold at the end of the rainbow
You are the treasure everyone is searching for
Open your eyes to the beauty that lays all around.
Jan 2020 · 173
Driving around the bend
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2020
This is not the end,
I'm not far away,
Just driving around the bend,
We'll reunite someday.

I might be lost from sight,
But everything's alright.
Open your eyes,
Stop the cries,
Don't speed,
There is no need too greave.

Stop at the sign,
Or else you will be receiving a fine.
Enjoy every moment in time!
I dont fear my death but I do fear for the ones who are left behind.
Mar 2019 · 1.3k
Poppy Halafihi Mar 2019
Opening my eyes for the very first time
by my mothers side without a single crime
The sun is shining
I am playing
We are sliding
My mum is smiling
I'm anticipating to explore the lands
Without having to hold her hands
Soon I’ll no longer be a pup
Soon I’ll be all grown up

Suddenly I can hear sounds of laughter
The noises started to scatter
Bang bang bang
They’re attacking her
My own mother
She protected me
Pushing me to the sea
To set me free
Telling me to spree
With no time to disagree
The monsters didn’t want my mum
They wanted me, to slit my throat
But this time they’ll return to their boats
Without my warm white coat

Five, ten, fifteen minutes go by
I’m getting low on air supply
I’m afraid to see what above
I wish everything could just be undone
Gasping for one more breath
Circled by all their deaths
Feeling as though I’m about to drown
Whiles fleeing this crazy battle ground

My arms are getting heavy
I don’t think I’m quite ready
My legs are starting to burn
I don’t know where to turn
Swimming as fast as I can without thinking
I find myself trapped in this thick green netting
I don’t want to moan
As I am not alone
I wish this wasn’t real
I think they want me for their meal

Unlike the others I mange to set my self free
With this thick green netting all around me  
It’s weighing me down
I don’t want to drown
Five days go by everyday is a struggle
Swimming around stuck in this rubble
You are destroying my home
With no safe place to rome
Up to 200 species extinct everyday
There’s no time to delay
5 of my kind are endangered
It’s time to make changes!

By Coco 07
I am an Au Pair inspired by an 11 year old.
We wrote this poem together to create more awareness on the cruelty we are causing.
Together we can make a difference!
Feb 2019 · 831
The Cocoon
Poppy Halafihi Feb 2019
Once there was a lost and lonely caterpillar
Searching for her glitter
But then She found you
Who helped her break through
Allowing time
To help her climb
You sheltered her, helped her transform
Which gave her the power to get through the storm
Letting her bloom
Away from the fumes
Now she has wings
It’s time to cut strings
No looking back
It’s time to unpack
She’s finally found her way
No more sky’s full of grey
No longer scared of the moon
This butterfly no longer needs her cocoon

Co written by
Lucy Burdon and Coco 07
We all go throw our own metamorphosis
Jan 2019 · 2.4k
Un miracle
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2019
Pourquoi ça m’a arriver?
Pourquoi j’ai reçu cette Miracle?
Pourquoi pas les autres?
Pourquoi pas quelqu’un d’autre?
Pourquoi moi?

Il y’a des gens beaucoup plus important que moi:
Des enfants,
Des mères,
Des pères,
Je ne suis personne.
Ça devrait être quelqu’un d’autre:
Le petit garçon qui cri pour ça mère chaque nuit,
L’homme qui devient juste être père,
Le Grand-père qui a tout ça famille entouré de lui,
Pourquoi moi et pas eux?
Je ne le comprend pas!

Je ne peux pas exprimer comment je suis heureux,
Mais au même temps triste pour les autres.
Je veux reconstruire ma vie.
Chaque jours est important,
Alors je ne veux pas les gaspiller.
Je vais les utiliser pour faire du bien.
Je ne sais pas comment encore,
Mais maintenant c’est ma seul objective de vie.
Je ne veux pas que ça soit pour rien.

Coco 07
Miracles are a huge blessing but can also be hard to accept.
Les miracles sont incroyable mais ça peut être  dure à les accepter.
Jan 2019 · 2.2k
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2019
Please No
Please Go home
Please Let go of me
Please Don’t touch me
Please Go away
Please Don’t do this
Please I won’t tell anyone
Please Get off me
Please You’re hurting me
Please I’m bleeding
Please I can’t breathe
Please I can’t take it anymore
Please Stop

If only I was able to say what I was thinking
Then maybe I wouldn’t be sinking
Trying to stay afloat
But I can’t quite reach the boat
I am not a strong swimmer
The waves are getting higher
Tangled in the seaweed
Afraid to bleed
the fear of the sharks
Are eating me apart
Ashamed of being a fish
Who’s scared of being squished
If the same horrible event occurred to 5 different people, not one of the would have responded the exact same way.
No way is wrong!
Jan 2019 · 1.1k
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2019
Trembling as if I am cold
Intensifying with no control
Heart racing at the speed of light
Dazzled like a deer in the headlights
walls closing in
Voices from within
Twisted in a knot
Air stuck in a clot
Clocks ticking
Water dripping
Explosions in my head
Is it time for bed?

