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San-Pei Lee Jul 29
I need you
The way Earth needs gravity
To stay in light's orbit

Without you
I lose myself in light years
Afloat in space
Bhill Jul 14
The wind slowly lifted its Find into the sky
Swirling it around and around as it gathered momentum
Momentum that helped the Find raise higher
Higher and higher till it was rolling and sky bouncing
Bouncing through the air as if it were trying to see
Trying to see the nature of the wind that held it afloat
Afloat so high and with such gentleness
Gentleness that only nature can fool you into believing
Believing the journey would never end
The Find was wrong
As suddenly as the Find was lifted to great heights it began to fall
And fall it did...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 174
Seeing dust devils along the roadside can inspire words to be written...
Please No
Please Go home
Please Let go of me
Please Don’t touch me
Please Go away
Please Don’t do this
Please I won’t tell anyone
Please Get off me
Please You’re hurting me
Please I’m bleeding
Please I can’t breathe
Please I can’t take it anymore
Please Stop

If only I was able to say what I was thinking
Then maybe I wouldn’t be sinking
Trying to stay afloat
But I can’t quite reach the boat
I am not a strong swimmer
The waves are getting higher
Tangled in the seaweed
Afraid to bleed
the fear of the sharks
Are eating me apart
Ashamed of being a fish
Who’s scared of being squished
If the same horrible event occurred to 5 different people, not one of the would have responded the exact same way.
No way is wrong!
Brittany Hall Jan 24
Slander me, expose me; tell them who I really am.
No one can handle me, or control me; I know who I really am.
Disregard all of my endless efforts,
To keep our bond from being severed.
Fighting off the wild dogs,
While you were sleeping in the fog.
Struggling to keep our sails afloat,
You sat pretty and watched me choke.
When I decided it was time to let go,
You didn't take the ropes, you just let the wind blow.
Held on so tight for so long; my hands are bleeding.
The saltwater stings but it's also healing.
Still, I'll take another sip; it keeps me alive,
Even though it slowly kills me at the same time.
Slowly but surely; my favourite way to die.
I savour the taste of every single tear that I cry.
Can't you see these reactions, or hear the words that I've said?
Due to your actions and the words I've been fed.
I loved you so much, I would die for you.
You loved it so much, you'd let me die for you too.
Some people give, and some people take,
And when it's love, it's both hearts that break.
s Willow Jan 12
Sounds like a nice word.
It’s really nice when it works.
wish this was easy, but
everything is better on paper.
I try to let friendships sail,
something happeneds and my cannons shoot.
The other ship shoots back.
We try to patch up the wolves, but we keep firing
The water keeps rising.
We sink.
I swim to shore, get a new ship,
And it happens again.
I find one.
We don’t fire.
We drop anchor and in the middle of the dark night,
we drift apart.
The ropes snapped.
I find a Iron ship.
I fire.
Nothing happened.
I fire again, and again.
After enough the ship slowly starts to sink.
It fries back for the first time.
It hits, I start sinking.
My ship still floats but lower.
During this I find a Gold ship.
It’s pretty we stick together.
It fires, and fires a again.
Now I fire, I sink.
I start to swim, the water keeps me afloat.
She pulls me onto the gold ship.
She pushes me off,
the water keeps me afloat.
He pulls me onto the iron ship.
He pushes me off,
the water keeps me afloat.
It’s a circle.
And everytime, I try to swim back I get pulled aboard.
Through it all,
the water keeps me afloat.
Kirsten Hunt Jan 3
Love is like swimming.
You try to stay afloat as long as you can.
And it's fun and calming.
But one wrong move.
And you drown.

You then feel your breath leaving your lungs.

You die.
Nayana Nair Apr 2018
I stand here
beneath the secrets piling over me
at the edge, looking at how I spill out of my own body.
Not able to contain myself.
Not able to restain myself
from looking into the darkness,
from looking into the depth of me
where lies the skeletons of many friendships
and one rare love.
Many managed to stay afloat
not wanting to be a part of me,
knowing what I was.
While I just wanted them to stay
for a moment
to tell me what they knew
tell me what I was.
So that I may not feel
like an impostor in my own life.
Ami Shae Dec 2016
the realization comes
my eyes are opened wide
i hear the constant drums
and lose my heart to the impending tide--
the moon pulls me
the sun shuns my heart
no one can really see
that I'm truly falling apart.

i cling to dry ground when i can
but the pull is calling
and slowly the sea takes over the land
as i drift out helplessly
my body afloat
my mind undone; taken by the sea
just let me float away
(no use in saving me)
i won't see another day
now that i'm floating free...
sometimes I wish it could be just like this...floating free. escape from all the torment, the anguish, the pain that surrounds me and so many others.
What the hell am I doing here anyway? How can I live in a country that has elected such a cruel, selfish, narcissistic man as our so called 'leader'? I am beyond depressed every time I think of the impending date of January 20th...
SassyJ Jan 2016
Firefly a glowing light in the dark
Embodied in the ray of the rainbow
I see your radiance striking beauty
A shadow succulently saccharine
My tears flows to shed your pain and sorrow
Fear hints and hears, questions of why arises
Who bore them, those with haunted hate?
Do they ail with a sore inside their souls?
For they carry a cargo, loaded with misery
Swim afloat, for they love to see you sunk
Smile along, for their ties want you sad
Love along, for they will drown in hate
Come to life firefly, glow in the dark grow
A poem for Firefly reply to How would you be?
Keep your head up pal! be proud of you!
Lynn Greyling Dec 2014
Breakers in a misty grey sea-storm,
Spray-foam rising and tossing,
Plunging me into seasick momentum.

I ****** out white stretched palms
And throw back my head,
The salt air stings my throat.

It burns within my chest
While hanging feetless
In the storm driven billows.

I fix my eyes on the
pearly black cloudless night
and beg the stars to anchor me.
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