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Gods1son Mar 8
Even at your lowest point
You still have wings at your back
All you need do is flap
Those voices are nothing but traps

Even at your darkest times
You still have within you your light
Like a room with its lights turned off
All you need do is flick it on

Remember you were destined to shine
You were born to soar
You are not and never will be a flop
So, flick on your lights and flap your wings
Non, tout ne se passe pas pour une raison.
C’est nous qui décidons de nos actions,
C’est nous qui décidons de les faire.
Quelquefois on se fait mal à cause de l’action d’un autre.
Oui, ce n’est pas toujours notre faute,
Et la plupart du temps, il n’y a rien que l’on pouvait faire pour l’arrêter.

Vos actions peuvent faire mal aux autres,
Et les faire souffrir.
Il ne faut pas rester déprimé si ça arrive.
Vous n’êtes pas seul!
Oui c’est très dur et ça peut faire très peur.
Il faut qu’on réussisse à accepter ce qui s’est passé,
Pour réussir à continuer.

On se dit toujours que tout se passe pour une raison,
Quand on a très mal et qu’on veut se sentir mieux,
Mais pour moi c’est pire!
Car ça veut dire que tout ce qui nous arrive devait nous arriver?
Non ce n’est pas possible, ce n’était pas prévu sur notre chemin.
Par contre ce sont nos actions qui déterminent où on va ensuite,
Et bien sûr on va apprendre pleins de choses sur notre route.

Nous, nous avons le contrôle même si on pense que nous l’avons perdu,
On dirige notre vie.
Fais le et n’aie pas peur.
Je ne peux pas changer le passé,
Mais moi, je décide où je veux aller maintenant,
Vous pouvez aussi.

Coco 07
We won’t all agree.
Tous le monde ne serait pas d’accord.
Piyush Gahlot Oct 2018
In the sun,
We will find our passion.
In the sun,
We will find our purpose.
In the sun,
We will know what truly matters.

In the moon ,
We will get comfort,
In the moon,
We could get wasted.
In the moon ,
Our senses get shady.
Sun: hard times.
Moon: comfort.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Fellow logophiles,
let us grab the silk and stitch
the words.

For we have that power
to move the Heaven and
Words are beautiful by nature, by creation.
It's how we use that can add beauty of ugliness to this world.

Short poem, but honest.
Be back soon!
Lyn x
Leila Valencia Oct 2017
Maybe never.

The sound of a bird flutters, ahhh.

Maybe someday.
Maybe someday I would tell you it's not there....
Maybe I wish I knew the never - the forever - all coming together like a crystalline kaleidoscope.

Maybe I don't know - maybe I do - I can't tell.
And if you asked me, maybe I would scream. Maybe I would laugh.
Maybe I would fall into something I would never understand.
Ella Oct 2017
Its something I must face
I need to find a new path to trace
I wish life was a pretty piece of lace
but you end up finding out that life is a very bad taste

Life is just a giant horrible race
that you have to and need to end and face
My first poem was so bad, wow.
H Phone Aug 2017
I once trapped myself in an echo room

Said some words
Heard some words
Spoke a verse
returned a verse
I wanted to converse
With myself
Yet it made things only worse

What I expected
Was not what came true
For every me
There was a you
For every yes
There was a no
For every high
There was a low

And I grew suspicious
Of the vicious
Tone at which those words were uttered
While my say was muttered
Spoken like a sad clown
With a frown
On my face
That grew deeper with every brazen
Contradiction that I got
Though paradoxical it was not

Because I realized soon enough
That I’m the one who said this stuff
And the reason I was being so rough
So tough
Was because I didn’t listen enough
To the different sides of me
All two, three
Or four, five, eight, ten
Perhaps even a thousand of them

Yet how do they expect me to!?
I don’t know what to do
I’m just lost and confused
In the middle of a tug of war
A war
“To determine who you are”
Peter Kiggin Sep 2016
Soul defining

Drifting beyond confidence and breaking in two thoughts is what I have got
Barely lifting my arms to reach what I see and hitting my head on protuding rocks
Sitting in mud splattered water for days just taking the weather with no defence to what ends what
Watching the world as I pass by never to save me for mortality has had my soul and eaten it like a lion eating a deer till all that's left is rot
I stick my neck out and caught on the fields overflow I need to lock
I become part of the problem that everybody needs something even if that something is not a lot
I grow into a sapling beside the river and people come to fish here but the bait is your soul and everything else you fought
Now at night I listen for the wind whether it be cold or hot
Now I am part of nature and humans just plot to be something that they know they're really not.
Possibilities, nourishing, endless circle
People are pounding away
new year's resolutions
looking toward future with violent fervor
but all I see when I look down my street
is deserted pine tree carcasses.
Not looking back, just looking cynical

— The End —