Coco 07
The Feelings of fear.
Jan 2019 · 1.1k
The maze
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2019
We all come from different walks of life
We all have our own demons to fight

Who am I to tell you what to do
Or what to say
Just be you and you’ll be great
You will find your own way

Life is like a maze
So many different paths to choose
Don’t be afraid of delays
You’ll meet so many people on the way
Embrace the path you decide to take
You can only get lost to find your way

Don’t follow somebody else’s path
This is your maze, you choose the tracks
So take charge and be who you want to be

Coco 07
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2019
Non, tout ne se passe pas pour une raison.
C’est nous qui décidons de nos actions,
C’est nous qui décidons de les faire.
Quelquefois on se fait mal à cause de l’action d’un autre.
Oui, ce n’est pas toujours notre faute,
Et la plupart du temps, il n’y a rien que l’on pouvait faire pour l’arrêter.

Vos actions peuvent faire mal aux autres,
Et les faire souffrir.
Il ne faut pas rester déprimé si ça arrive.
Vous n’êtes pas seul!
Oui c’est très dur et ça peut faire très peur.
Il faut qu’on réussisse à accepter ce qui s’est passé,
Pour réussir à continuer.

On se dit toujours que tout se passe pour une raison,
Quand on a très mal et qu’on veut se sentir mieux,
Mais pour moi c’est pire!
Car ça veut dire que tout ce qui nous arrive devait nous arriver?
Non ce n’est pas possible, ce n’était pas prévu sur notre chemin.
Par contre ce sont nos actions qui déterminent où on va ensuite,
Et bien sûr on va apprendre pleins de choses sur notre route.

Nous, nous avons le contrôle même si on pense que nous l’avons perdu,
On dirige notre vie.
Fais le et n’aie pas peur.
Je ne peux pas changer le passé,
Mais moi, je décide où je veux aller maintenant,
Vous pouvez aussi.

Coco 07
We won’t all agree.
Tous le monde ne serait pas d’accord.
Jan 2019 · 498
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2019
Rose was just a kid,
Fleeting the war,
At just the age of four.
Split up by her parents,
Where she swam to shore,
Where they hoped for her to have a better life.
But than she was sent back home,
To where it all began.
A pain,she never felt before,
It hurt so bad she couldn’t breathe no more.

So why,why the fighting?
Please end the wars right now!
To many people hurt,
Stop the suffering now.
So why,why the fighting?
Please end the wars right now!
Before someone else dies.

We are told it doesn’t matter,
where we come from,
Or what we believe in.
We all live in the in the same word,
We are all made the same,
And we all make mistakes.
The only difference is:
You are you,
And I am me.
We might not look alike,
But we still feel the same ways as you and me.

So why,why the fighting?
Please end the wars right now!
To many people hurt,
Stop the suffering now.
So why,why the fighting?
Please end the wars right now!
Before someone else dies.

Coco 07
No one deserves to suffer,
No one deserves to be sent back to a war zone,
No one deserves to be refused.

(Personal opinion,we won’t all share the same)
Jan 2019 · 551
Dear Auntie Nancy
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2019
This is the hardest part
I love you with all my heart
No matter what happens
we will never be apart
You are always in my heart

Letting go does not mean you are weak
It takes a lot of strength to fight all these weeks  
Lying in the bed
Anticipating what’s ahead
Holding on in pain
No more drinking champagne
suffering everyday
Not one single complaint
For all those migraines
Which will soon fly away

We close our eyes to cry
We close our eyes to pray
We close our eyes to laugh
We close our eyes to dream
The most beautiful things in life
Are not seen
But are felt by the heart
We will never be apart
You are always in my heart

Mum and dad are here
They have been waiting all these years
To embrace you, their little child
So don’t be scared
They are prepared
They will guide you the rest of the way
Everything will be ok

I love you with all my heart
We will never be apart
You are always in my heart

Coco 07
I wrote this poem The evening before she passed away.
I wanted her to feel at ease and know that everything was going to be ok.
Jan 2019 · 3.2k
My house
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2019
I am British,
But I don’t feel English.
I’ve lived in France for manny years,
But I don’t feel French.
I have traveled to different places,
I can’t seem to find my home.
The truth is,
I do know where it is.
It’s all around me,
Everywhere I go.
The world is my house.
We are all from the same place,
We are all worth the same.
Why does my nationality confines me?
Why does it define me?

To explore the rooms in my house,
I have to ask for permission to enter.
I can’t stay in my kitchen,
As I have be cooking for to long.
I can’t return to my garden,
As I have already been there twice.
I am waiting to see my living room,
But I am still being refused.
I am stuck in my bedroom,
But I want to change rooms.

Stop telling me to go back home.
This is my country,
This is your country,
This is our country.
We should all have the right,
Equally to explore our house,
Without being refused.

Coco 07
I am very new to witting but it has inspired me to express my feelings.
In which I would like to share as maybe it will inspire you to.

— The End —