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B L Feb 2015
I’m in my prime; at the cusp of my development.
A few more years of growth make decay a lot more relevant…

Glass Elephant,
Glass Elephant,

Irrelevance, benevolence,
Compassion, or malevolence;
I’m one of few who sees it sums no difference.

Glass objects.
Or Elephants.

Striving for motion, with motive elusive
Each thing I endeavor is far too exclusive
I need something inclusive, objectively singular
A sinusoidal wave with a mean lacking integers
Peace in zero and equilibrium inclusion

Glass Elephant
Glass Elephant

Delusions, Delusions
GreenTrees Dec 2014
A poem written while drunk and in under 3 minutes....

True Love will leave you broken

True Love will leave you broken

Unitl all the words remain unspoken

True Love will leave you broken

True Love will leave you broken

Until your hearts wide open

True Love will leave you broken

True Love will leave you broken

Will leave you standing at the door

True Love will leave you broken

True Love will leave you broken

Until it leaves you begging  for more

True Love will leave you broken

True Love will leave you broken

Until you can't take any more...

© Karl V.
True love  the pain that I adore...
My pain is not a poem,
my poetry isn't poetic.
It's cryptic and a message,
cutting up and breaking
branches. Comprehensive;
my poems are suicidal, files of
medications and prescriptions
are seemingly all my mind
can write. Jumping to conclusions
and indenting my addictions,
inflicting this confliction, convictions
I don't mention. Those rhymes that
I have wrote; it was the drowning as I broke,
a broken draft of notes, that sing:
 "you'll never learn to float,"
Acid, or is it water?  
I'm hoping for the latter,
well I guess it never mattered,
years doubled and I'm sadder.
When does it get better?  
When do I get better?  
I guess it never will, and I'm
home but I'm not here,
I'm stuck, I'm stuck, I'm stuck,
and all my heart
can pump is tears-
All feedback is appreciated and welcome!
Sofia Von Dec 2011
the laughing ***** shrieks on
a masculine bellow till dawn

the young girl fades
into the paint
to find a way out, before she faints

the almighty angel
is shot from the sky

she has alined with satin
the unbreakable tie

the blanket sits
crumpled up in a lap

shared with the many
and yet no claps

they all sit staring
at one another

the tension’s high
yet they all are brothers

they pretend to not care
it's what they know

but beneath all that
you feel it show

a tattoo of sarcasm
ripping them open,
from the inside out
so they can't keep quiet
they always shout

no one knows the scars it makes
no one wants to, they'd cry lakes

so the young girl sits
repeated back by the mirrors

she knows a secret,
and yet she fears

that if they knew,
she'd be gone

and still she whispers it
to herself
and tucks it away,
or puts it on the shelf

the single truth in the bag of lies

unnoticeably simple,
the surrounding eyes

it's just the cast away

the rotten apple

she's aflame with the pupils of loathing.
Hanna Alayne Oct 2018
I want to dive into your thoughts
and never come up
for air
sinking deeper
and deeper
until I drown in all the lines
you've wanted to write
but never have
can we get coffee sometime?
Dylan McFadden Mar 2018
Part 1: Good Friday

Unspoken words – I hear them clear
They speak above the rest
I hold them near and hide them here:
The heart inside my chest

Part 2: Saturday

Unspoken words – my Savior lay
Alone in Joseph’s tomb
Oh, heavy heart, cry not today
For Sunday’s coming soon

Part 3: Easter Sunday

Unspoken words – the Son, He rose
A new and glorious morn’
He shines on me and now I know
I’ll never feel the thorns

Deb Jones Sep 2017
I see the doubt in your eyes
I hear the regret in your sigh
You wonder what to say
You wonder what to do
Every time I whisper
I love you

So you choose not to speak
And my eyes you refuse to meet
You gently pull me close
You softly kiss my cheek
I pretend it doesn't matter
As you drift off to sleep
But it does
It does

Because my heart knows
There will come a time
When the words of love
I now speak
Will go unspoken
My spirit and my heart
Will have been too oft broken
Where will we be
Where will we be
pH7 Jul 2017
The love we have
was always unspoken, the roles we played has been
and is 
Unspoken word.
We need to finish this
But I don't know what this is
Is my heart yours?
Or, is it his?
My heart is breaking
I don't know what to do
After two weeks
I thought I was over you
Why did you do this to me
You locked me in your eyes
You smiled while you spoke
You will be my demise
We've had this unspoken thing
Why couldn't you let it end
It could have gone away like it never happened
But you drew me in again
It's been almost a year
That I've had these feelings for you
If this doesn't end soon
Who am I being married to?
Hussein Dekmak Nov 2018
Don’t say it with words

Don’t just say it with words,
Convey it with your wishful thinking,
Say it with your glistening smile,
Carry it with the vulnerability of your tears,
Speak it in the delicate language of flowers.

