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Simon Soane Aug 15
We said a big farewell to you
on a sunny day,

it was sad but perfect
in nearly every single way,

inevitably the only thing  missing under the clear sky of blue

was the world you held

in all of amazing you.
Simon Soane Aug 2
Auntie Viv,
you’ll always be.
dani Apr 5
I still remember that day
I saw your smile gleam
and your long brown hair flow
in the warm Hawaiian breeze

The ocean pushed
those pretty shells to the shore.
I heard your sweet laughter
when you saw that little blue butterfly
land on my nose

I had never seen your beautiful,
big brown eyes
filled with so much
and wonder

I sat there just watching you,
dance in the glow
of the sunset

You leaned down
and whispered to me
“my love for you is never ending”
and I smiled

this world went dark.
The warm breeze turned cold
and your eyes filled
with tears

It had taken over your body
and locked you inside.
It was a constant battle every day
but your smile kept growing bigger
and your faith never faded away

This thing had pulled out your hair
and wore you down.
I felt helpless as I watched you slowly
fade away…
All I could do was scream
“let go of her”

And one day,
it did.

Tears rolled down your cheeks
As you placed your ring on my finger
and whispered
“my love for you is never ending”
and I smiled

I watched as you drifted away
with that blue butterfly,
in the warm
Hawaiian breeze.
Why does God always take the best people from us far too soon?
Jack and Carl
Sat on a Car

Went to city Kamptee
To meet their Auntie

She gave some Honey
With a bag of Money

They tasted the Honey
Wasted All Money

And Came back Home
Without a Penny
Nursery Rhyme for Tiny Tots
This is the hardest part
I love you with all my heart
No matter what happens
we will never be apart
You are always in my heart

Letting go does not mean you are weak
It takes a lot of strength to fight all these weeks  
Lying in the bed
Anticipating what’s ahead
Holding on in pain
No more drinking champagne
suffering everyday
Not one single complaint
For all those migraines
Which will soon fly away

We close our eyes to cry
We close our eyes to pray
We close our eyes to laugh
We close our eyes to dream
The most beautiful things in life
Are not seen
But are felt by the heart
We will never be apart
You are always in my heart

Mum and dad are here
They have been waiting all these years
To embrace you, their little child
So don’t be scared
They are prepared
They will guide you the rest of the way
Everything will be ok

I love you with all my heart
We will never be apart
You are always in my heart

Coco 07
I wrote this poem The evening before she passed away.
I wanted her to feel at ease and know that everything was going to be ok.
GreenTrees May 2018
The more I see, the more I adore.

The more I search, the more keenly I know what I'm looking for.

The more I miss you, the more time I find myself waiting for you to walk through the door.

The more I hear your voice the more I pray for an encore.

An though you've left this earth to be in heaven, you remind us that

The more I love you, I love you more.
Bongiwe Oct 2017
I had a moment with a three year old today,
I was putting him to bed, he was wailing and fighting,
he didn't want to leave his cousin and his games.
I had a moment where I looked straight into his eyes and reassured him that everything is going to be okay,
I looked into his eyes and he stopped crying,
I realized something in that moment, he trusts me.
I don't think I have ever felt anything more fulfilling,
I had a moment with a three year old today.
If the love you feel for your child is anything close to what I feel when I look at my nephews, I honestly can't wait.
Steve Feb 2017
My Auntie Elsie
Went to Chelsea
To see the flower show
But she pricked her nose
On a fragrant rose
She thought she’d like to grow.

© Copyright SE February 2017
Stara Jul 2016
hello new
first breath of air
your mama and papa
your loved ones there
a mini human so soft and smooth
just yesterday in my sister's womb
and today you're in this world
you can even cry
just about seven pounds
you came exactly on time
welcome to the human existance
you've come into a crazy world
I'll tell you stories of how it was
I'll be the one considered old
you will forever know me
as favorite aunt
I'll spoil you and teach you
how others cant
you will be the you'est you
full of confidence and personal views
so happy birthday
happy new
Terry Collett Jun 2016
We stood,
Auntie's dog Dancer and me,
on the black metal balcony
looking at the soldiers
marching on the parade ground
over the way;
sergeants bellowing
at marching feet
and turned heads.

Dancer wined.

I stared.

Elsie walked past
on edge of the parade ground
looking at the soldiers;
her small face unsmiling,
her eyes peering.

Slowly she climbed
the black metal stairs
up to the balcony.

Dancer turned and growled;
I stood watching her climb.

She was Auntie's friend Milly's
5 year old daughter,
a bit older than I was.

She stood on the top step
and stared at us both:
will he bite?
She said.

No he won't bite,
he just growls,
I said.

She walked towards us gingerly,
her eyes glaring at Dancer,
who looked away
and watched
the soldiers again
through the bars of the balcony.

She stood next to me:
Mum said I can play with you
if I want to,
Elsie said,
but not to get into mischief,
her voice was moany.

I never get into mischief,
I said.

Elsie stared at me.

Mum said you climbed
under one of those gates
back there with your dog,
and was climbing a window
looking at soldiers
in a classroom,
Elsie said
matter of factly.

Who told you?
I said.

said she heard it
from a sergeant, but never
told your auntie
in case you got into trouble,
Elsie said,
her eyes studying me.

O, yes I remember that,
I said;
what shall we play?

She looked at the balcony,
then the dog, then at me.

Why didn't you tell your auntie?
She said.

Don't like worrying people,
I said.

She looked down
at the parade ground:
the soldiers were falling out
and walking off.

What do you want to play?
I said.

Not sure I want to play
with boys who get
into mischief,
she said,
then she walked away
and down the stairs.

I played
with the dog Dancer
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