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Do you remember what you said to me?
When you said we’d be together until the end.
Do you remember what we said we’d be?
We would be together until days end is what was said.
Do you remember the day you left me?
When you took all your things and left nothing in sight.
Where are you now?

I heard your married now
Did he give you more than I never could?
I saw you were dancing our dance
Does he twirl you the way I did?
I thought our love would last forever
Do you ever think of what could have been?
Where are you now?

But where am I now

I do remember what you said to me
While I'm staring down the neck of a bottle I remember every word
I do remember what we said we would be
When i'm looking at photos of us
I do remember the day you left me.
Where am I now?

You heard I’m engaged now
No, she gives me more than you ever did
You saw me dancing with her
No, She holds me tighter while we twirl
You never wanted to see us through
No, I'm only thinking of the future.

Where are you now?
Saff Jun 2020
Hello world oh so large, everywhere there is something. So, oh my where do I start, there's always something. Somethig to see, something to feel, taste, or smell. And to think I can hear all of you, all of you everywhere, just by looking for you. Just by caring you see, you see humans you and me.
Neo Dore Oct 2019
Hidden glare of strangers
Maybe all over now
even if you forgive me not
I'll always be here with you

Wake me when it's over
Wake me to a place I know
Hidden glare of strangers
Will never go.

You don't seem to understand
Shame on all the fears we hold so dear
You know what they say might hurt you
Even if they'll never go.
Poppy Halafihi Jan 2019
Pourquoi ça m’a arriver?
Pourquoi j’ai reçu cette Miracle?
Pourquoi pas les autres?
Pourquoi pas quelqu’un d’autre?
Pourquoi moi?

Il y’a des gens beaucoup plus important que moi:
Des enfants,
Des mères,
Des pères,
Je ne suis personne.
Ça devrait être quelqu’un d’autre:
Le petit garçon qui cri pour ça mère chaque nuit,
L’homme qui devient juste être père,
Le Grand-père qui a tout ça famille entouré de lui,
Pourquoi moi et pas eux?
Je ne le comprend pas!

Je ne peux pas exprimer comment je suis heureux,
Mais au même temps triste pour les autres.
Je veux reconstruire ma vie.
Chaque jours est important,
Alors je ne veux pas les gaspiller.
Je vais les utiliser pour faire du bien.
Je ne sais pas comment encore,
Mais maintenant c’est ma seul objective de vie.
Je ne veux pas que ça soit pour rien.

Coco 07
Miracles are a huge blessing but can also be hard to accept.
Les miracles sont incroyable mais ça peut être  dure à les accepter.
RosesAndAngels Jun 2016
How do you describe the feeling of writing?
Is it more like equality in peace or fighting.
No, it's more like a slice of your whole being.
Less like these bygone facts and more like dreaming.
I like to think I write for the Hell of it.
Like I'm dreaming and I can't quit.

Writing can be described with emotion,
Which in it self is a well traveled ocean.
Writing is sad and happy and joyful,
However, It can also be impractical and vengeful.

So write to your souls content.
Write till it leaves a page creased and bent.
The reason is the Capital...

And the title is optional.
Really friggin sleepy.

— The End —