Don’t just say it with words,
Express it with the tenderness of your heart,
Deliver it through a helping hand,
Whisper it in the murmur of your prayers,
Declare it with the language that is unspoken.

Hussein Dekmak

Hussein Dekmak

The uniVerse Mar 2017
Shine forth ancient one
for I too am your son
your vessel of choice
use me as your voice  
through written word
to eyes unseen
and ears unheard.

The language of love
is an unspoken truth
all writing that was
forms a mental noose
around the neck
of our ideas
that seems to break
unanswered prayers.

Allow me to write
on your behalf
that you may restore sight
with the words I craft
and let yours be the light
that illuminates my path.
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2018
Let me be,
the makeup on your skin,
The fragrance of your perfume

Let me be,
the breeze that grazes your face,
and the unspoken letters on your lips.

Let me be,
your hidden secrets,
and your full moon.

Let me be,
your smile, your laughter, your tears,
your wishes, and your happy dreams.

Hussein Dekmak

Diana Garcia Jun 2018
At least I have my words
To comfort
To help myself feel confident
When I’m insecure

Ive tried to understand
I’d always ask nicely
Never demand
For a few kind words
Sitting here in silence is the worse
All I want to hear is that you miss me
That I’m all you’ve ever wanted
Lately you’ve just been acting fishy.

I don’t know how long it’s been anymore
I lost track of keeping score
Can’t remember the last time you gave me a hug
Watched me get dressed or undress me with your eyes or the last time you want to make love
I’m trying but I’ve been worn down
Cry so much in these tears I could drown

I stay cause there’s far worse that I’ve endured
But i know the time for me to leave is coming
Rest assured...
**** me
Akshi Hargoon Mar 24
my pencil bleeds out its grey led
with all the words that could be said
painting out a collage of emotion
revealing a deep rooted devotion
hidden within a preconceived notion
waters raging like an unstable ocean
grey blood splashed all over the place
trying to win this unstoppable race
Alexandrea Dec 2018
I am not the girl who's every man's dream
you have no idea, you have no clue
just how much i always think about you.
You should know that my heart is at your feet
I leave it there to do whatever you wish.
When I look at you my heart skips a beat,
take my heart or leave me in this burning bliss
The voices left inside make me ill,
So i always keep it inside my heart
But i wanted to tell you how i feel
I'm still hoping that nothing falls apart,
hoping that my heart cannot be broken
Just because my love for you is
Jade Charlotte Dec 2018
Is the unspoken love like wind?
What adhesive could make your breath stick to my neck?

I know we are rolling through this like two inconsequential boulders, but baby,
I don't want to crash into anyone else.

You gave me a hickey on my *** and after pushing my hair out of my eyes,
Tucking it so tenderly and neatly behind my ears
"We are just friends" echoed from your lips-- akin to the repetition of screaming into a long tunnel.

Today my throat is chalky,
like a pale moon on a dry and cold night.
Every line I draw ends up connecting my chest to yours.

Slide a note under my door with a drawing of hills that never stop rolling
If you decide
You want me like the mushroom wants rain,
Like the honey bee wants to serve its queen.
You bet your *** I just watched my favorite romance movie! Also, pain makes good poetry.
michael cera Aug 25
down goes the world,
the only kind you ever knew,
skies felt grey,
in the truest of blue.
your mind was lost,
you dimmed all your fire,
you held to each thought,
as each one felt much lighter.
all things have collapsed,
your breath of relief,
the sky was now broken,
your words now unspoken.
all of the words
you chose not to say
echo further in my head
than the ones you portrayed

and maybe this is why you
don't say what you mean
the echo would haunt you
much deeper than me

RIVR Oct 2018
I could lie and say I like it rough
Then you would never know how much you hurt me
You wouldn’t know the words that have escaped my body
Or the skin that has broken
Or the life that has slipped through
Or the bad *** I’ve had because of you
You don’t know the restless nights I’ve tossed and turned like a fish out of ******* water
The things I’ve done to my body because of the things you did to my body
The things I’ve said to that shiny thing in the bathroom
I’m not angry
I’m not ashamed, either
It’s just that I’m going to be loud forever, now, okay?
CK Baker Oct 2017
they’re pouring out of the
those pretentious machiavellians
in ailing albino frames
eccentric masked figures
milling about the glow light
like night moths
in a cold london fog

lunatic gazers
with seeping moles
pinned by frogmen and twine
spider climbers
in hell fire
splitting seams
on the fading
and hideous ink

guards of the perch
stand on hades hand
while monsters and demons
with severed limbs
taunt the condemned
and wanting
souls of the ******

cauldron fire
in blood red sky
silent screams
hack and wheeze
gas lines broken
words unspoken
teetering backwards
in the dark shadows
of the phantom abyss
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