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Stewie Apr 7
The push and pull
The ebb and flow of my life
The tide pulls away my mask
The personality of someone I once knew
I’m not who I was
Constantly changing and floating with the wind
Aloof and unattached
Waiting for someone to grab my arm
To keep my grounded
Diksha Prashar Feb 2020
It’s only fair
We fail
And pretend
To sail
Already sunk boat
******* the tiny hope
Might save from
Drowning and
Stay afloat
Diksha Prashar Jan 2020
Rowed a sinking boat
Barely made to shore.
Aiming to stay afloat.
Have you guys experienced something like that?
Luna Calamity Dec 2019
I'm trying to keep you out
But you won't stop pulling me in
Just like a tide in the ocean
But I don't know how to swim
I'm holding tight to the docks
While begging you to stop
I'll keep on tightening my grip
Knowing sometime soon I'm bound to slip

I can't keep holding on
But I don't know how to let go
You can't keep pulling me up
I need to fight these battles on my own

I'm so tired from all of the fighting
My muscles tight and wound
Sometimes it feels like I'm going to snap
I don't know how to stop this from happening

Everything starts to freeze
My lungs are shot
and they've forgot-
ten how to breathe
I'm learning to let go
Not looking for a rescue
heart beat starts to slow
I just want to let go

Feels like I'm breaking...
Jay M Oct 2019
To stay afloat
In the rapids
Waves crashing down upon the skull
A second above
The next below
Then plunged farther from the surface
Unable to breathe
But there is no pain
Just void
Then an aching
Internal dying
Yearning for the pain
Then, there it is
Water-filled lungs
Brain on fire
Tainted soul

Seeing others above
Emotions fester
Then, a confession
Double confession
Relief, shock, and overwhelming joy
Then a clasp of hands
Being pulled up
Head breaking the surface
Above the rapids
To calmer waters
Where one can breathe
Where we can breathe
Aid each other
Build a raft
To stay afloat
Sometimes it flips
Sometimes there are moments
When water enters the lungs
Darkness fills the mind
But then
A hand
Takes one up
To the sun

Revived by the one who loves you
The one you love
Clasp of hands
The one who saved you
From falling away
With the shadows
Patching the bullet holes
Bandaging the battle wounds
Healing for both

- Jay M
October 29th, 2019
Love, whenever you read this, I want you to know;

You are my hero. You helped me to keep going, keep fighting, and gave me someone to talk to. Someone to trust. Then, as time went, I fell for you. You took me into your arms, and I actually thought past next week. I began to think about having a life. Darling, you never cease to surprise me. You told me you would never leave me. That makes my heart flutter, my mind a beach with a shining sun, and my soul dancing on a pavilion in the moonlight.

What I'm trying to say is; thank you, and I love you.
LC Sep 2019
I'm falling.
How can no one
hear my screams or
see what holds me captive?
I'm trying to stay afloat,
and no one sees that.
I'm falling.
SaintMethyl Aug 2019
Aside the awaited and repetitive crash of the tide,
The shimmering glint of the the adorned moon providing the only light whilst reflecting in to the tall spires of the waves
They cleanse the earth and retreat,
As they pull away they take me adrift.
Consumed by the nature of the movement.
Dragged further in to the omnipotent essence.
For the first time the beauty of the landscape is all too real,
Silhouettes of the stark trees stab out like spears in the sanctuary of the forest.
For habitats teeming with life have never seemed so dead.
I concur with insight that the alienation of this land is merely due to being bred in the unnatural antithesis,
A man of the city can find peace and solace in the strangest places.
Safe in the knowledge nothing can be as uncertain or trivial as what has been left behind.
San-Pei Lee Jul 2019
I need you
The way Earth needs gravity
To stay in light's orbit

Without you
I lose myself in light years
Afloat in space
Bhill Jul 2019
The wind slowly lifted its Find into the sky
Swirling it around and around as it gathered momentum
Momentum that helped the Find raise higher
Higher and higher till it was rolling and sky bouncing
Bouncing through the air as if it were trying to see
Trying to see the nature of the wind that held it afloat
Afloat so high and with such gentleness
Gentleness that only nature can fool you into believing
Believing the journey would never end
The Find was wrong
As suddenly as the Find was lifted to great heights it began to fall
And fall it did...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 174
Seeing dust devils along the roadside can inspire words to be written...
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